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Grassroots Entrepreneur

by Barbara Kim Thigpen on Friday, March 13, 2009 at 4:51pm
Of the future...The focus of competition, in business, must be on quality. Then, those based on lesser things, like quantity, price, profit, or scam would be rendered obsolete. Real value should be subsidized; rather than stock value. The ones which would "come out on top" would set the standard, causing a shift in focus to the perfecting and greening of a subsistence culture, replete with sustainability and pride. It would foster workable relations between cultures to promote the inclusiveness of abundance. Furthermore, it would not overlook the aspiring entrepreneur who refuses to engage in excessive bureaucratic "red tape" or to compete by "stepping on" others to force their way to the top of the corporate echelon. New projects, jobs, and job-sharing must be created to fulfill pressing needs wherein sufficient incentives or resources are currently unavailable. All mutual funds designation should be supportive of ecological environs. The "Greening of America" would lead toward decentralization of power and "unity-in-diversity". Televised glorification of physical or mental violence must cease. We have to stop breeding criminal mind-sets in homes and institutions. Technology must be well-controlled through transparency and accountability, by an increasingly educated populace. Education should encourage technological advancement, along with constructive competition between regions; emerging into a linked-up global cooperative effort to "pay-it- forward". Polluting industries would become a "thing of the past"; to be considered quite unnecessary. Junk mail would no longer clutter our boxes, causing loss of data. The medical field needs to be weeded and realigned with natural law. We would have to, at once-and-for-all, recognize that the human replication of natural substances is inferior to the "real thing", tending more toward the combining of whole substances, or even the active constituents; rather than adulteration, or the inferior mimicry of natural perfection. Positive gains would not be under-mined by those engaged in exploitation and "fly-by-night" scheming, scamming, and spamming practices. Since the elitist jargon which is based on hyped exclusivity is discouraging to forward-thinking, grass-roots level, would be participants; free education, training, and resource sharing must be fostered and duly rewarded, for the betterment of society-at-large. The criminalization of persons who consume marijuana has to stop. Did our "grass-roots" get yanked by aspiring industrialists back in the days of our fore-fathers? The stereotyping and shunning of constructive interest groups is a foolish game. The fears and imagined limitations of aspirants to greatness could be quelled by provision of task groups oriented toward assistance with grassroots entrepreneurship. In dreams I have explored many interesting, self-sufficient neighborhoods having fitness facilities and open-door policies; as well as seed-banks [unmodified, naturally...], sports fields which doubled as arenas for socializing, and movie theaters featuring socially-conscious media which tended to bring folks together on a regular basis. Extremes of noise pollution, explosives-testing, or under-water sonic blasting is not acceptable. Chemicals which make people sick should not be permitted on a wide scale; so we must neutralize them in water and soil; and clear the air. Then we could say, "come on in ~ the water is fine". Let the compassionate "meek inherit the Earth". All Ways Free,
Love, Barbara Kim Thigpen
Real ProVision Emporium
All manufacturers & products promoted by Real Provision ~ Emporium of the Future must be "green", sustainable, & non-polluting from procurement to production... Natural law will be the rule as the best quality decides the standard. Thanks!

Musings on the Human Condition... Can we pull it Out in Real Time?

Barbara Kim Thigpen Posted by: Barbara Kim Thigpen |

Indicate what is beneficial to the body & to the earth. Help the rain~forest peoples to preserve their ecosystems & support non-invasive, non-exploitative commerce of sustainable production or wild~crafted collection. I hope to sell products from rain~forests, islands, & oceans worldwide. These are carefully processed medicinal foods;  alternatives to harmful products.

Even If you don't trust it, please consider that  information may yet be true & to deny it could prove to be unhealthy. When you love, don't forget to love yourself, as well... Ease social tension;  avoid TV programming which glorifies violence.

Design a better system, plan, device, or way of analogizing for the safe harnessing of zero point energy, orgone energy, chaos energy, exotic matter, ether, or quantum affectation.... It should be natural to be perfect.  Shouldn't we be drafting our mind-maps to plan what we will do with free energy when we do manage to tap it in a controllable manner? How can the things we have learned from the study of the unified field be applied to the issues of renewable energy?  

Bio-feedback may be used to power games, & in the development of self-control of brain~wave states.  Many toys are available as tools for the taming of the mind, as well as for the nurturing of visionary potential.  Any medium of education must be utilized, at this time, for the betterment of people & planet.  Anything else is dumb.

Learning the lessons of human interaction is critical now.  We have let too many people fall out of healthy communication with others.  When do we typically forget the awesome wonder of life itself?  We are at the threshold of transformation of cosmic proportions & significance.  When people express rage... don't take it personally.  [see the 4 Agreements of Toltec wisdom]  We have all endured hard~ships & inequalities.  We are wrought with misunderstandings; so we cannot judge, only discern. 



Star Party Anticipation

  • 07/02/10
Wow, I feel accelerated. I enjoyed the Star Party videos; upon finding the Ning site & Synaluna. The group is so interesting & timely; right on & far out! I remember space sojourn, am occasionally precognitive, used to accidentally astral travel, & sometimes dream of wormhole~type fast~tracks, & seeing or flying in ufo's. I had up~close & personal silver phoenix shaped ufo experience circa 1989 to 1991, one night in Flour Bluff, Texas; which inspired poetry. I have studied alchemy & natural food`grade medicine, quantum mechanics, the Golden Ratio, ancient scripture, world mysteries & anomalies, the cosmic shift & raising the Djed. I am familiar with archetypal office, the Holy Spirit of Shekinah, Kabbalah, archeological theory, & have delved into the Nag Hammadi. I have turned a parallel study of the 4 gospels into an epic poem & wish to be a poet laureate. I was attracted by a banner introducing the zero point device, perhaps a wand. I have an Acutouch set & have studied orgone generatots & bio~ceramics products; also more esoteric depictions of the zero point plane or akashic field. I love fractal fields, resonant fields, heart & brain~wave synchronization ~ the physics of love & quintessence. I get into song & dance, collect lyrics & videos; gotta love the sixties. As a time traveler, I suppose I would like to transform industrialization to sustainable green lo~tech solutions & make peace. I renounced money, bureaucracy, taxation, & entire economic system a quarter century ago. What empowerment will be required to turn my ghost~town virtual malls & affiliations into a thriving network? When will I go from reading brilliant minds to interactive personal exchange & brain~storming? How may I learn to teach w/o being disbelieved; only because truth is stranger than fiction? When will my world~view see no evil or melodrama, or depictions of violence in media? Please forgive me, for I am a lonely person.

Read more: http://www.zeropointmagicwand.com/amega-global-amw...


Quest For Renewable Energy

  • 08/21/09
Barbara Kim: Who is collecting the simplest information that may lead to the design of a better system, plan, device, or way of analogizing for the safe harnessing of zero point energy, orgone energy, chaos energy, nature's energy, exotic matter, ether, quantum affectation, whatever. It should be natural to be perfect; and, seems to me to surely be more simple than we expect. How many books do I have to read by Tom Bearden, for example, to better understand the common elements running through experimentation & theorization? It's all very fascinating, but, as I am but a well-read layperson, & not a mathematician or mechanical engineer. I want to know, without much "airy-fairy" quality, who is trying to find an energy solution through series of designs found in crop circles. I know a guy who built a pyramid-shaped generator that attracted lightning that went through him in the process. He survived, but it knocked out some teeth and the recovery process long. How can a perpetual motion machine be harnessed to produce utilizable energy? How can I develop my mind and memory, controllable psychic affectation ability, & analytical logician's skills to invent some process or thing for this purpose? What clues have been found in ancient gravitics or otherwise mysterious schematics? Where can I find a think-tank in which to participate directly with others toward this purpose at my skill level. If I did come up with clues & ideas, which types of these would be unacceptable to a group having purpose towards the suppression of such information. [What cautions should be exercised?] What if someone put something in an oil reservoir that neutralized its effectiveness for producing energy? What if aliens came here & set all countries to compete for recognition & renewable resource by making new free energy devices. What if all the inventors are like starving artists who do not know how to sell anything or promote themselves; as well as having become impoverished in the process of innovation & research which took all their time? Shouldn't we be drafting our mind-maps & plan what we will do with free energy when we do manage to tap it? How can the things we have learned from the study of the unified field be applied to the issues of renewable energy? [w/o much math-LOL] How is renewable energy potential planned on being used in the field of quantum computing? I know bio-feedback is being used to power games, as well as emotional self-control. What elements of it can perhaps be applied to its use as an energy source? Who, or what organization, bought all the properties in Texas that were designated as locations for 19 new [projected] coal plants in Texas; & designated these for solar & wind power projects? What books have attempted to be synopses for historic master-minds having produced schematics for odd energy devices? How might some of the changes or anomalies characteristic of the sun [s.a. flares, spots, or eclipses] affect solar [or other other natural source of] power. What patterns in one field can be applied to others toward new discoveries or extrapolations? What fuel & [or] oil, or other automotive cleansing & fuel-conserving additives have proved to be the most natural & safest products for creatures, plants, soil, water, & atmosphere? Which bio-mass fuels are the safest, rather than which are the most economic? How can we more quickly empower & develop the knowledge & abilities of creative minds that have handicaps or difficulties with communication & presentation, or with limited access to the necessary resources & prototyping assists in order to implement time-sensitive programs of renewal. What water additives have shown to significantly neutralize or reduce toxic wastes or other biological hazards. Can this be considered a consideration within renewable resource- the preservation of that which, under normal conditions, renews itself? Who can I ask for a manager or dream team to implement my design for a rain~forest product collection; for maximization of availability, as well as sustainability of indigenous lands & cultures which gather or produce them in a renewable manner? Who has the power & wherewithal to stop unnecessary destruction of forests? In addition to cattle production, pipeline or road installations; what other industries & interests inhibit the preservation of forests & the subsistence of those who live in & revere them? What popular or little-known movies & tv programs best support the conditions conducive to the mindset needed to foster the use & development of renewable energy projects. Who is blasting the peaks off of mountains, & why? How can the manipulative power of money be rendered obsolete? What mandates are necessary & sensibly applicable to all to insure the purity of food production & its timely implementation for feeding all- & who might best educate & put them into effect?

Barbara Kim Thigpen ~ Real Provision

I am a walking mystery school. Money is never my primary motivation. I am not a member of any organization. I am of Rainbow Tribe; some Cherokee & European/Scandinavian Why, do you think, did ancient priests so secretive on the precession of the Earth & who were the ancient Djedi? How many kinds of manna are there? Did you know that the further out on the path of phi -even, perhaps, to infinity**...it is; the closer to one it gets.1 That exotic matter which occupies most of our known universe exerts a positive pressure...& quintessence is a noble path, right? Can you think of ways to make many people feel rich w/o money? Have you ever spent 12 hours thinking up possible dimensions & didn't want to go to sleep because, it seemed, you might awaken into another one? What can we do to stop the insanity & reprogram our television channels? Who can describe a personal experience with m-state platinum-group ormes elements like etheric gold dust? Who has charts cross-referencing such systems as music scales/color frequencies/geometry & pattern of signature forms/dna/astro-physics/& such? So, what about an interesting new concept of barter system to render money obsolete? Wouldn't it be nice? Money is like a middle-man, Could it be simpler? Love makes the world go round. Ever live in harmony. 

Hemispheres a world apart

The imagination must always be upheld by logic; validated repeatedly; for, if the lines of demarcation at the edges of reality cannot be found; then, how does one know where to test the limits or to "push the envelope"?  I find that although I may be left~brain oriented, according to some online "test"; my focus comes from the right.  When I am feeling relaxed enough to be visionary; perhaps with slowing of brainwaves; if someone insists that I answer a question or listen to a linear analysis; I find it disruptive to the pleasure principle as well as the creative process.  My right brain requires the right atmosphere.  Details become cumbersome; trivialized as much as possible.  The perception of time/timing may vary when the individual spends much time in solitude; the right brain dweller can become dissociated from routine activities.  These are prioritized in order to be relearned in a more spontaneous fashion, having a new perspective, & exercising the necessary discipline to increase efficiency, making time for artistic or philosophic pursuits.  In Austin, Texas, we call it "slack".  We can always have a left~brain dominant person accompany us to handle details...if they don't talk too much.  Details can all be handled at once, when possible.  I prefer to let them "fall into place" in their own due timing or ignore them & mildly suffer the inconveniences.  Scriptures contain descriptions of vain imaginings; which, like judgment, do not work.  If we believe any "vain imagination, will not believe truth when it stares us down. That is the stage when the memory banks become garbled...if it's not risky enough to dream something & think it really happened; now we have the growing problem of sorting out what was truly evident from what was construed by second~guessing & disbelieving the truth.

Where Do These Guys Get Off?

A stranger wrote a message begging me to dominate him, saying he wanted to worship at my feet.� The last question was how may I serve you?� This was my rude answer�

I am grossed out by the thought of either imbalance.� I have been worshiped before- then, when I refused to have more body than my feet caressed, I was resented.� Men don't know how to truly serve women, generally, & I do not crave physical intimacy, without the same adoration or even mere respect for my holiness, wisdom, and intellect.� I speak truth, but, does one man believe half of what I say without doubt, amusement, or belittlement?� NOT...Men have a lot to learn about women.� We all need the real balance, not further imbalance!�

Hollow Planets & Small Worlds

I don't know anything about the hollow earth theory...you have to tell me about this.
It sounds preposterous,but you never know!:-)

----------------- Original Message -----------

My Answer: I read two books on it; "The Hollow Earth", (1935); and "Phantom of the Poles", around (1904).� How can it not be a mystery to someone who has no way of discerning the truth of it, besides reading some books?� It is the way it is, and no debate will change it.� Last night I heard a description of the formation of planets on the TV show, Therefore I Am.� For once, I was able to imagine that scenario, along with thoughts of expanding Earth. The Schumann Resonance", or "heartbeat of Earth" frequency has been rising lately.� If I remember correctly, perhaps it started around 1990-91.� That's synchronous with my UFO sighting {and it sighting me, seemingly}.� My studies indicate it was an interesting time in other ways, as well- just keeps popping up in the literature.� The theory that suggests that all round(ish) planets are or are becoming hollow(ish) and having gases collect in the center, like a central sun.� The Earth, it's been said, has openings at the poles and maybe through cavernous passages in a few places.� I think it harmless to wonder about any mystery-to-me; in particular, after the librarians in a few major Texas cities said they had no aerial views over either pole.� Does this make "remote sense"?� In the Fortune Mag. of the fifties were references to commercial flights that did not go over the "actual pole".� Some explorers- over a few centuries- have claimed to have seen, even entered such spaces.� The Aurora Borealis supposedly radiates from the polar openings. I printed out my collection of related drawings and pictures that were pretty cool; and sent it to the host of Therefore I Am show, who broadcasts this theory..�

~ Fire From Within ~

 My mind cannot differentiate, these years, which parts of the Castaneda series are within which book. I think Journey to Ixtlan and Tales of power were special, in that it was beyond the tedium of the natural; but, frighteningly potent; drug trips described in A Yaqui Way of Knowledge and A Separate Reality. To pit the mystery against the stupidity of all of us...I guess I took Carlos to heart, in the seventies, as great fiction with scientific foundations. He is adept at believably pushing the envelope, so why not exaggerate to emphasize a life-preserving point, so they may remember years later every time they consciously shut off the internal dialog or look at their hands while dreaming. Carlos transferred a vital sense of intrigue to the reader, so much that I would be waiting in front of a bookstore to get the first copy of the next saga the morning it came out. So, definitely, Fire From Within, was one book hot off the press for me, sparking even more anomalous occasion and synchronicity. I don't know if it inspired sobriety and containment; but, that is what I have achieved. To keep coming up with unique material as fresh as the Ring of Power and Second Ring of Power took skill, considering the books they followed. Soberly, I yet seek that kind of knowing and seeing; without violence or war. I am so far into the path of mystery and magical concepts now there is no way back to the ordinary. It seemed to start a decade ago, when I picked up a copy of the Eagle's Gift, I think, and turned to the point where they were about to cross that bridge, which was where I had left off so many years before, in cowardly avoidance. I finally did it- finished the book and read the next. Was it Don Juan; oh, no, it must have been Carlos; who was such a wise guy- and it is documented that he really did make all those trips to that desert. Watch, out, he may now, having become deceased, exercise free reign in stalking our dreams. I will direct the attention again into my natural mystery studies and exhaustive piles of notes. Did his inspirations alchemically affect my brain for life? Oh, yea, right; I am so sure...ha , I was already that way. I ask myself again, where's the fire? PS: Any or every author could have an impact on our whole life. So many years later; even if I cannot remember the words, it still paints a mental picture indelibly in my mind. When I have a profound thought I should write it down, so every one would read like a poem in itself and simple enough to be a song. So many books have I read with so little thought to review... Perhaps a stroke; I had a ring of fire happen one day, or so it would appear; in the air, just after I fell apart, intimidated but stubborn, kind of like Carlos, indecisively standing my ground as if caught in the spotlight of one thinking to redirect my course; unable to run away or to bow to compliance. This fire emerged into view from out of the corner of my eye to the right with my head half cocked; and it hovered in the air, crackling in coppery golden burning burnt orange. {Like a ring of tongues of flame or as a hula hoop missing about a foot to go all the way around} I was a bit scared so I looked it up to see if it could have been anomaly indeed, over blowing a fuse in the brain or pressuring an artery. And sure enough I found such a thing and posted on it previously. There must be fire in the whole being.

When I was a child I was often seen sniffing window-unit air-conditioners, with my nose right in front of the airflow. I wonder if I simply liked the fragrance or if I was addicted to a chemical coming through. it was associated with smell...what was it?

1st reply// LOL I do that now sometimes lmao Haha...I just like the cool breeze and Idk the smell is ok I guess.

2cd reply//well any refrigerant gasses emitted from a PTAC unit would probably have no smell or be extremely nauseous. and the PVC the housing its made of has virtually no smell. it could be that there was some kind of oil or grease used to lubricate the compressor that smelled close to nice and since the colder air was denser and gave your body more oxygen your brain reprogrammed your nose to like the smell of grease so you would seek air that was healthier for you. kind of like how people get used to eating hot peppers because they have lots of vitamin C. i dk that's just my hypothesis.

Thank you, MagisterChief, for a very intriguing answer.

What plant is the trip to end all trips?

  • 01/06/10
It is Iboga; the roots of which are used for coming of age ceremonies in Cape West Africa, Uganda or somewhere thereabouts. It helps them to see a being they call "Grandfather", much like a native American, I suppose, witnesses an ancestor or God. In some other parts of the world, [not so much the USA, due to illegality] it is used to unfold the brain and repack it, so to speak, to bring it to an original state of perfection or purity. Somehow, this neutralizes or bypasses all causes or receptors causing withdrawal symptoms from each of several hard drugs as well as from alcohol. It has been used with success in some cases of pathological illness. It has been classified as a mild hallucinogen or euphoriant; but, is not without times of discomfort during the experience. Vomiting soon after ingestion is expected, the "trip" or therapeutic session requires a knowledgable coach and is not without a slight risk of death. I have not tried ibogaine, the active constituency of iboga, having had no addiction to any hard drug or to alcohol. For many years, one would have to go to another country for treatment, and it usually only takes once. Even though I do not need treatment I woudn't mind trying it to become unstuck in my ways. So, ibogaine from Iboga-actually, I think there are maybe two or three acive constituents in the plant, ibogaine predominantly. Maybe I should try integration techniques for the seriously dissociated; or some deprogramming techniques, or even soul retrieval by a shaman who could show me where it's at...

Read more: http://ibogaine.mindvox.com/index.html?Media/Ocean...


Rainbows Beginning

Judging yourself does not work, any more than judging another. It is not the way. Whether you prefer to think of a higher power [u don't have to give up on God] or on theoretical physics and natural law; things are the way they are [at least, at that time, from a given perspective] Time is not a universal constant, but, where it exists, it adjusts constantly. In other words, it is known, I am pretty sure, that an observer may see something occur at a different time than another. I would have to look it up to explain further. In quantum mechanics the rainbow is an essential aspect of creation- even within the fractal field itself, when energy turns into matter or vice-versa. I have seen these colors coming out from 3-dimensional spheres and/or pyramidal shapes; and weaving into what seems like a 4-dimensional field [hard to tell]. Anyway, it is known in the field of quantum physics that the observer affects the outcome of an observation or experiment. I have heard it said that every 4th of July, everyone at the "main circle" festivities of the rainbow "tribe" sees a rainbow in the sky. Well, I have personally attended 5 national rainbow gatherings and seen this phenomena myself; even if it is a rainbow halo around the sun [like at the Texas one] Quantum affectation might enable this. Our eyes, like the rest of our senses, are not completely understood by us; nor are our interactions with our environment. We are not that separate from it. Some say the earth is a living entity, macro~cosmic to our perspective; with us as microcosm within it; including an equivalency of some sort, just on a different scale. The holographic theory may put it in better perspective, as such... Some also say that we are much more comprehensive beings than we, on this plane perceive. It has been shown that memories are holographically distributed over most, if not all, of the brain. There has even been a guy who was able to do some pretty advanced calculations after having lost most of his brain matter, which raised interesting questions about how and where we can access information. Some say all information is accessible by tapping into the Akashic plane or perhaps the zero point plane. It seems to me that when we can shut off our internal dialog [stop thinking so much & over-analyzing or imagining our doubts, suspicions, and fears to be reality] we can have more timelessness. When we relax into slower frequencies of brainwave states we have more brain capacity. How much time can pass in our dreams, when, actually, only a few minutes has elapsed? The subconscious calculates for us when we come to trust it's promptings. Maybe during theta or delta we can freely communicate with other souls, even other times or dimensions. Maybe you foresaw the rainbow, kind of like when you start singing a song, then, turn the radio on and it's the same song.
Try not being attached to the results of your efforts. If your intention is worthy and objectively approached; that is all you are called upon to do. Always seek to be more trusting; which, in turn, will make you more trustworthy. Suicide is stupid and wrong. [just in case you thought about it] Don't be a slave to your brain chemicals. You might supplement with natural nervines/mood elevators. I don't think pharmaceuticals are very safe and they can be addictive. You should become a vegetarian or vegan. At least, eat more live food. Life begets life. Master the emotions or they master you. Breathe slowly and deeply or breathe too fast and throw yourself into an agitated state. Denial of truth will get you nowhere. It doesn't matter where it comes from or what it is surrounded by. You cannot grossly try to fool mother nature without consequence. Colors carry frequencies in light waves. Water also carries information for the subconscious. The solar system makes music. The galaxy is the same shape as every oceanic wave and seashell and ram's horn and many more things and paths. If you want to learn to get along, learn the basic rules of conversation from online books. The 30-second manager is a good short read, too. Whatever is focused on tends to manifest. Don't look for trouble. Change your mind. Change is healthy. Too much resistance is not. Trying to put too much order on things tends to become chaotic when unchecked. what was once termed chaos has been found to be overflowing with natural order. Relax. If something can be changed, don't sweat it. If it can't, there is nothing fear or worry can do to help. Joy is a choice. Sing or find something funny. It can happen that if we pretend to be in a good mood, we can get there. Boredom is the worst compliment you can pay yourself. Blessing and cursing cannot readily exist in the same space. So choose life. Maybe the past and future are contained in the now.


RealProvision.com is my root domain, although I have many sub-domains. It is starting out as an affiliate site because I am a "dummy". It is purposed to become the best health e-mall in the world. It will also feature the Real Provision Diet. I hope to network with rain-forest foundations and indigenous cooperatives as a manufacturers' representative. When I have money I will have the Real Provision line of refreshments, replete with medicinal and nutritive value, in addition to being deliciously exotic gourmet fare.

Real provision is real foods, supplements, & medicinals, all simple solutions. Real means natural & perfect, not man-made replacement & adulteration. It is about a balanced subsistence culture in harmony with their environment & each other. I have had waking visions of fruits, cornucopias, & geometric equivalencies. But the provision is for the rain~forests & peoples. It is ecologically wild~crafted or sustainably produced. Highest integrity of product has been maintained through every stage of processing. Some of the products to market or manufacturers that I wish to pro-mote are unique to one place in the world having rich cultures & history surrounding them. Real is self-evident, except where folks are taught to "live a lie" & mass media, for gain, portrays as real it's disguise. Pro- is for produce, product providence, progress, & such... A bird's eye view notices everything & considers all possibilities, in their perspective. Then, anything that may be of special import is addressed & regrouped. whatever be of particular interest is explored in depth. Is this what is referred to as top-down view? A whole world awaits to be explored. Anywhere may be felt to be at center & exhilarating odd angles are not left unturned. Rising above, unaffectedly, in love with living, even when alone.

My mission is bigger than me. Although I am growing into it & for a change, "coming into my own time", I do suffer a bit of frustration by getting ahead of myself, considering that there is no time to waste. It will benefit our chances to survive when my vision goes live. I am crying out for understanding of basic principles that set the pace of progress

I wish for a genie that is willing to trust me enough to manifest my missions immediately, as a mentor or gifting me with a key to the world- as in resources & tech support. We will see the best Real Provision Emporium [mall] in the world. Franchise me, genii, for, even the rain-forest juice bar will be better than Smoothie King. I have designed a very special gourmet diet for healing. My formulas are burning holes in my hand-written notes. I want to share them in beverages & natural, lo-glycemic candy that is good for your teeth. My genie must be a holy mage... I want to host a promotional hub for indigenous cooperatives. ...& give me the courage to speak & sing. I will not go back into the bottle; so, I need another to free me up, reclaim my fading powers, & transform this world. 

Barely Remember the Fifties

  • 08/21/09
Answer to anonymous letter... Yes, I am 49, but, are you really 87? I remember Eisenhower and how everyone cried when Kennedy died. In the early sixties I recollect that it was Hurricane Carla that blew the umbrella inside-out. I recall my ballet performance, wearing a short red kimono [with wings] on a big stage and Tiny Tim sang Tip-toe Through the Tulips, at the Coliseum in Corpus Christi. I did a deep curtsy with my arms up high behind me. I rode in a big car, called a Nash and the small one was a Simca. And in '60, when my Boston Terrier, Loopy [I called him Boop Boop] was hit by a school bus, we buried him in the front yard, on a bed of pillows. We did the peppermint twist and the ; Square-dance and Polka; Freeze-tag & Red Rover. It was raw rock & do-wop, Motown, and bobby socks.I am not a professional singer, but, I have always loved singing. My first song [at one year old] was Perry Como's "A" You're Adorable". Next, at three years old, I was putting on a hat, grabbing anything that looked like a cane and a microphone, and singing Who's Sorry Now, Lipstick On Your collar, If I Didn't Care, etc.-the whole album! By five, I was singing Mama...Thank you, Connie Francis. More reminiscing later...


When I saw the full moon it had a rainbow halo! I had to wait until the wee hours of the morning for the clouds to clear. There was something near it that looked like a circular star cluster. I was sensing a profound exhilaration. The only problem was that I had been awake since Sunday morning at 6am. I am used to skipping a night of sleep a few times a month to get more study time in- not sure why, because it is all I do, anyhow. But, this was getting weird. I must have needed moral support. I have been without any. I just started blogging. My sabbatical period has endured for some years now. It is hard when those closest to me cannot consider my interests as real, dreams as plausible, me as credible, or what I wish to discuss as being more than sci-fi. I have been persecuted sometimes. So, when I saw your beautiful letter, it truly made my day. I went to sleep at 7am. I am breaking through my communication barrier, bit by bit. I just started doing it. I don't know how I will be courageous enough to host a show on television. I feel called upon to do it. I helped put on the Trippin' in Austin show every week for half a year. I only got in front of the camera once, and I was not speaking. I am wearing my heart on my sleeve now when I pour it out through the blog. It's a start... I have crates of hand-written notes. I have overcome all feelings of overwhelm(edness). I like to compile lengthy projects, such as, condensing directories, catalogs, or books. The gift of discernment must be honed. Maybe I am merely obsessive-compulsive, extremist, narcissistic, or something- and making the best of it...Please pray for completion of healing in my right middle finger. I have been doing long grueling sessions of self-surgery on it for nearly two years. Medical diagnostics are difficult to obtain when you are impoverished. Doctors tend to dismiss mysterious skin conditions as imaginary. I have never taken a drug for managing depression or anxiety. That is what I was given- a lot of free samples of a pharmaceutical. When I Googled it, there were all these pending legal cases in which, individuals who had taken a course of this drug developed diabetes, having never had it before. A few had lapsed into a comatose state. I never took a one of those. I ordered a pound of camu-camu berry powder, instead. Anyway, you are, indeed, a kindred spirit. Can you ease my mind about "the new group of world servers"? I read the Creme books in the seventies. I went with a small group to Mexico City in the early eighties. We were Hunger Project volunteers. One of the group was really trying to put a full page public service announcement in the main newspaper there, announcing the immanent return of Christ and/or the Maitreya Buddha. It did not happen, but, it did in any number of other places. Most of the sites I sought info from, more recently, seemed overly commercialized and secretive. I used to look up all the messianic figures, self-proclaimed or otherwise. There is one in Russia who relates some complex cosmological theory. One guy was just looking for girls, and one was homosexual. I saw an ad with a Jesus figure walking on water, while offering a roll of Menthos candy. One site proved that "Jesus is more goth than you." The worst was an evil guy from Mexico named Jesus who helped his mom commit murderous atrocities associated with a spreading crime ring. So what do you know? Where is the redeemer? Is the appearance of Maitreya or The Maitreya an impending thing now? This has been claimed for decades. Or are we supposed to wait until 2012 0r something? Is it not safe for this person? Might it be a being like Babaji or St. Germaine? When did you first hear of the great invocation prayer- surely you be familiar with that? I belong to no organization. I used to dream about the great white brotherhood before I heard of it. I fear there may be some unholy agenda or simply another boys club. I am sorry I did not overtly express my gratitude for the compassionate soul reaching out to me at that time. But what of time anyway? I had a dream during my childhood that I told everyone I knew. About fifteen years later, it happened- in every detail. More recently, I dreampt that a person put a couple of gaudy rings in my hand- or was it three? I'll have to ask the guy that put them in my hand three days later; saying "look what I just found when I was cleaning up the yard". So what is time- something that goes with parsley, sage, and rosemary- or a Dave Matthews album- maybe look at what it is not (like a universal constant)? Actually, You & Angela were my best friends in the seventies. Shannon Jr. Hi- remember the sounds of "Trash sucks" echoing around the school? Was the vice principle really as bad as we thought? How about when we streaked across a field & you stopped & started screaming "stickers!" Can you believe those scratch & sniff stickers that smelled like a dirty ashtray? Or the rotten egg perfume? (Gross)What else - when we played truth or dare and ya'll made me eat wet cat food? & you, blindfolded, expecting to get the shower turned on to you...how about when the three of us discussed all the possible dimensions we could think of and, 'though we were sober, were afraid to go to sleep? The first time we got drunk on two beers each and were bruised up because it hurt so good to numbly bounce off the furniture. Our moms sure gave us a kickin' graduation party at the three pavilions on the beach. Did you ever tell your parents who influenced who? It was the height of comradarie for me. How about when, on Strawberry Hill, we went to ride the cows. I'll bet neither of us let our kids be like us! We were just the lucky ones while a few of the kids were burning up too many braincells. I'm glad you got to go to college. The holiday parties at your house were so much fun, like, the only times I ever sang on a microphone... Your parents booking bands like that gypsy group with the fire-eaters? Oh yea the Evantoff brothers, Paul & Nissan- and the exotic sweet-smelling muse, what's her name? Now I am seeing the fluorescent streamers dancing from the party fans painted in black~light colors. And all the gorgeous poster arts from Elysian Fields. How Angela would decorate her room to be one big art form. More is coming back to me, like the big bullfrog that was thrown at me, ruining my Mickey Mouse t-shirt- & the frog...Or the funny scene I found my mom in when I got up in the night to find her naked and smoking, in curlers and cold cream and she jumped so hard that I laughed and said it was ok. I bet you can recall how my room would stink from the huge braid of garlic hanging from my ceiling and how we made ourselves to faint and hypnotized each other before we came to...when Mama made us stop after my sister got abrasions on her face from sliding down the wall. Memories? there's plenty more but the blood might pool in my legs and my older eyesight a little more strained soo I'll go have a walkabout and a look around. I was so adventurous then- what's happened to me now? If I had another way to get around I would come visit- tomorrow I am to babysit my grandchildren. You don't yet know what that is like- I will give you a clue- their just like your own- for better or worse 'til their grown or at least, mature. You can delete this message if you want, just make a copy first. I am a pacifist. Having read this, I question the efficacy of gradual change. The tactics of the original environmental and rights groups did not curtail the problems leading to widespread suffering and sadism. Those who worked for these corporate sub-human "interests" were largely duped and somehow brainwashed to where status-quo reinforced itself through new and novel media outlets. These industrialists, in the fifties, set the pace for public acceptance by multiple types of indoctrination and stereotyping of English-speaking populations. This is evident in the big business publications prior to a change in format, after, which, much of the self-incriminating material in the articles and advertising copy was removed- this occurred around the year 1959. I was born on mother's day in 1958. I remember being wrapped in a blanket and carried to the big white Nash in which Mama would drive Daddy to work at the chemical plant. It smelled bad and made me wonder at the necessity to foul the ion-laden fresh air. I didn't understand why cotton fields had to take over so much land. I had relatives who grew rice and corn. The first time I was given corn from a can, I cried and said it was not real. I actually did not believe it was real. I was taken for a ride in an uncle's crop-duster. (sic) I don't know why folks say that chemical trails began only recently, when such poisons have been spewed from airborne machines for many decades. Now such toxins are being added to our essential personal care products and even consumables. The land and its living creatures are being systematically destroyed by violent-minded people. Intent is everything...Quality is paramount...We are the new (and old) victims of these evil alchemy makers- do you worship money so much that you would willingly make yourself into a lab specimen to be given mysterious chemicals which the ruling cartels endorse as necessary? What about the glorification of violent acts on television? Can we stop that? I think we can. It could work wonders for morale. All the melodrama, even, seems rather unacceptable to me. There is no they. It is all we. Dryer sheets probably increase mortality risk in infants. Never mind a necessity for vaccines from the dark ages. What makes anybody agree with anybody that animals have limited worth, cannot feel pain, have no soul, or deserve to be tortured and mutilated. We cannot, by the same morality, seek a violent path to end violence. Who am I to pass judgment on those who exist in delusion. How is violence going to teach the sanctity of life and efficacy of true harmony. However, the destruction of tools which are used against God's creatures certainly seems to be somewhat virtuous. The perfecting law of nature is the underlying fundamental for us- the principle of interaction with nature is a logic which defies any technically correct; yet, fundamentally wrong logic. Please make it real/keep it real. I carried a child to term and nursed it, as a vegan. I had back~slid, as I, too, have subjected myself to those in authorized or advisory positions. I have re-familiarized myself with animal cruelty issues. When I woke up today I cried for a while. It was probably due to the video I viewed on My~space yesterday. I am now renewed in my mind to be a vegetarian and buy organic. Organic dairy farmers tend to be kinder and healthier to the cows they exploit for milk that is not the right kind for a human infant, aren't they? Are cow farts destroying the ozone? That was the first headline on an ecological journal hast caught my attention. What kind of person would tear down a rain~forest of indigenous creatures then replace with a non-native cow population. What kind of consumer wants this? It is sleight-of-hand tactics for the mere purpose of profit. They whitewash the sacred truth 'til it can hardly be seen- at least, not in its true colors. Issues become dissociated, as do minds. Boundaries become fuzzy as things are increasingly compartmentalized. But now I can feel for the animals in a more real way. I have given myself hope for liberation. As long as I felt caged or disrespected as a condition I have no control over did not hope to help them. That is like saying my hands are tied. Hey I proclaim liberty for me and for them. Now I see red.


It took you 2,110 words to come to "Now I see red"? 

Yea...Hey now, I am accustomed to cutting remarks by those who have gone mad. Don't worry, as you are not being judged, for, I have not even ventured a peek at your profile. Did you  count my words? We have all gone nuts by now. Don't feel alone.

2cd comment:

Utopia would be nice. I think cow farts are definitely contributing to global warming! I'm all for sanity in government and restricting profit made by ruining the earth and it's creatures. I don't use the word animal as it makes us forget we are creatures too and ultimately, we are subject to the same atrocities we serve others.

Hear Ye ~ Real Provision

by Barbara Kim Thigpen on Saturday, March 14, 2009 at 10:20am

I wish to indicate what is real & therefore, beneficial to the body & innocuous to the rest of the earth. We need to help the rain~forest peoples to preserve their ecosystems & support non-invasive, non-exploitative commerce of sustainable production or wild~craft collection. I hope to sell products from rain~forests, islands, & oceans worldwide. These products are carefully processed medicinal foods. So, anyone interested in naturally sweetened exotic desserts to assist in healing body & mind, be sure to check periodically for catalog entries & my own nervine sport drink to lift the spirit & vitalize the body while balancing the emotions. It is certainly indicated for a few disease conditions, as well.

I look forward to stocking my own 3D mall with products for healing. I know it is the best selection in the world. I also want to share my idea of the perfect healing diet in these times.

Hear ye, hear ye! Even If you don't trust me, please consider that the information may yet be true & to deny it could prove to be unhealthy for you. When you love, don't forget to love yourself, as well...

I intend to get on a soap~box to air some general complaints, insist on some new rules to live by, ease social tension, get rid of TV programming which glorifies violence, offer alternatives to common harmful products, including in the field of agriculture.

I have to get a store open before i educate the consumer. I have to make available what I promote. I certainly do have exciting info to share. I hope to raise my level of functioning to include success in my missions.


Black holes are too creepy to think about; although I have engaged in conversations on them & cannot see the logic in a level of nothingness that something can become nothing.  I would hope it could, in some form, come out the other side.  I just hope Cern super~collider doesn't make one that should not be.  I never could imagine nothing.  Exotic matter seems more like everything.  Then, again, if one could image nothing; then that would be something.  If a black hole is anything like a wormhole; & if it is wormholes through which I occasionally seem to traverse; then they must be portals.  But, what do I know?  I don't study them.  I am familiar, however, with toroidal spheres & fire letters.  I only wish I could understand Nassim Haramein's words.  He is my virtual friend; but, we do not correspond. I used to read Dan Winter a lot; & even if his ideas are at odds at all with Nassim's, his writings are easy to cognize, having been written in laymen's terms.  Simply take it in with a grain of salt.   I am avidly interested in platinum group ormes elements; having read books spanning generations of alchemy & more modern treatises on alchemical philosophy & also the chemistry of extraction by David Hudson & better.  [speaking of salt]  I grew a watercress plant for some rhodium & iridium to feed the brain.  Carrot juice & some grape juice has it, too.  I want to try the lighter~than~nothing super~conductive elements.  They are so mysterious...but, so are fullerenes & kefirs, bee honeydews & mannas, tartaric acid crystals & hydroxides [danger], homeostatic soil enzymes & fulvic acid, USNEA lichen & chaga, amanita~infused bowls & somas [toxicity warning], asphaltum shilajit, & cordyceps sinensis [smells yummy, but, can we trust it?]  64 would be similar to an I~Ching grid?  Correlation with toroids is significant to the future.  I don;t understand all the vector~related stuff, but, have read & viewed plenty of sacred geometry.  New science always seems far~fetched or esoteric.  One reader cannot keep up with all the new evidence~supported discoveries!  People often dwell in disbelief upon learning of them.  It seems sometimes like we are living in the dark ages of ignorance.  It isn't even a caste which keeps vital information from the masses anymore; but, perhaps information over~load & overly~structured time schedules...oh, & television & online games.  Sometimes, ignorance is due to closed & judgmental minds or mind~numbing addictions.  But, inquiring minds want to  understand subtle sciences.  I think science lends credence to personal experience with Spirit.  It corroborates with my personal experiences concerning the supernatural, extra~sensory, paranormal realms.  Quantum physics is akin to prayer.  Resonance theory describes the highest law of love & co~existence.  I am a phi freak; & I don't refer to some sorority.  I love the golden principle, nautilus, cornucopia, shofar, quintessence, fibonacci, galactic, pineal, double heliacal irrational spiral.  It is useful in any field; & I don't mean for predicting stock market fluctuations or wars.  I don't understand Mayan astrology [or any other kind, 'though Jyotish seems interesting] but, have read up on the 13~moon calendars & have an affinity for natural time.  My galactic signature is Red Resonant Sky~walker.  I have memories of space travel & it was excellent/deeply meaningful & beautiful, complete with colorfully~lighted parades.  One of my children & two of my grand~children have drawn lots of space pictures just as soon as they started to draw.  I think many natural substances demonstrate chelating ability.  In the literature, when a food or supplement is described as binding with toxins  which are subsequently excreted or pulled out of the body; it is genertally~speaking, the same effect as stronger chelating agents.  Some of these are food additives, such as EDTA or certain emulsifying gums.  They can be foods like micro~algaes [like fractioned cell~wall chlorella] or cilantro greens.  There are bath additives which purportedly do the same thing.  With doctor administrated chelation, there are choices of portals of entry:  oral, intravenous, or suppository.  Even a wheatgrass juice bulb syringe implant might help.  [possible orgasmic experience, btw]  Liquid zeolite might be a good choice, in that it safely transports toxins out of the body without adversely affecting adjacent tissues/organs.  I have studied natural medicine since I first heard the phrase"new paradigm medicine"; which was cool, since I had already taken some university courses in nutrition & was seeking more information.   I learned about ahimsa [sanctity of life] from a professor schooled in India, who also turned me on to the Hunger Project, for which I volunteered as a briefing leader; going on to take the EST training & some of their seminar series & workshops.   I learned the meaning of "critical mass" from some friends associated with Bikes, Not Bombs, Critical Mass Bicyclists, & Mobilization for Survival groups.  As a youngster I was reading stuff like Castaneda, Leary, Kesey, Capra, & Sxekely.  I have read thousands upon thousands during the last dozen years.  Even if we are always in the right place at the right time; does that indicate that we always do the right thing?  Not... Opportunity must be seized...carpe'?  I can always try try again when I learn to master travelling through time. [not joking]  Reading the record is not enough.  Ultimate compassion is required in order to achieve causality which is retained, building upon itself.  Might we also run into problems with fractal dimensional slippage causing memory distortion?  If I am [however seldom] able to feel, dream, or envision 3 seconds, 3 minutes, 3 days, or even 15 years ahead of time that which occurs; then, all that written material on the eternal present & being here now does make more sense to me than if I had not.  I will have to look up zink finger. It must be something like gluons or bosons?  [wild guess]  I feel like I might have a type of Aspergers autism, also.  I was diagnosed with mild narcissism, but, recently read that it has been legitimized...no longer a mental illness?  I feel as if I have trouble in communication; & even when I'm not; I am seldom taken seriously.  Hey, people; truth is just as true when being expressed by an unlikely source.  You can get it from the retarded as likely as from the genius of mentality... & a little child should lead them; for unbiased simplicity & clarity; before they get dumbed down by schooling, TV, fluoride intake, poor health, & societal conditioning.  They don;t necessarily have all the answers & sometimes we need to find the right questions/questings.  What does it benefit to know that the answer is "42" if we don't know the question.  How far down the "rabbit hole" does the microcosm go?  We have the means to treat the causes of disease; so, why are we still swallowing the wrong pill?  Allopathic medicine is only one of a number of schools of medicine; many of which would prove to be much more comprehensive in producing a balanced vital state of homeostasis & resultant immunity.  Holistic medicine addresses the faulty logic of using fractioned constituents in lieu of more whole substances.  Concentrated & stabilized constituents do have their place in the targeting of symptoms or treating stubborn cases, however, as long as the more whole substances are used first or in conjunction with isolated chemicals.  Anything would be better than the manufacture of a patentable foodstuff or drug which utilizes a mirror image of its pattern.  That is backwards, as regress from perfection.  [topsy~turvy, boogie~shoogie land]  It's no wonder they become backwards~thinkers.  LOL  Water, water everywhere & nary a drop to deink; or so it seems sometimes.  I met a water utility engineer in charge of city tap delivery systems.  [underground pipelines]  He was urgent in his warning to not drink the water; describing horrors of vermin, corrosion, age, treatment, run~off; you~name~it.  I think the ancient Korean science of bio~ceramic materials is a nice way to imbue the water with far~infrared & negative ion.   It is therapeutic as a result of manufacture into bedding [mattress & frame, warm floors [ondols] & spas... the technology does not heat the air, but, is radiant & pervasive.  It is similar to convection current & may block disruptive wave from underground.  The material is a composite of approximately 26 natural ingredients...all therapeutic & generative of standing wave.  Translate some Korean sites & the language rendered is quaint & easily comprehensive.  The infrared is a long wave; oh, but you brainy guys know that... jusayin'.  The composite is fused at about 1600 degrees f & also made into fabrics, either being infused or, to lesser affect, coated or dotted with it.  The medical industry is now using it for necessary medical implants having lower toxicity & conductivity than metallic devices.  Convection, not conduction.  ha ha  I am proud to say that I hace devoureed every word of every grand unification theory I could find; excluding those made of nothing but math,'though I made eye~scan if that, jest in case the sub~conscious be savvy enough to grok... The TOE forum is cool, but over my head.  Flucidity theory has been loads of fun to contemplate, being it is a simple model; which makes sense to me; much as the Pythagorean concepts.  Flucidity asserts that a theory of everything must be simple, by its very nature... not a bad idea.  I did not go beyond algebra 2 because the instructor began to calculate to quickly for me.  Too bad; for, I might have followed in my father's footsteps in chemistry; but, I would not want to be a dupe of the con & engineer for chemical corporations or for oil & gas.  I am proud of my relatives for their proprietary contributions in these fields, however.  Frequency enhanced & energy field~based medicines can be pure hype or legitimate.  If anyone wishes to ask, I can discern the difference, most times...or already know of it.  Has anyone tried the supplement called Magnetic-X?  I do not trust it.  So, can we learn to use the pineal for navigation or innate sense of direction, like birds do?  I would like to know more about "As above, so below consistency".  I was introduced to the concept in visions of equivalence, during the waking state of alpha.  Can biological turnover rates be rationalized?  Quantum mechanics...can it be?  Even closed systems are said to be unlimited...  Aren't there different rates for different groups or types of cells... & under vastly different conditions?  Too many factors to calculate, perhaps.  Good call on switching to poetry sometimes, even as a means to channel theory from the right hemisphere or non~linear.  It may get lost in the translation if one uses a linear means to record it; like writing or typing.  It's hard enough to deal with words, while retaining access on the creative side.  I love writing poetry; if but to express strong emotion released in subtle form.  Extrapolating gaming~into~action sounds promising; fruitful as the next logical step in recruiting planetary activists & visionaries.  I don't play games, but, have knowledge of many natural water purification [& recycling] systems.  I have affiliate marketing accounts with a few of these.  I like the idea of using shungite stone or moringa oleifera seeds..  We have to go uncompromisingly green / sustainable / ecological if we want to fast~track in global technological competitive markets.  I saw the State of the Union speech last night.  The projected time~line for clean energy predominance is too long.  We need to do it now.  It would be tremendously helpful to attempt to secure the safety of "alternative" inventors & entrepreneurs.  So... is the Shumann resonance really speeding up like never in recorded history?  Some smart aleck on My~space insisted it is not.  Why does nobody have the scoop on chem~trails?  Are you guys studying the messages from crop circles?  I think of zero point as the Akashic field or plane of Sharon or book of life... accessible, yet, elusive as Elysian.  I don't always have a real frasp of what I'm talking about; but, if it feels good, do it & if it looks good; then it is poetic license.  I am a dreamer.  I have to understand parameters of science enough to find the boundaries to be pushed.  Everyone & everything is relative, understandable by making useful comparisons; not subjective or polarized by dualistic viewpoint.  I have seen the fractal field & nothing online can compare to the beautiful intricacies, color hues, or freely flowing movement among its variable aspects.  I witnessed how abruptly it disappears in the presence of discordant thought~forms between people & reappears in all its glory as a result of resonating vibes.  I have so seldom seen it, 'though I would like to acquire the skill to view it at will.

Would you like to sponsor Real Provision?

by Barbara Kim Thigpen on Friday, March 13, 2009 at 6:03pm
Please help sponsor Real Provision to expedite projects, purchase office supplies & website upgrades. It is currently limited to offering affiliate sign-ups & the purchasing of products from its affiliate accounts. As able, Real Provision will expand into all of its selected & researched accounts as a manufacturers' representative. The Real Provision Emporium line of healing products will be formulated as soon as financially able...formula recipes are ready to go...We will offer indigenous cooperative rain-forest gourmet healing products which are organic & mineral-rich, sustainably-produced & wild-crafted.



Bless The Water Like The Lamas

Bless The Water Like The Lamas at the Springs
In 1979/1980, I lived in Sivananda centers: Woodburne, NY; Manhattan, NY; Val Morin, Canada; and Paradise Island in Nassau, Bahamas. I spent some time with Swami Vishnu Devananda. I demonstrated Hatha Yoga asanas to 350 yoga teacher training students. I also stayed two months at Ananda Cooperative Village in Grass Valley, CA; and worked in their health food store/restaurant in Nevada City. I was vegan for six years, and went through a healthy pregnancy that way. I was vegetarian for a few years- here and there. I am now vegetarian again, thanks to the compassionate messages of the Lamas. I will try to contact my friend with whom I helped produce the public access television show, Trippin' in Austin. We videotaped the Tibetan Lamas blessing the water of Barton Springs, in Austin. My friend made a music video with this footage, including her beautiful song, "Bless The Water"! She wrote this song a week earlier, before she knew about the event. I have spoken to a producer of another show on that tv station. He said that he would be glad to show the video again. (it was aired on her show)

Just Before Waking Vision

by Barbara Kim Thigpen on Sunday, May 10, 2009 at 5:04pm
Just before waking is that in-between state wherein I have the purest perspective. When visions occur, it seems so poignantly relevant to life that I prolong it, am attentive to it , and try to maximize and recall it. The relaxed right-brain kind of effect is so cool, yet, I just partly understand the meanings implied... Sometimes the vision is in images, other times in analogous thought or feeling. Now and then I find myself reading some words I may or may not remember. The other morning when I awakened, there were three mostly unfamiliar words in mind. They actually did mean something, 'though I know not yet what to do with them besides find a lot of scientific jargon when I did a search. The words were Hutchesin [I don't know the spelling since I wasn't reading these.] The others were integrative and multivariable- then the word Hutcheson. What I figure is it has to do with scientific breakthrough by Lynn Hutcheson in the field of optics, electronics, or theoretical comparison and discovery.



by Barbara Kim Thigpen on Friday, March 13, 2009 at 4:58pm
It is a daunting task, that of salvaging souls. When a person wanders from truth, they seem to gradually slip into the dark-side to hide from it or from which to fight it from the shadows of false logic, that they feel absolved. Guilt, doubt, & repentance are hard to accept for those. I think they short-circuit their own truth by projecting their own flaws onto those who have become the perfect mirrors in order to maintain purity and objective perception. Occasionally the mirror becomes reflective enough for them to observe the truth enough to "own it". Not all those who they come across are coming from a place of benevolent love, so, the confusion & stress builds, until it starts short-circuiting the system. I think we need to broadcast the science of love; the whys and hows, & teach self-help therapeutic activities. I want to tell them "where its at" with natural law; particularly the law of resonances; of harmonics, reciprocity & self-reciprocity; of heart & brainwave synchrony.

    • Barbara Kim Thigpen
      The unknown [darkness] is one of the most powerful forces in the universe. Without darkness [the unknown] the light is without protection. It is the neutral darkness [the twin of the light] that decides who passes through into the light. Li...ght and dark are one. The illusion of the darkness of mind is a powerful filter, guardian, protector.

      Those who fear the darkness fear their own reflection - mirrored back to them as light. We see ourselves [as we are] mirrored back in the cosmic reflection of black obsidian. The enlightened ones have no enemies, because the enemies of the light are opposing their own self-image.

      By Michael St. Clair

If my psychic abilities shut down; can I get these back?

by Barbara Kim Thigpen on Friday, March 13, 2009 at 5:38pm
molleewhite asked this question on 06/10/2008
if u had clairsentience clairaudience and clairvoyance but u shut it down because of fear of seeing and hearing them can u ever get it back? because i had theses unique gifts but shut them down can i get them back
RealProvisionBarby gave this answer on 10/17/2008
The very same thing happened to me, but, the abilities are coming back. if I could afford it, I would consume the supplements that rejuvenate the pineal gland, as well as avoiding those toxic things which may reduce its function or size. Let go of fear because it does not serve you beyond survival-oriented situations. Love is not perfected in fear. Perfect love casts out fear. When your intentions and purposes become pure enough, and your brain waves slow down enough, these abilities will come easier. you might need to shut off the internal dialog/don't think so much. Don't hang out with skeptics when you wish to exercise these. Learn natural law. Avoid television. Magnetic X is a supplement that is supposed to help; but, as it is new and strange, I do not trust it, as of yet. You could try harmine/harmaline containing herbs, but, I do not vouch for the safety of these, either. You pose a very good question. i want to look into this matter further, so that we may recover these natural abilities. We have been so domesticated... Oh, yea, don't use fluoridated [fluoride-containing] toothpaste or drink tap water or fluoridated bottled water.

Fractal Heart for Dan Winter

I could teach what you do... to dummies & children. I mean to do just that. You remind me of the mad scientist with the big brain who lives in a lab under the quicksand; only, rather than stealing intelligence from the unsuspecting, he gives it away, for his brain has such capacity [capacitance?] Hey, you have a fractal heart to match! Level the field by unifying it. You have been busy these days. I read so much of your works that I attempted to teach it to others . So what if they think I'm crazy. I never stopped studying...or having the vision.

Read more: http://www.worldhealing.net/goldenmean.html








Answers for Meth Addiction

  • 01/06/10
Hint- this treats several other addictions, also***
I studied natural medicine for mental health.Maybe neurotransmitters would assist with withdrawal symptoms from crystal meth.Thanks for the info- didn't know the problem was becoming so bad.This is a burden on my heart that I would like to be creative enough to address.I am more familiar with alcoholism [not me-my last sip of red wine was about eight months ago.I just don't like booze.]I saw a friend on meth in 1978.What I remember most is his emaciation [he became underweight rapidly]Maybe a song about the problem...or a mildly entheogenic drink craze to replace it, such as kratom.I was told it works on opiate receptors and has a distinct and legal high for a few hours, even.I could come up with a mega sport drink- I already designed it on paper.The one substance I know of that would most certainly help is ibogaine from African iboga.I don't know the current legality in this country.It is a hallucinogen and generally, administered in one dose, with maybe one more in a half a year.The "Ibogaine Story" is a very long book, but interesting.Ingestion requires a coming of age ceremony coach [as in Africa] or a clinical setting.A homeopathic preparation was available online last I looked.�� Simple solutions are needed.� There is a downloadable video on the net made by a meth user two years into the addiction.� I've not viewed it; but, the descr i ption said this man recorded his own death from meth.

Read more: http://www.anti-meth.org/brainbody.html


Will I Find Love Soon?

by Barbara Kim Thigpen on Friday, March 13, 2009 at 5:32pm
m_poole25 asked this question on 05/11/2008
Will I find love soon?
RealProvisionBarby gave this answer on 10/17/2008
Whether or not you find love soon is largely up to you! That is good news; even if a bit elusive. Love is the highest law. First, learn to love yourself, then learn to embrace the whole world with your love, as if it were all inside of you. Then, share wisdom with others and you will come to know who resonates with you. Learn the physics of love even from a kooky scientist like Dan Winter; including the brainwave-heart~wave graphs, where even the share-ability of a hug or a smile may be measured. Read scriptures or poetry. Go to a place full of nothing but loving people. Silently listen until you "get it", then perfect it. The love you send out has an effect and thoughts are things. love Makes the World Go 'round and Love is a Many Splendored Thing! Always honor free will...

Agree to disagree when necessary.  Commitments & agreements are a bit different.  When there is agreement; it matters not what others think, or who is getting a better deal; as long as the people involved aren't being deceived or deceiving.  If I am negotiating; nobody should interfere out of their own personal judgment.  If a friend says something that I am not into; I will be agreeable none~the~less; because if it doesn't matter, then it doesn't matter.  It matters to them.  As in the fractal field, where energy becomes matter, resonance makes it flow in a generative way, thereby making it possible for gains to be held onto, relationships established & built upon; thus, progressive... whereas, dissonance short~circuits the field.  It is too confusing & wasteful of precious opportunity.  I am in agreement with myself right now.

Waves Forest World Famous Musical Startstreams

  • 01/07/10
I started to say, "Who are you, Waves Forest, or something?" Then I noticed that you probably were. I was stunned! You are the Waves Forest, who I have often wondered about through the years?! So, I looked you up... Was Oxygen and the Future of Life on Earth about 27 pages? I read that several times in the early 90's or late 80's. It was excellent. I would like to see up to 30% oxygen of atmosphere and a perpetual mist, rather than flood and drought. It stated that the cities are about 17-21%, even dipping to 11% at worst. It also said that death would occur at 7%? It discussed a bariatric chamber, maybe? I noted that at lowered oxygen levels anaerobic organisms are able to flourish. I seem to have noticed considerably more molds proliferating, over time. I have used food-grade peroxide for curing a severe kidney infection [thought it was a pulled muscle, at first]in a day & a half, in three 25-drop increments, and felt the healing like a cool breeze. [dose not recommended if not used to it] I use a horse sprayer filled with peroxide to clean everything, since it cuts cleaning time by up to 2/3rds. It even does windows. [plus a little borax or baking soda for the bathtub] I had completely forgotten who wrote "Bob & the Oxygen Wars". What year was that, 1993? It was hidden in a book of bullshit chapters, as if trying to slip in some Castanedan kind of unbelievable "non-fiction" that really makes an impact. My friends back then all loved your story. Are you an alien or starstream sojourner? [things that make me go, hmm] How, in the world, did you make a trained penguin so believable? Ok, i want to know of your research in "new paradigm" medicine. I am only guessing you know something on this. Ever since that phrase was coined, it has been my most avid scholarly pursuit; and I daresay that I know it fairly well...& must utilize my knowledge for the masses asap- hopefully before I suffer much more guilt for keeping it to myself. I have 0 money & 0 resources. At least I have gotten the zero point! So, you also dabble in energy sources? Have you experimented with orgone fields/generation. I know a guy who built a pyramidal generator of some sort that harnessed lightning one day; and he happened to be in the way. It knocked out a lot of teeth, but, he survived. I read that this other guy did himself in by blowing a conch in a kiva... I guess we must exercise caution when dabbling in "high weirdness"... So, what the hey, dude? Bob Dobbs seems little more than rude, crude, and socially screwed. He is nothing more than a stereotype, an iconic kick-back from the fifties or sixties, right? The subgenies made a cool flick. What was the name of it? It was certainly a kooky kinestasis. You know, I happen to be familiar with the history of the hollow earth theory and know that the Church[NOT!] of the Sub-genii had something going on with that from their post at what-was-it-called, Little America, at the Northern polar station? Were they responsible for the manufacture of that humongous snow-rover? [or was that made by the banker-backed, engineer-driven industrialists in their hey-day during the fifties?] It so seems as if they are not the only irreverent group focused on that DEEP subject.....I read The Hollow Earth, 1935? and Phantom of the Poles, 1906?, a long time ago. Recently, I brushed up on the subject's current touters. [hmmm] So, I take it you are a paradoxical character. I thank you dearly for expressing your love for me. That's pretty special, coming from Waves Forest, himself. And yes, I do believe... You are a super-calming, healing-balm kind of influence in this world. Maybe, someday, I will have the honor of working with you, in some regard. Thanks for responding! Doesn't this just "take the cake"...

Read more: http://www.rexresearch.com/hhusb/hh11stcr.htm

Reply:  If there was that much oxygen in the air there would be bugs as big as people.


Knowledge or Common Sense?

I can hardly differentiate between knowledge & common sense. Common means it applies to all, or at least, generally speaking... The rule, rather than any exception, is emphasized, to find common ground. Inherent sense is whatever rings true, & is undeniable; like implicate order, natural law, and universal constant. It can be accessed or denied. When denied, it becomes a self-inflicted stumbling block. When embraced, it provides a matrix of truth by which to examine anything. Knowledge, to me, is more specific to situation and perspective. I see two kinds of knowledge- one more mutable and one more fixed. Knowledge w/o perspective and objectivity is meaningless and subject to misinterpretation. Knowledge changes; and is an offering. It is subject to viewpoint. Free will comes into play by active choice and declaration. It can be adjusted. Since the accuracy of knowledge must be examined in light of common sense, I prefer undeniable common sense, first...


Zero Emission Zone ~ Chat With Kelly Dyer & Barbara Kim Thigpen

  • 03/13/10
Kelly Dyer
Franchise!!!! Think big!!! Paid off 95% of start up debt in 4 yrs with no help from the banks nor the federal gov. N we r saving the environment by reducing the carbon pollutoin.... Just because We care about the future of generations.... Maybe someday we will get operating help?
Barbara Kim Thigpen
Cool, I want to know more about your answer for emissions reduction. I do not 'grok' it yet. I would like to franchise parts of my business. But, can I do it w/o money? The 'now' generation needs some guidance, as well.
Kelly Dyer
"Get operating to our full potential, up and down the east coast"The key to the carbon emissions control is: We install heavy machinery that requires precision to operate efficiently. Such as a 40,000 lb equipment which has a roller bearing with a normal operating temperature "temp. Of the grease" to support the hydro~dynamic lubrication function. If the temp. Is too high because the machinery is not "aligned" which cause resistance and heats up the grease then the grease breaks down thins out and the barrels, the cage, along with the inner race, and outer race all have metal on metal contact. Emissions goes out the stack. On the the other end it causes resistance in the motor driving the bearing and promotes high voltage going back and burning out the motor....Productions just being cost efficient in operations. Have acquired all of this knowledge with hands on job training, degree. ty for curious ty

Barbara Kim Thigpen
Emission Control, you make it sound like poetry; a passion for the path of least resistance by virtue of perfection. Efficiency by precision to increased production wherein resistance is futile; viscosity maintained when keeping its cool. Low voltage / high amperage? What of non~friction systems; being as close as can be without touch interference, as in fractal fields & the newest turbine windmills? I am energized by your post~industrial passion; smooth move; gladly gaining our bearings; aligning barrels, races w/o friction in metal cages... Long live zero emissions & full potential operations. Grease is the word that you heard for hydro~dynamic lubrication!
Kelly Dyer
Finally intelligent life is out there! The goal to keep the thermo~ dynamic temp at a constant, with the proper hydro~dynamic lubrication is present.
WILL SAVE THE future generation!

Read more: http://www.facebook.com/kdyer1?v=info#!/album.php?...


  • I sorta guess the "No fartz m'lady" is an out product/
  • Well considering the whole "global warming" is and entire hoax (google Climategate) that the whole carbon reduction talk isnt really worth having. However I still think if we can be more energy efficient we should be, for example if we can provide more power for less than that is a step we should take.


First Wave

As a first-waver, I have learned to understand the process; however, it is yet extremely difficult to be psycho-therapist to those steeped in separation anxiety.� (especially those who do not believe in God or anything extraordinary, for that matter.)� I have read more non-fiction than anyone I know.� I used slack to do it.� I plan to create a drink or candy- some kind of palatable formula for easing stress and anxiety, and delivering active ingredients for balancing brain chemicals and encouraging novel thought.� I know the ingredients, but, have no money, and little business savvy.� I am glad I don't have to take on a whole world of nonsensical thinking by myself.� Thank you for caring!� I think the awakening is fun on my personal level- even ecstatic.� But the writer of this is right- it is not currently fun for everyone- every lower thing must be processed clean---Do all you can to hold on to your personal power without any loss of compassion and don't take being misunderstood too personally...right?�����


to J
Reclusive? I am; yet, have not always been this way. I found your site through the combined search phrases: "unified field" "bead game"... I have been an independent scholar of theoretical physics, religious history, natural law, holistic healing, and the like... I have read, literally, thousands of books on these and many more relevant subjects. What am I to do with it, besides, teach phi/Phi and resonant wave mechanics through public access tv, using a self-styled bead game format? In the spirit of aspiring magistery, I beg audience. I am fair in conversation. I have some psy ability because it runs in my family. So, you don't want it to be known who you are... Ok, but, I so wish for harmonious correspondence and food for thought. 

Utopia would be nice. I think cow farts are definitely contributing to global warming! I'm all for sanity in government and restricting profit made by ruining the earth and it's creatures. I don't use the word animal as it makes us forget we are creatures too and ultimately, we are subject to the same atrocities we serve others. 

Response To Quote "Nobody Can Hurt Me Without My Permission" By Gandhi

  • 04/17/10
If one does not stop giving permission, conditions may worsen, & the 'hurter' might not get the message or learn a lesson. Although it may be diffusing of their hostility temporarily, they may seek you out whenever they need a sounding~board, a whipping post, a blow~up doll or punching clown; having little regard for your convenience, brain~wave or sleep cycles, & unrequited humility. [er, humiliation]. Except safety considerations, I don't know a reason for giving permission, at least once it is realized to be perpetual & without remedy. Is it masochistic...no. Is it a risk, a waste of time, sanity, & dignity? Unconditional love has its questions. What is there to prove...love? [Personal, general, or Spiritual; or all of the above?] Do not, however, forget that you are as worthy of love & not to be deprived. Maybe avoid being alone with someone unless they demonstrate due respect, while affording you physical & psychological freedom.

love deprived nbsp avoid demonstrate respect affording physical psychological freedom

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