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                                                 Elijah Marley

                                                     ...................Princess Gwendolyn

                                                      Alexis Rock~Star


Shadow World

If the shadow world could contain the light it would be as bright.
Shadow dwellers can scarcely bear cosmic brilliance here to share.
Of a mundane; light~worker beware! He sees negative- calls it a picture.
The lonely in need of holy fire defend and attack rather than inspire.
If we condescend unto the darkness bend it might be OK with them
Still in quasi-comfort of pretend which veils may be shattered?
Merely blown about by every wind of circumstance as if it mattered.
Of course we take the chance to tarry with the horse not wild and free.
He lingers imagines blinders and fetters yet never does he dare to see
Lightness of being as a desirable thing but bounds of this cosmic game...

I submit to you my visions for the healing of all nations.
Ever since birth, I knew that I was bound for missions.
Don't the circadian rhythms align to universal designs?
Sense this clarion call for resolve into creative solution.
Jump out of the box, as we are all wound up to spring!
To sing of welcome freshness into the scheme of things
Renewed and redeemed.� How glorious is this morning
With the urging of angels, to the flexing of their wings.
I run the labyrinth of feeling directed to center and gain
An inroad or turning point, so bent upon it's destination
Like a tuning fork.� Dawn reveals the glowing reflection
Of a yet hidden, but rising, sun on the wispy cloud bank.
A bright star lingers.� In flurries of wings a sweet refrain
Of harmonic avian language is singing a lovely greeting!
I seize the day, unlike stuck records repeating a mistake.

Called Art Bell To Talk To Whitley Streiber

Oh, one night I spoke nationwide to Art Bell
And Whitley Strieber on UFO's, ESP, and the Berlin Wall;
Harmonic Convergence and alien visitation; the weather; and
Hacker's Guide to UFO Technology by Michael McDonnough.
As I promoted the book for him.� [I am the editor]
Art talked of his studio sky cam with night vision
Whitley talking of madness and the new millennium;
His book on communion and interview with an alien human;
Then his other book called Confirmation.� He said,
Aliens won't help us directly, but,
they sustain the world in ways unknown
With whole new ways of being, yet, we are on our own
Learning ways to use much more of the brain.

Oh, and something about Aquarius pouring water from a jar.

You were singing to me- your voice shows
Showers of fairy bells and twinkling stars.
Give your wishing well to my world.
Shatter this veil with voice unfurled.

I look to where my songbird has flown.
She just left but aught to bless the fray.
When I'm in doubt what makes her fly away?
Let it out sweet soul scout won't you stay?

Give back the dream exotic wild thing
With a blush upon your cheek.
I'd give anything for your perfection.
Coquette come back I'm about to freak.

I think you know the direction.
Tell me the way intuitive starling.
I need to feel the glowing
Of your melody like poetry.

What am I to be without your sincerity?
Quivering one above the coast-
How will you save the lost?
With you I could do anything- where can you be?

Faery Fae I cannot find the way
Though I show devotion today.
This love affair with nature you share
Must be intuitively conceived.

She knows I await her for I have believed.
I long to touch her downy likeness once more
So what is this canary waiting for?
Why would she beyond shadows hover?
Does she dare to doubt I am her lover?

Do you see me birdy for I'm hurting so..
How can you nurture me if you go?
Like a lighthouse by the sea I beckon to thee.
Can you help me ring with your singing?

Searching- not hearing- still can't find the way.
How can i be satisfied to seek what doth stray?
What could be so sweet...come out to play...
I don't hide my defeat...sing to me of liberty.

Be bold lovely lark don't vanish into the dark
For I can't remember the song
You knew all along coming from the heart

Come cast your spell bid fare-thee-well
To flocks along the way.
Catch a moonbeam and sail across the sky
Past whipporwill and butterfly.

When you are with me it's ne'er a gloomy day
With you I could see- oh where can you be
Splendor of flutter~by hooray?
Can't you hear my wistful calling
Lively creature so soothing to me?

Find me you must in this darkness
My dear canary aloft on the breeze
You are the lark with merry melodies
I lost- now I have no synchronicity.

I think you are mine so I'm searching the sky.
I'll catch you my pretty my precious my sweet
So you may live in a cage- only for me.
Then maybe I will find out why I can hardly see.

A misty shroud obscures my sight- nowhere
Can I find that little bird-of-paradise
That haunts the mind. Capture her innocense
I will when I can then she can sing her song
Of pleasure for this man!

These ears need that healing...
Where are you my pet?
To salve the hurting of this feeling
I will get you yet!

Pawnee By Cherokee

A peaceful warrior led and mediated boldly
Ever rescuing those in timidity
Always working so diligently
He fathered them with long labors
Sweating over fires to provide for others
Like a chief tended and cleaned everything quick
Ever accepting the short-ended stick
With travoise and barrow overloaded on the trail
He fixed anything to make them comfortable
Running teams and feeding hundreds attainable
Deftly dressing the wild turkey swiftly skinning deer
Proving how much one brave could bear
Insistent each day to feed the beggars
Always ready with the answer or procedure
Broke up fights and protected Medicine Woman
With his life... Some fine day again he will come...
From the shore they will shout and send the drums!

Volunteer Blues

I used to volunteer as an independent
Cleaning up for disadvantaged children
Often without waiting for parental consent
During which time enduring insult and argument
Nearby could really feel the vibe of helpless
Struggle in them and it made me want to cry
I knew implications of disorganization
How dysfunctional dwellings are difficult to clean
Thought maybe I could figure out how
To protect and nurture- to nourish a little one
What it takes to keep them at home
And what on earth life is about
I don't foresee how I may happen upon them
A response to need unmotivated by greed
I look at pictures of a child of three
Whose home I just cleaned
It is my reward
To watch over beauty's practical simplicity
With experience not hard to see it emerge
The worst the mess the stronger urge
Help a grassroots business or one parent family
Never judgement or condemnation
To the bureaucratic worldly 'twould be anomaly
Critically aware and soberly solemn I try yet
To set example teaching pristine hygiene
And subsistant nourishment working
For meager contribution of food in exchange
For natural cleaning solutions
Searching out hazard and impurity
Objective diligent undemanding
As I show you the way to clean up your space
There must be strong reason indeed
Patience now I am a teacher
And you must be in need
A ministerial caring for your child
Unaffiliated with any just a little bit wild
We should all be free so retain your trust in me
Your things are now well-organized
Please locate them patiently
Thank you for flying bitch airlines
To save time clean it when it's still fresh
Stay ahead or be ever falling behind instead
Consistently throw out the trash
No matter who does it see it is done
Not swamped by possessions
Is the only time for having fun
A child might need a friend to get them well
No more cat~shit on the walls
Or kidnappings by well meaning social workers
Nothing I'm trying to sell but an abundant life
The noble endeavor to make it all worthwhile
Intuitively I go where it leads I never know
Yet dance and play singing through the day
Tomorrow seems not real enough to plan ahead
Should I do it at all their way or be divinely led
I am thankful for our daily bread
As I walk amongst beggars wine~bibbers thieves
I try to remember they do as they please
Who will back me in this spiritual war
Against degradation addiction and squalor
Rather than denial and living with lies
Our youth will be saved as we become wise
Helping where we can to provide guidelines
Without an overly structured plan
That they must really get it to comprehend
The reasoning of those in command
Admonished and shown how to spend time
In good conversation safe passage
In the midst of a perverse nation
They like their magic served up for real
Talk about your fondest dreams
Exploring psychic things and empathy
How to get high naturally
And how to maintain so you better show them
Ways to sustain or how to work and play
In case they have fallen from the way
Be here now and breathe connect the breath
Perchance to conceive of a second wind
So tell me what it means to act behaved
How to get self-disciplined or wholesome
Ways to rave
You can mediate as ambassador and bridge
Across the divisions between classes generations
I ask for recognition
That I have been self-trained in searching
For viable resolution overcoming what is in vain
Listen to me do not watch the violence on TV
If it happens you could maybe diffuse it
Consume only the best- never the rest
Utilize your mind or lose it for you can
Control your own thinking
Without compromise
Humbly willing to confess fault or weakness
Discomforting occasions such as
Tedious interrogations as if a guilty witness
Should not occur so much
It is foolishness to resort to heavy drinking
As a most insidious crutch
Tends to be quite destructive
Not at all the way toward forms of higher life
Why not speak of a pacifist's war on all drugs
Supposedly "made" by man
Avoid them like the poisons that they are
Recreational or pharmaceutical doesn't matter
Please bear with me for I'm slow of expression
But still I am pushing for the manifestation
To minimize requirement on your part
Just do that thing which comes from the heart
I'm a watcher for my children
Anxious as a mother
If I cannot find myself how can I lead another
Envision the future only the way you want it to be
Expect miracles that someday will occur to thee
Casting my soul into a sea of need
I remain subservient to plant the seed
Of abundant life and purity at home
It is true devotion to represent...
So withstanding any resentment and foul sentiment
I just chose to understand and went on
To another like an undaunted warrior mother
Thereby attempting to make it all better again.

Manna of Sophia

Taurean manna machine by nature
She who awaits still and silent eternity
Magdal Eder of Micah Psyche butterfly
Prophetic poet philosophic function to fly
Spirit Neuma Beloved Bride
Mother Wisdom renew the Mystery
Of Vestal Virgin personified
Eudaemonia in the good earth
Form the active visual
Of breath blowing forth pristine Wind
Notice an Ark of color fullness
Or a projected arc of spit as it falls
Ark of the Covenant on Earth
Numina of eventides the Migdalen
Aima Elohim Mary Sonaumen
Merkabbah and the world religion
Shekina with salve regina
Song of vespers gospel of troubadors
Original Notre Dame Descroix
Bearer of the messianic vase
Within her chalice a rosy cross
Of San Greal is always found
Revered in the story of Gawain
Hidden apostle the happy one
Papess a female Pope and maiden
Withe the rosebud countenance
Dominion over eventide
As queen savioress and Maria
Massheach of the stardrifts
Inheritor of light and part of the Christ
Boon bestower she is one who seeks
Wisdom's flower imparts knowledge of it
Universal constants visionary
Is a merciful catalyst and apostle
To the apostles dynamic head
With the long face leader for a sect
Thirteenth sign of Delphinus
Beautiful in speaking a Holy Spiritus
One of the few who understood
Mysterious teachings imparted to us
Feminine counterpart of Gods
With the gospel of ancient Egyptians
Gospel of Mary Nag Hammadi Library
Pistus Sophia the salt of the earth
Connected with the inner circle of faith
Altar ego to raise the djed of Amygdala
A long time ago no pouring rainstorm
But perpetual fine mist around
The global sphere called atmosphere
Goddess is alive and magic's in the air
She sets the scene to turn back time
To raise aright the djedline
Take away the deadline reverse decline
Rehearse the softening of a so called force
May it be with you during your course


Tale of A Green Fairy

There it was
I thought I saw my face
Within a geometric grid
And again "as seen with Michael"
Drawn by a psychic artist.
One was supposedly Enoch
and the latter was Isis.
I was born in the spring
Under the sign of Taurus.
As I ponder the onward rush
Of the "bull of God"-
The eye of it is like revelation.
What have I to do with Pleiades-
A great bear or the sphinx-
White buffaloes cranes or ibises?
My favorite color is green
But when I am pushed to a rage
Have caused green lightning
Or even a little owl come to my aid
As an anomalous distraction.
Bolts of pent-up voltages
Surge through my frame.

Daughter of a southern belle-
Green fairy of a lightning well
Nearly a quarter Indian
Weaned on tall tales of the west
Where Alpine winds breeze
And a million star-crossed memories
Stir from a hinterland of dreams
She seeks the warmth of balmy seas
Trade~winds only a hint of a tempest
Wrapping her like a cloak
Over fire~stone islands to float...
If a wintered wonderland awaits
She must be swaddled in skins
Or fur-lined quilting of flaxen linens
And swaths of rough silks.

If we are meant to create worlds
Then why is mine so out of kilt?
I seem to be out of sorts...Verdant.


Authority To Question

All he had to do in the morning
Is say a one-liner without warning
And I took it out on everyone but him
Because I was not allowed to question.

With me did he polarize?
Was I only a mirror for his eyes?
When will he wish to be free?
We are not created for misery-
It can be hard to intercede...

One point does not a line make-
One question doesn't
A line of questioning indicate....



My Love for Christmas

Your skin glows like the divinity & sweet yam pie, blossoms merrily cozy as the geranium in the purest hope of spring.
My heart follows your violin voice and leaps like a gingerbread man at the whisper of your name.
The evening floats in on a great silver phoenix over the tree line.
I am comforted by your red velvet suit that I carry into the twilight of cedar pews & beams and hold next to my star~stricken eyes.
I am filled with hope that I may dry your tears of those years.
As my praying hands fall from my white cashmere, it reminds me of your sweater.
In the quiet, I listen for the last angel bells of the day.
My heated heart leaps through my flowing skirt. I wait in the moonlight for your secret old hymn book that we may be singing from as one, heart to heart, in search of the magnificent the yellowed and mystical pages of love.


  [Made with a generator by Barbara kim Thigpen]
                                             Yoda Speak

Yoda laughing-stock? Unbelievable, you are. Thought better than that, you were. Jedi, no, think not. Know Jedi emotion. Come to agreement. Be real, it matters, yes, how others feel. Have heart, power in peace. If wickedness you play, cheat moment, waste day. Fool nature? No... Think wrong. The force there, it's law. Use to defend, protect. Pass for knight? You mock the powers. Guard the force, do not make me. Jhedi guard peace, whole galaxy, have balance. Found something? You have! Search, find, what was lost. Portents, signs...follow. But count loss. Seek knowledge. Serve, not rule. Advise, but not convince. Enforces, no. Justice, by order restored. No judgment works, leads to dark side. Think need not the council, to the dark side listens. Makes disturbance, fear...Make amends, let it go. Force reveals itself. Must be it, dignified.


Human Kind

Please forgive me, this overwhelm
Causes me question myself, as well.
I know it feels you can't win, for losing.
The loose tongue slanders, helping those
Who have only chosen to oppose...
Defenses grow stronger with apprehension.
Why is the humble servant so oppressed?
How could paradise become so distressed?
Can we divine the solution at this pace?
If we cannot bear any guilt or shame, then,
Forgiveness, again, will be out of reach...
Are we now willing to work out anything
Conceptually more than mere analyzing?


Real Things

I'd love to touch the world to bring more perfect harmony
Of healing trees and honey of bees, a kefir example bring.
I long to give the world more hope and garnish it with love,
My heart to soar above the horde and speak what is above.
It is a real being, what I will to define, in the midst of a mind,
Not a shadowy thing...

I wish to show and tell the truth in greatest heartfelt way-
Then teach my people how to cope and I may learn today.
For long ago I made a pact to fail until I knew how to help
Others succeed to free them from their lack.

It is a heart wave thing , combined with the brain...
The state I'm ready to train
Is the open mind.


View From Marmot Mountain

My screen was blank as I referred to notes taken from the liquid crystal television in the distance yet popped on just about the time I was ready to write...
both on marmots and groundhogs predicting weather and Mt. Chimbarazoo being thirteen miles higher than Everest the highest although somehow to be even. What? The earth is thirteen miles wider than high. When it is a bulge uplifting Chimarazoo, a pedestal to boot up to boost and boast of to an equivalent level. One saw the face of each other. Gravity reads from center. More weeks of winter from Canada yet high-spirited... From macro to micro a yellow-bellied marmot appears on the scene for a brief instant to retreat to ponder who will be their mate. Despite small size tend to be well-respected, don't care to live alone. Demonstrate remarkable ability for engineering, exploring and claiming the world as their own. Appreciate good properties when they see it. American made and kept. The verdant and reverberant spring may well be delayed but getting there like everything. The yellow-bellied marmot did not see her shadow or even know it was groundhog day until the later part of it. The so-called end a latter rain but focus on finer things as more manicured greens. I will come again when I am ripe and ready says she in the descent of spring. I am clever and isolated but people friendly, a little ratty and none the worse for wear and forbearance. Resourceful enough to take advantage of available food sources.
Always found below the frost-line likes it warm and close burrowing and twisting about. When backed against a rock and a hard place. Oh she is so humble, but that true hibernator has an extraordinary internal clock that winds itself and tells when to get up. On marmot mountain she could not see how high the treeline or even predict the weather besides however this latter rain marks a new beginning like all get out.



Worlds within worlds...
Visions on awakening.
Cosmic equivalency at any scale.
Space bending upon itself.
I know what you're talking about.
Intervals between
Leaves around a stem
Let more sunlight in.
The path of least resistance
Offers the most conservation.
It minimizes waste of any kind.
Life moves not in straight lines.
It spirals in a labyrinth of eddies,
Winding gears within open containers.
Water, air, and gases swirl together.
Chaos takes over with wild weather.
Life as far as we know
Starts over and over.


Fashion Faire

Some of these native American roots
An influence of these in the forest around the trees
Fosters feelings of connectedness in community
It will go beyond primordial rhythm and drum
Loin-cloths are an earthy touch for visits to a spring
Now head far east in sashes and exotic fanfare
Rare images billow in the breeze from the far seas
Parade through cobblestone streets whirling dervish
Traipse through rolling meadows and then sit pretty
On a craggy ledge from the tropics to a midnight sun
Great fanfare will be wherever you are and flowing
Elegance arises where stars cross and lovers last
In frills and whirligigs of color we see dresses bloom
Like flower petal palace the brights and pastels
Emerald silks and royal purples tailored with skill
A kaleidoscopic display of Kameleon garments rules
Richly covered canvases framing perfection
They dare flaunt the head-dress with a cape no less
Simplicity may figure in to the well ordered day
Timing just right for more subdued hues and
Candlelit pools dotting the landscape where prehistoric
Creatures must have grazed and asceticism the way
Jump onto a carousel of variant style and notice the
Versatility in this garment that is a bag or a parasol
Put together they make a yurt but makes an even
Better skirt and most attractive medieval shirt also
Outfit baby in the micro version and fold it to a pillow...


   Golden Principle

Worlds within worlds...

Visions on awakening.

Cosmic equivalency at any scale.
Space bending upon itself.
I know what you're talking about.
Intervals between
Leaves around a stem
Let more sunlight in.
The path of least resistance
Offers conservation.
Minimizes waste of any kind.
Life moves not in straight lines.
It spirals in a labyrinth of eddies,
Winding gears within open systems.

Focus happens where all waves agree
Phi in action always uplifts what came before
Successful sharing makes for perfect marketing
Philotaxis is maximum exposure with minimal superposition
As recursive pure principle like a blue~fire flame is sustainable
To where it does not consume due to infinite coherence synchronicity
The balance between as in equalibria of liquid and crystal complementarity
Enfolding reciprocity being the concrescent pathway out of chaos to unified field.


Blogs RealProvision's

                          Path of least resistance

A path of least resistance is the crest of the wave, and one of perfecting harmony? Is it not where things can come together the closest with constructive interference as well as the least conflict- like a plane that transcends a dimension, always building on what came before, even while sustaining that which is built upon; and energy-conserving flows may merge to create a lasting expression, recursive ad infinitum?


  • Colors Weave Themselves
3D beads on a pinwheel
Like neon fishes swimming
In a fractaling field
Colors weave themselves
Magic drawing board rushes
Come alive in colors'
Creating frequencies
A little different from themselves
Self-similar Mandelbrots
And Julia sets as well
Pinwheels of colors then
Colors into worlds
Choices on the palette
You can paint yourself
Point swirl paint
No counterpoint
Round each other came
To twist a pirouette
Pinwheel within pinwheel
Just the same... Barbara Kim


                   Keep it Natural

Eat sprouted bread,
Nuts raw and baby greens fresh
Fruits have to be ripe & not enclosed
Hopefully not refrigerated.
No microwave no no no
If u want to know how to heal
Don't put all the food groups in a meal
They were wrong decades ago
People are u still believing the status quo
Of the olden days industrial ways
For half a century of the mass produced
An allopathic hold upon medicinals
Don't believe all the lies of them
Ruled by commercial exploits
Denial of the truth can be bad for you
Natural law is demanding of attention
By by its very nature
But adherence provides all worth winning
Simplify and make it a science
To observe when all around you is chaos
Creative ways and means
Are called for in these times


Poetry ~ Fat Cat Rap

To be a victim of circumstance can put you in the grave
Bad good-old-boys can eat shit- party hardy- you'll be cursed yet
If you corrupt and infect the innocent
How low have you gone or deceptive have you become?
Hey fat cat- you're not hooked on that
Who is it for- Some tender young plaything at your door?
Will you say Gimme' a break you good for nothing whore?
I've got power and stuff- who's your daddy- take a shower
Need a helping hand- Help you deflower- Get a job?
Or oh buck up if you wanna work for me
Kiss it you sword swallowing gypsy
I can give you any fixing you need
Just say yes or I'll take it I guess for free
You wanna buy something- I think you want me
Where you gonna go you cry baby?
I'm not about greed- maybe your nest egg- so you wanna get laid?
Oh you can take it out in trade- Somehow I gotta get paid
I used to be a jock- Why don't you give a flip?
Hey gorgeous want to see my stuff?

This is about naught but a movie that maddened me..

Believe In Peter Pan

In you, "Peter Pan", I believed:
For, I was Wendy.
Whatever you would do,
I'd still be in love with you
Like, the "Women Who Love
Too Much" are so friendly.
Because my joy
Depended on another,
How would I know how
To feel without you, "brother"?
"Who's The Matter With Me?"
Now , even if you think I am gay,
"I'm OK and You're OKI" for I can see
"The Peter Principle"!
No longer will I be ever-ready and able.
Unsure how this trusting heart failed,
Why couldn't love of all prevail?
When I became a woman,
I read half of "Love and Will".
Now I know which half is unfulfilled.
Subjugation does unfold
That loving-kindness of old.
But, only with free will
Can it hope to lead the world.
I pray the rest of "The Message"
Can balance the soul...
Don Juan thought he was
"The Yaqui Way of Knowledge"
With all those "Tales of Power";
And, 'though he honed the use
Of his will, each and every hour;
"The Sorcerer's Apprentice"
Kept giving in, and had to learn
His lessons all over again.
I could not cross that bridge
To find "The Eagle's Gift",
Or sanctified way to become akin...
The Buddha of Hesse
Would never have guessed
The way of the world today;
Of the price we are expected to pay-
And the frivolous
"Games That We Play"
Before arriving at truth,
So we can "Give It Away".
Now, incensed prayers sent up
Shall not return void.
So, "Heal the Shame that Binds You".
Find acceptance in the Beloved;
Not only in this world to fill your need,
But for all our love to intercede...

When righteousness prevails,

Truth can't be denied anymore.

Hear the insistent knocking

And meet us at the door.

Then, with combined will, enter

The portal to a perfecting world.

*********"Barbara Kim Thigpen"**********

Moon~flower Pollen.

I would rather discuss subtle sciences than small talk and sweet nothings. I require that I understand what someone is saying, sentence by sentence, so that fair conversation occurs; and misunderstandings are minimized. I am more outspoken about when I feel "dissed",mostly so the person can figure out what is unacceptable- held up to the light of potential harmony.
I am feeling an urge to go dancing again plus try the tango and waltz. Hearing Berlioz Symphony Fantastique made me want to waltz in a big dress. I try to catch the moon~flowers early, while they are still opening on the trellised vines. The moon waxes now. Where will I find encouragement enough to bloom into courage? On a personal cloud of eloquent expectations, I nourish the mind and hope that it moves the body, of course.
The temporal bloom is rather fragrant; yet irritating, and I will not get pollen in my sinuses again, on purpose.

           Pent Up

I spiral in place, tapping my fingers on glassy walls through which I may only see,

Just like a bottled-up genie; but, the bottle is uncorked & it seems warmer inside.

Mind is working well, like maybe I am ready to answer to questiioning of "wise guys", whether they like it or not.

I was overwhelmed with business models, the systems of which are supposed to insure success by being of more import than the quality of product & method.

A half a pound of chocolate to cheer up really showed on the face.

Sunrise Earth, I find some solace... hearing birds of another place greet the day that pours itself like paint upon inlet pools & palmed shores.

I wish to be heard, if not believed, & of the burden of truth relieved...
What will this require- another decade of intense study, that I may be able to teach, or be a rightful caregiver, or to preach, but, what of credibility?

The television brings its versions of hatred into sacred spaces like the den in which I sleep, when the melodramatic energy does not creep into my delta...

Why was it thoughtlessly abandoned, yet, left on, to run its interference, inadvertently...

Always up before the dawn now, so, that grumbling and cursing will not again wake me... by them who begrudge awakening.

I speak from highest resolution of possibility to the bitterly rising voice on the other end of the line; my freedom of thought unduly chastened...

What ever comes through my matrix will the acknowledgment be, & trust that all is well with it.

In subtle sensitivity to answer anyone; the fresh revelations, like beautiful pies thrown back in the face of the baker, are released from the personal halls of the anguished.

A fresh squeezed limeade, frequently shaken around to keep smooth, when chilled to a fine slush, is left to sit; offered up. & yet, forsaken...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Barbara Kim Thigpen ~~~~~~~~~~~
                             Raising the Djed

Some wings always there to remind you /Never alone in these troubled times.../ Love to nurture you through the change Strength of doing must~needs be done Fully supported where it's all~for~one Justly ask & receive as well or seek to find Renew the path at journey's end to begin... Bountiful beautiful energy's divine ...design / For my peace I give to you comfort & joy / I am a dove destined for the path of soul...

The heart of Earth is beating ever faster... At light~speed traversing dark exotic matter. At mission control we raise the Djed to alignment Subtle energies now guide her in unveiled refinement.

Green Lightning Flies From My Fingertips
To Split The Wood & Enjoin Consciousness

                 All For A Song

I always thought if every scene was set To music then I could never forget This memory works by association So each and every one Reminds me of a song Now I am tuned in like a radio station. ... I always thought if every scene was set
To music then I could never forget
This memory works by association
So each and every one
Reminds me of a song
Now I am tuned in like a radio station

Love is law on this path of perfection, that which is just right. That is where we find ourselves when we have mastery in compassion. When the emotions are in balance & perspective... only then may the force be unleashed; for, they are not without power... like, perhaps, the kundalini must be controlled before activated.... Magic is; like synchronicity, beyond the grasp of those whose thoughts are not ready to perceive.


Please enable me as an instrument
For saving forests creatures oceans
I am wanting to be a healing servant
Overcoming the power of money here
And rendering it obsolete everywhere
Earth creatures need some paradise
In a grassroots way I offer advice
Subsistence sustenance is the most
Crucial matter to every human host


  In the ethers...
  In the shimmers...
  In the Pleiades...
  Of vespers...

Sea of Non-locality
And mastery
To be
A southern
Sea mirrors
August stars
And lightens up
Like feng shui breezes
Unraveling poignant tales
Of afar relaxing into a
Slipstream all floaty
As an indigenous
Dream and a
Passage to
Halls of Amenti
Echoing to
To the
Of legendary
You would
Think to
Been a
In time when
So softening the
Gaze behold
The golden
Rule itself
Yet real
May such
Wonders never
Ever cease
Of myriad
Designs are
Put away with
Carefree sighs a
Silver flurry of wings
And piercing cries
A sojourner sails
A meandering
Course over
Ley lines
Parallels in
Recursive theme
Sparkling color-filled
Ships drift around
A matrix of most
Exotic matter
In the
Beams of
Finds the way
Of even finer things
For herein similitude shifts
Them into hyper-cruise drawn
Along a context-driven course he
Reaches a shoal of influence in
Oceanic shifts of enigmatic
Bliss where paradox is
And cultures thought
Lost reappear from
The veil of mist.


In my Domain

Please respect my space
Now declared sanctuary
Observable feng shui
An art throughout until
All are under it's law of
The Tao and Universal
I cannot abide flung shit
Far and wide- Powaquatsi
Is the urgent need for
Life in balance- I've heard
Not sure you understand?
The golden rule is
The law of the land
Nature rules in her domain
So make the message plain

Close the lid before you flush
Dispose of rubbish
Into its' proper receptacle.
Don't question or quote me
Or spit in my sink-
Take time to think-
I hurry you not...
You may not drink
To a bad attitude or
Entertain other lusts 'til crude.
Coarse jesting erase-
I'll not like derisive laughing
In my face
Nor should you dare
Pollute my air.

Attempted Rape

The outer gates are strong--
And the inner as well...
Sorry you think you need in there--
Not a chance your pride to swell
Enough to penetrate and plunder.
Maybe jealous of the goddess
Who many bow to adore
In awe of wonder...
Some seek to possess--
Why am I delivered
To this living nightmare...
In the name of love
How do you dare?
Sometimes you just can't
Go anywhere to feel better...
It is all in your mind...
What can I say?
So you see-
I am strong� due to
Foresightful reason
And you cannot pass this way!
I am the embodiment
Of Wisdom herself...
Seeking the season when
I unite with the Christed One
And if you think you're him
You are wrong!
Why in their fury
To rape and steal--
Seeming devotion may be strong--
But maybe your glands interfere
With your will
Like an urgent need to procreate--
Sitting vigil thus for hours
Not my forte'......
Buying time in the dark..
For the light could have surely
Broken your heart
And only the broken
May take part...
I preach deliverance to myself
As I grasp for some comfort...
At long last for the Comforter...
I am strong-
Watch me soar
Above those who wish for me
As for a whore--
Understand oh man
I am not a pet
Or merely a child--
My temple may
Only be approached
With great humbleness...
If you cannot contain
Your excitement- then
Go spew it
To the emptiness
For I have nothing to do with it.
Having brought upon yourself
The frenzy of the mounting steed
You can lie in your mind
All you want about me
For I am not apt to change it--
You withhold your own blessing-
You arranged it--
But you may keep the aura
In your house
Of all that I have touched
To set feng shui
I cannot give the remedy you seek
For I am she who is remembering
Discernment of spirits--
Well eventually......
I am the Goddess! I am the Goddess!
I might have quit crying for you.
To find the grail
You must be a knight
That is true...
But pure of heart.
It serves itself...
But you know not
What to do with it--
If it fell in your lap
You'd say "fuck it"
As you ranted to yourself
And probably try to break it
Or it's Spirit--Oh well--
I have a few words for you--
Your type just can't fake it
Imposter on the fly-by-night--
Humbled by me is not humble to be.
Only you can make up your mind--
Or justly release it all to the trinity...
Image of the mother-
But do not count on anything
For you have grieved the Spirit
And vexed me--
How can you begin to understand
What I have to offer man
When even some eunuchs do...
Are you so blinded
By your own torment?
Can a man learn to see
That the guilt-ridden
Have yet to repent?
And the powers that be have
Come from compassion's lament
Truly calling it as they see fit...
Jhesus Maria Jehanne...
She flew the banner on high
But the militant crusaders
Didn't know why---
Sweet parables whisper
In my ear "You're a butterfly
And Queen of a royal
And heavenly host..."
Salvation come nearer...
God save the queen!
It's been a long time coming......
Watch out for Eyes of Fire!
The Calf~Woman controls her desire
Befitting an almighty mission
For free will grants
It be my decision.
In the mind I contend
Not to be abused again
But the joy of man's desiring
Does finally tire--
Pure love!
How can you not see it?
Translate whatever you want--
For I Am and I will be it!
Not reduced to
Some puppet heirophant
Whose will may be bent
To what anybody wants--
Why must this figurative Virgin
Have a lover except to be her
Champion and protector?
I am empowered
By the mere magnetosphere
To release some hidden treasure...
To love pure and chaste
Is no disgrace
And I'd say it to your face
If I cared-
But I am too weary
Of your private hell here
And near mercilous battle--
Now in the light of day
And careful parable
I trust there will manifest
A way to escape
For the true palladium...
In this darker night
Before the dawn
That same old saga
Of a war
Between the sexes rages on--
But I know I'll be better for this...
When I finally called upon Jesus
Though only with my mind...
The advances ceased coming on
As drunken man passed out
For the rest of the night.


      Jah Freely

Dream genie of the water

On what magic do you sail
Beaconing patterns of sky
Tell the old tale from afar
Captain of all fleet & star
Come full sail like a dove
From whence began a ray
To encircling phire of love
Who is the salt of an earth
To touch the sky as worthy
Visions seen in awakening
Coherently lend view to phi
The exotic matter attractor
Sky~walk explore resonance
To seal the output of space
Reflections move mirrored
Through this frame I gaze
Another wild path traverse
Transport hardly in control
Yet within all bounds & fast
Mercurial feet & silver wings
Are you the true high priest
Eyes part veils to mysteries
All treasures of the heights
Resonant body connections
Flowing from the outside in
A fifth element ignites again
Resistance is not futile but it
May increase a remnant pain
Can there really be over~unity
On the path a swirl into a spin
Peace la resistance once again
Open the portal to the beyond
Where imaginings twist along
Paisley patterns fractal frond
Heart~songs of colorful swirls
Fairy calls kinetic symmetry
Comileya rise & right wrong
Nothing impossible for them
Draw down a beaming moon
Without disturbing the ocean
Not implausible for Hiddenites
What's it like inside a fullerine
Nature's numbers to interplay
In synch with the mother grain
Mystics whispers of philosophy
Increasing in all exponentiality
Ultimate love logic always free
Cascades of pure principle wave
Language's light codes flicker on
To reach a space all waves agree
The ring of angelic halo is golden
Follow a path of the least & most
Building a charge without ending
Mirror to mirror it's mind bending
Do a cornucopian celestial dance
With Pineal crystal quintessence
We will build up old waste places
Raising a standard in foundations
Multitudes swoon in regeneration
In the secret places of the stairs
Laughter coming from stone faces
Is once upon a time already past
Jah free & orgonauts golden fleece
Will it be found in Artesian ground
Or sacred chaga of Siberian sound
Wild apple plum & soft persimmon
Glacial milk is refreshing all around
Turn polar light on fruits of Borjomi
Along the Huna way or so it seems
I am drawn unto a kings' highway
On a magic carpet ride where joy
Immutable presides with a prince
A shadow passes across a gaze
Seeking knowledge of ancients
At the very lowest resistance
Are the grandest harmonies
Upon the crux of any matter
We see a nexus of synchrony...


Oestre, Astara, Asherah, Astarte...
I hang on the edge of a broken heart.
Outcast from your perpetual spring,
I am left longing...
Aria, oh arbor woman...
Please catch me if you possibly can.
I feel the ground slipping
Too fast for my feet to stand.
If I can just cry myself to sleep again~
A rope to hold onto...
for what can make sense
When not a thing rings true?
My heart happenstance-
Once more, broken into.
On Easter morn, feeling downcast,
I sense there is truth I may have missed.
Landed, disbanded, stranded, beached-
Feeling had and taken...
Trying to hold together the pieces
Of who I am, hoodwinked again,
Before the gates of my secure city.
Confidence has been breached.
The perimeter left unchecked
As I lay gasping in my crisis
On the evaporating beach.
Can you hear the urgency
Of a merry maid in the lurch?
Where is the mermaid of the deep?
Feed my people and let me sleep.
Maybe I should go to church!

by Barbara Kim Thigpen

Easter memory; A brier caught my leg,
so, my cousin got the golden egg! 

Desert Spring
Prepared to heal and feed
Claim liberty and vital truth
A little child shall lead them
To revel in the gospel truth
There's no reason to explain
Why we should suffer in pain
Could I not save my mother
Who loved a great physician
But too trusting of the others
Slow and steady I am paced
To safely heal a human race
In truth I must admit I let so
Much of life just pass me by
My children have endured it
I pray someday they benefit
From the tedious labor of love
I give as it were a safety net...
Some of my works destroyed
Yet I wish to feel perfected love
Overflowing with all good word
Nurtured because I have heard
To wisdom and knowledge turn
I'm almost readied to distribute
Now I am asking for assistance
To offer the essential solutions
Calling all resource to the task
For healing of all these nations
A tree of life exists in our midst
Living waters from dry deserts
Regenerate my earthy paradise

by Barbara Kim Thigpen

Hey ya little urchin
Ain't ya got a care
On dis dear earth?
Dem pigeons is yer fancy
An comfy fire in de hearth.
Soapy butts all a-slidin'
On great-granny's tub.
Gimme back me bubble soap.
Looky, baby sunked your sub.
Sandman's gonna come tonight.
Dem creatures,
Dey fly in de winder,
Domp blow out de light.

by Barbara Kim Thigpen


I picked a squash
That was light green
One of the weirdest I've seen
When I put it in the dirt
Up sprang a single stem
Then what looked like a female
Vulva with a small obelisk
Pointing to the entry...
Folks do a double-take
When they go by!


Precept Wheel

Do not argue but agree to disagree.
Perhaps to simply agree
With a self-proclaimed adversary.
Be honest 'though seasoning the speech
With unassuming kindness.
Wherever I can own up to it do it
So I gotta' "get off it" to "get it".
No fault- no contest-
Or need for one-upmanships.
We can run away from denial
And mid-sentence second-guesses.
Do I not have the liberty
To interrupt others
If they have done it first?
Maybe not if it makes things worse...
Those needing a physician
May have a few trust issues-
How can they be reached?
We will do better to figure it out
Count the measure of the cost
If we cannot...
As I color the easy areas
Of my precept wheel
I look to find where I am lost...

by Barbara Kim Thigpen

Puppet Master

Was I ever destined to fall behind
Trying to be the slave to the grind?

Nearly forgotten will do I have to lose
In abeyance fall just to be true?

If he was not the one then where is God's Son?
How many times has it been to call him master again?

What purpose did serve all that humiliation
But prevent me from being an intimately trusted friend?

He wore a cross that was a gift and only pretend-
I seek a true Christed soul- no longer to bend!

by Barbara Kim Thigpen


No Pestilence

Whatever can be done
A status quo is dumb
When will they align
To the great design
Grasshopper co-exist
We need no pestilence

Unreported True Sighting - Silver Phoenix UFO - 1990

  • 08/21/09
Somewhen between 1989 and 1990, I sighted a most beautiful ufo two blocks from the airfield of the Navel Air Station in Flour Bluff, which used to be Aradmac; where my grandfather, Sydney Doyle Deason, repaired helicopters. This was the Corpus Christi / Padre Island area at 3:30 AM in a warm clear sky- with the exception of two small cloud~banks. I had cleaned my house for four hours and was not under the influence af an intoxicant. As soon as I sat next to my southern-facing window I began to see the outlined glow of what looked like maybe a helicopter quickly descending; vertical to the dirt-filled pool in my yard. Only an outline visible, it maneuvered to my left as it neared the ground, then hovered, like a giant prehistoric bird, head-on to me at an angle, as if to observe me. After a long eightish seconds of up-close encounter I shook Michael, who was on the sofa sleeping or meditating with a double-terminated quartz crystal on a silver ring over the pineal. When I made him look, he reached over and turned off the radio, only to find pure silence. As he woke, the craft or creature had turned, so that the far side was the highest; showing off a gorgeous white silver upper-body that glowed, seamlessly. The slightly bent wings were tipped up much like the fan-shaped tail. With grace, it swooped slowly to the left and slightly upward until the still-visible upside turned grey as it entered a low cloud~bank. When it disappeared, I wanted to run out to find it, but, I was restrained.
This is a true story about what I call the "silver phoenix", although it perhaps seemed more like a craft than a gigantic bird that must have lived in the ocean or something. I doubted that the navy base had a craft like that, so high-tech, even for them. I lost my first two poems about the sighting of what was flying too daringly low to be any conventional spy-plane. I wrote another one about my feelings regarding the incident and further analysis. I could not make myself betray this to any authorized agency, but, told my friends and took on the stage name of the "Silver Phoenix".

Silver Phoenix [UFO Sighting]

Sail on silvery bird
From whence have you come
From a neighboring star
Why did you visit me
A quarter century ago
Why should I care
If no one believed
Even so you remain
My white dove of luminous beauty
I suppose in our minds
It could have been conceived
But I was not blind
Nor known to misperceive
I hardly betrayed
Your presence to the world
What would they do
Now that I have told
I waited long so the news is old
Recollection is still strong
Precious white silver dove
How could that part which is above
Have been so stunningly bright
While the underside was
Darker than the night
Even so I detected a glow
That outlined you to me
No way to completely cloak
Those lines of light
Unless I were unwilling to see
As above why not below
You symbolize for me the earth
Or satellite being thereof
Until we have eyes ready to see
The splendor of the heavenly
Remains cloaked in obscurity
What may seem as death
Can as suddenly look like birth
So silently You swooped by
Even so
How vibrantly you did go
So gracefully embrace the sky
Like another great wonder of the world
To my delight you happened by
Then gloriously unfurled
Your existence to our sight
My witness just caught
A glimpse of your flight
For I was so enthralled
That I nearly forgot to point you out
Yet just in time
I called him from his sleep
Or a meditation
That must have been deep
With a double-ended crystal
On his third eye
Balanced on a silver ring
All of this is true
As weird as it may seem
Truth is stranger than fiction
It was suggested that you could be
A flock of seagulls in formation
To which I say
There is no way
That you were many
Reflecting the moon
You are one but could have been
An enormous bird shining
Without the sun
A small spy plane
Our lunar satellite
Is not near as bright
As if you needed another source of light
The most beautiful thing I'd ever seen
Nothing around these parts like that
Could I have so soberly
Peered through a portal
Into a netherland
Like a parallel place that co-exists with us
There could be no reason to deny thee
For what is beyond truth is meaningless
And even if unknown
It has great substance
As subtle as it may dawn
When all else fails it blazes on
After you descended from on high
You hovered and observed but why
Slanted at an angle
When your head
Was pointing my way
It felt a little eery I guess
But I was not afraid
And you were not scary
Couldn't frighten me away
Even so
The witness would not let go of me
Even 'though I begged to leave
I so wished to see
You sailing on the wing
And beseeching yourself to me
Drawing as if magnetically
When you turned so I could see
How you shone majestically
I am the blessed one
For what could I have meant to thee
even so
I could feel gentleness and love
You rise above like the legendary
Peaceable white dove
Sail on silver bird
How could I hope
To express you with words
Or to grasp such substance
Who am I to imagine at all
That your splendor
Is at my beck and call
Could you have been a craft
Made by human hand or machine
Maybe some alien being
Hard to tell but if possible
Then they did incredibly well
The liquid silver seamlessness
Was proof positive
That darkness has nothing over you
That your light doth shine still
Even when hidden from view
The part that is below
Being so dark in the night
Scarcely indicating what does hide
Or I could learn to draw
Because what I saw was no lie
Had I gotten a picture it would be
The most lovely UFO we ever did see
Craft or creature some wouldn't believe
Only in space has any come so close
To such a brilliant beauty

by Barbara Kim Thigpen 

Beyond convention the "other~net" is abuzz with excitement.
With great presence connected to a lifeline beyond the imagined.
Maybe we can right the un-rightable and think the inconceivable
Doing what we know is palpable speaking into being as we are able.
What now is supposed sustenance will be seen as meager rations.
Planet gazing I embrace silver Venus recalling my white silver Phoenix...
Clarity of purpose reveals a perfected matrix surreal with a kya facets.
This musing muse is so bemused in all of this destination practical bliss.
Your mundane matters can wait on the trail of supernatence. 

The idle mind is laid to waste
Build up the old waste[d] places
Constant throughout the universe
Are patterns of signature
And thought diverse...
Fill me to overflowing
With that true philosophorum
If we raise the Djed
To properly align this globe
Rather than wobble out of control
Maybe then could we hear
The symphony of spheres
To perceive it's sacred geometries.

Barbara Kim Thigpen
"On My Honor"

Your Royal Highnesses,
Distinguished Norway,
Nobel committee, America, ...
And citizens of the world
The award I receive speaks
To highest aspirations
Although suffering
cruelty and hardship
we are not mere prisoners of fate
I feel a great humility.
Our actions matter and
can bend history
with deep gratitude I receive
Bent to the direction of justice
I’d be remiss not to acknowledge
controversy generated by
your generous decision
Unlike the end,
I am at the beginning
of labors on the world stage
Compared to giants of history
who have received this prize
my accomplishments are slight
there are the men and women
who have been jailed
around the world
beaten in pursuit of justice
those who toil to relieve suffering
quiet acts of courage and compassion
inspire even the most hardened
cannot argue with those who find these
unrecognized millions &
humanitarian organizations
to be far more deserving ~
Marshall and Mandela ~
Schweitzer and King

of this prize perhaps the most
profound issue surrounding receipt
Is that I am Commander-in-Chief
in the midst of two wars
One a conflict America did not seek
The other which we are joined by 43
Countries, including Norway;
an effort to defend all nations
And this is winding down.
Still, we are at war,
and I am responsible for
thousands of the young
to battle in a distant land
I come here with an acute sense
of the cost of armed conflict
Some will kill or be killed
With Difficult questions I am filled
and our effort to replace
War with peace
And the relationship between...

These questions are not new
At the dawn of history
War appeared with man
simply a fact, like drought or disease
In one form or another
its morality was not questioned
the manner in which tribes
and then civilizations
sought power and settled differences.

Over time, the codes of law,
philosophers, clerics and statesmen
Did seek to regulate destructive power
That if under preconditions it is waged
in self-defense or as a last resort
if the forced used is proportional, too
And civilians spared from violence
whenever possible
Emerged a concept of "justified war".
For most of history rarely observed
It proved to be inexhaustible,
The capacity of human beings
to think up new ways to kill;
Or to exempt from mercy
those who pray to a different God.
There were wars between armies
Of those who look different
it all gave way to total wars
between nations
in which the distinction
between combatant and civilian
became blurred.

carnage would twice
engulf this continent
In the span of 30 years
while hard to conceive
of a cause more just
than defeat of those power[s] axis
A war of the world
Against the Third Reich
the number of civilians who died
exceeded the number of soldiers
Who perished.

In destruction’s wake
And advent of the nuclear age
it became clear to vanquished
And to victor
We needed institutions
To prevent another World War

so, a quarter century after
The Senate of the United States
Rejected the League of Nations;
America led the world in
Constructing an architecture
to keep the peace and
mechanisms to govern
the waging of war
a Marshall Plan and
a United Nations
To prevent genocide
Restrict the most dangerous weapons
Make treaties to protect human rights
League of Nations was
An idea for which
Woodrow Wilson
Received this prize.

In many ways,
These efforts succeeded
terrible wars have been fought,
And atrocities committed.
But no more World War;
Commerce has stitched
much of the world together...
with jubilant crowds dismantling a wall
The Cold War ended.
Out from poverty
Billions have been lifted.
These ideals have haltingly advanced:
of liberty and self-determination,
equality and the rule of law
legacy for which my country
is rightfully proud.

Although the world may
no longer shudder
at the prospect of nuclear war
between two superpowers
The catastrophe is
proliferation may increase the risk
that old architecture is buckling under
the weight of new threats.
A decade into a new century
Terrorism’s long been a tactic,
but modern technology
allows a few small men
with out~sized rage
to murder innocents
on a horrific scale.

Wars between nations
have, moreover, given
way to wars within.
resurgence of ethnic
or sectarian conflicts;
growth of secessionist movements;
insurgencies and failed states
increasingly trapped civilians
in perpetual chaos.
more civilians get killed than soldiers
Sown are the seeds
of conflict in the future
Children starve and are scarred
As refugees amass
economies are wrecked,
Our civil societies torn asunder.


Real Pharmacy

This is a real pharmacy
Homeostasis rights immunity
Hunger for truth as for food
I dwelt in seclusion for all good
Discerning viable method
For healing of the wretched
And huddled masses
Seeking finding strong medicine
For body and mind and
Has required some time
To bring it all out for humankind
To ascertain and to discern
Best quality that can be found
In light of the new day
Must needs be shown
Maybe find a way for any to pay
medicine costs much these days
Don't poison your temple
You have to be strong
To help others along
Seek new styles
Of advertising because
The industry is full of flaws
Promote those aligned
With the cause
Designed to share the real fruits
Of that which is and was
That mote it be done.


Poetry ~ Mammy Yo

I once knew a woman named Helen
Who thought she was seeded again
But when she gave birth
It was a lump of mother earth
And the neurotic new mom
At once became a has-been.

Thought she was either with child
And growing thereby
Or in menopause
Bearing no more than pot~belly.
Was she to be
A new mother that day
In a family way
Or did she walk alone
Like an old crone?
Mama Madonna
Or Mammy Yoakum...

Sorry, Helen;
Barbara Kim Thigpen


Infinite Coherence
Interest explores
mirrors and rainbows
and obscure doors
trailing like a sleuth
o'er infrared floors...

Follow Your Bliss

We are to generate bliss and follow it.
I am convinced of this...
Ignorance isn't bliss, knowledge is...
If you can look at this,
Then cease to believe in lies...

Conformity may seem to be the way,
But it may cause truth to be denied...
Demanding of proof is a way to negate
What you understand not,
Nor may resonate with...


Blogs RealProvision's

Number Line of Living Things

Follow me in to the source
Of the all that is none
But is also the one that the two adorn
Out and in ever closer to one
A triune number being the sum
Or a product either way it's done.
Add trinity to binary--
For quintessential nobility.
A five fold path plus trinity
Makes the turning point of eight you see...
On top of elemental five
To the elusive thirteen
And on to the next link in the chain.
Take thirteen putting on it the eight
And we arrive at the twenty-first gate
Plus thirteen so we have thirty-four.
See the graph and add twenty-one more--
Not to miss the fifty-five sign
Come away from strife onto
The golden road.
''Though a narrow path--
Imbued with life
And teeming interplay
A magnum opus
Fulfilled in trust until
No progress betrayed
To fifty-five the thirty-four align
So we get to eighty-nine.
Now fulcrum around with it
And add fifty-five
For the number of entering.
What can it mean to the chosen
From the beginning--
This one-hundred-forty-four thing?
Fall back on eighty-nine
To find new meaning
When the one-forty-four is graphed on
It looks to be thirteens--
A plus one factor brings it
Out to two-hundred-thirty-three.

Barbara Kim Thigpen


Astral salt & Balsam

Identity is destiny in the faithful spirit that labors below & above.
Shekinah in the universe of the dove is the feminine frequency of love.
Plutarch the Queen of benevolent springs as Isis mirror of wisdom's glass
With a flourish of Rosie Sharon stardust
To live fully express freely like a star

Sapphire of mystical symmetry
Subtle spirit of astral salt and balsam
Show me that secret invisible fire
Royal fountain of star~grail� ascension
Nectar of supreme excellence
Elixir of the sages
May~dew milk of paradise
Holy matrix of Hebron
Of Paracelsus
Herbs of the shepherdess
Golden apples of Hesperides
Rejuvenation like a
Mother~grain of Heaven...

by Barbara Kim Thigpen 

                          Maiden Flight

'Though the visionary quest has yet to reveal all it has to see...
I fleetingly gleaned from dream's edge shown the wave~crest
Drawn to spiraling stream to move the cornucopia of being.
This conduit murky still a glittering phoenix lurks underneath.
A little late this maiden flight has but to uphold the true signet.
The twist of fate all that stands between a certain doom and
What might have been and may with sacred love in it's place.
A tinkling bell cannot quite peal in the midst of a cacophony
But take away discordant parts and it could trill like anything.


Poetry ~ Finding The Groove

  • 08/21/09
I wrote it down in perfect form
Yet it wouldn’t scroll to record
So I pushed the button to submit
Then my blog disappeared
With the drawing board
And no way to retrieve it.
So...it went something like this...
Within the concept of universal law
Rules are rules & real is real
Because it’s the way that works
A narrow path, perhaps; yet sure
As it is the easiest.
With the momentum of the crest
Of every wave. Learn to relax
Into the groove To know it
To be true To yourself.
Ultimate patience once found
Makes all fit into place
As the perfect note to play
May be omniscience itself
The lost chord...if it exists
May be played Only lost when
So many paths Diverged from it....
The perfect way...

This was only the half of it.
I think I need a hypnotist
Or how will I recall the rest?
Why wasn’t my entry displayed?
All for nothing since
I had not the patience
To copy it piece by piece...
Would it have been worth it?
Oh yes it was perfectly placed
To my content.
I even had the thought that
Such artistry was well thought
To introduce as my first.
Momentum is not assured
If frustration gains an upper hand
So smugly was my work flung
To an etheric wind.
All for pushing blindly ahead
So what would it have taken?
Just a bit more patience
Without skipping any step.

Within the concept of universal law
Rules are rules & real is real
'Cause It's the only way
Of most perfect play.
Find that narrow path that works
Surely as it is the easiest & best
With momentum of the crest
Of every wave...
Relax to find the groove
To prove these things as true
To yourself!
Ultimately; patience, once found,
Makes it all fit into place
On common ground.
As the perfect note to play
May be omniscience, itself;
The lost chord does exist &
May be played, still...
Every excellent way is
Only lost when so many
Diverge from it.
The realm of God is surely
Spread upon the Earth...
How is it that we don't see

I wrote a treatise of an essay
And it read just like poetry,
Explaining implicate order of flucidity.
Once every word was perfectly placed
I smugly ran to put in some laundry
Thinking that I had surely
Risen to just above the power curve.
When I returned to my dismay
The freaking comment box was filling
Up with zeros rather quickly.
A dissipating charge in mouse batteries,
I scrambled to save my labor of love;
But all I managed to paste was zero point.
So much for the everything theory...
The moral is once more, save your work.
How many masterpieces passed this way?
And what if My-space shut me down today?
Do not forget again to record a copy.

To redeem the precious time spent
On elusive scholarly pursuit
It was back to square one, when
My drawing board drew a blank
So I felt like a big zero again.
It was so convincing and
Professionally written...
If I could just do it better this time
On this interesting foundation-
If such an attractive paradigm of
Masterful manifestation be sent out
Into the vast universe
To the farthest reaches of space
To reflect back upon every place;
Then perfection, as returned medicine
Shall not come back void of creation.
Any grand attractor to have a hand
At turning it all into patterns,
Commanding of fluid elements;
Within chaotic matter a continuum
Of exotic proportions hard to explain.

Deciding what to describe next,
I began, once more, feeling hard-pressed
To redeliver the critical mass, contented,
But, alas, it came without the finesse.
OK, square one, potential at it's best
With the force lain dormant
In the vast un~manifest...
There was the word of wisdom-
Pretty picture of latent success-
A symbol of the ordered,
An address to an unheard of palace
Worth more than a thousand words
As remnant of the extraordinary,
One captured moment to focus on,
Then a naming of things to build upon,
I overlay all purposed intents
To tweak the random motion just right
For a quintessential element
Of exotic matters to come to light.
Only to myself, truly deserving
Of honorable mention
As I seek to remain coherent.

Don't they wish to gather and rally
Around fundamental ways
Of shepherding, so to speak, that says
Structuring is a function we can fill,
Like a symbol luckily taken to be real-
Five parts to the force in four-square
Steps for the world of triune powers-
First of all to represent; then
To regulate and rule; a measurement
Inevitably to interact as the
Appropriate job for the tool
In association with the un~manifest;
To be known as the coherent whole
Greater than the parts, added together.

Oh, wait, could there be much more
Of magical answers to prayer,
Like rare miracles awaiting in the ether
For calculation of a simpler answer?
The non-conforming is less easily suckered
In at every turn by every wind of spin.
Established in the eye of the mind
Is an oracle of presence represented
Which takes me further than time perceived.
Up around the golden road grows a tree of life.

The Buddha sees a great treatise interlaced
By secrets revealing another rosy day
And primrose path in the nobility...
Then can I see the most productivity
Spring up around all and everything
As self-mastery in a perplexing game
Where bead upon bead they came
Spelling out arrangements made
And ordered in time,
Space bending upon space,
The magic drawing board prevails.
A puzzle one can be and yet a piece...

A hollow crafted reed whistles in the night.
As silhouettes flicker through settling rays
Worlds within worlds take place...
Hey, it's printing ones again, like starting over
Adding it all up in the head, where colors
Frequencies reveal their finery;
In every portion new reflections
From every angle a new painting in itself.
From the heart of it, energy is felt and reveals
Structural dimension of linear plane;
Corresponds with light shimmers
From a beautifully crystalline brain
Of the right holographic projector
Commonly linked in Akashic plane.

As twin suns measure up to one another;
Even if one seems more distant or bigger;
Must contrast in vigorous balance
To offset a significant difference
Polarized yet ever moving in unison...
Overtones of renewing creation
Patterned by and after the singular,
Dualities dance and then seem to falter-
To seek their own in a spark of wonder,
Breaking new ground to be sown with song.
They ripple as hung in the balance
Detectable betwixt the beats
As the spirit wind vibrates
In triple sistrums...

WithIn concrescence order moves upon itself
Every entity now able to see
In synchronic attunement...
Renewing frequency to what it would be
A central line of axis poised in-between
Dual nothings, but, very sweet-
Where a wrinkle in time feels like finding wings.
Making a sound reverberant- much like the reeds.
Tongues of fired-up sparklers
Ignite in this grand display of vivid color
Splashing down in percussive waves
Of whirled rainbow paisleys
In oases richly blessed
And sparkling against the distant haze.

Can none of this bemusement help
For, In my haste to be the best,
I failed to take each oversight;
Thus the rare and gifted form was lost.
Flippantly, in such arrogance
I left a rare gift to circumstance
Thought I was being so wise
Yet, ended up losing all that work
Through carelessness and lack of focus
A big bang of nothing, but zeros
With lingering traces of words
That fly from my fingertips
As fast as they are traced.
Someday then, the cycling in~breath
Will swell the living spring
To flow again through cognizant portals
Sending it's exotic mist throughout the farthest
Reaches of worlds...