Nativity of Christ & the Baptist

[rough draft]

The Kingdom of Heaven
Is like unto leaven
A woman took and hid
In three measures of meal
So the whole was leavened
That it might be fulfilled
Which was spoken
By the prophet of old
I will utter those things
Kept secret from the world...

Zacharias the Priest
~In the Order of Abia~
Forasmuch as
Many have taken
[In hand] to set forth
In order of declaration
Of those things that are
Most surely believed
Even as they delivereth
Them unto us which
From the beginning
Were eye~witnesses and
Ministers of the Word
That thou mightest
Know the certainty of those
Things wherein thou hast
Been instructed according
To the custom of the
Priests incense...

When the multitude
Were praying without
There appeared
An angel of the Lord
Zaccharias and his wife
Elizabeth ~of the
Daughters of Aaron~
Were both righteous
Before God
Walking in the
And ordinance
It came to pass
While in priests office
In the order of his course.

Elizabeth conceived
And hid herself
Saying thus hath
The Lord dealt
With me in the days
Wherein He looked
On me to take away
My reproach among men.

In the beginning
Was the Word
And the Word
Was with God
And was God
In whom was life
And the life was their
Light which shineth in
And the darkness
Comprehended it not...

There came one
Sent from God
Whose name was John
To bear witness of
The true light
And the Word
Was Made flesh
And dwelt among us.

Thou shalt have
Joy and gladness
Many shall rejoice
Go before Him
In the Spirit
And the power of Elias
Turn the hearts
Of the Fathers
To the children
And the disobedient
To the wisdom
Of the just
Who shall be great
Make ready a people
Prepared for the Lord
Drinking no strong
Drink or wine
But filled with the
Holy Ghost
Even from the womb.

Perform the
Merciful promise...
Remember Holy Covenants~
Thou can and shall
Have joy and gladness
Many shall rejoice at this

God hath scattered
The proud in the
Of their hearts
Hath put down the mighty
From their seats
Exalted them of low degree
Spake by the mouth
Of holy prophets
Which have been
Since the world began
That we should be saved
From our enemies
And from the hand
Of all who hate
To perform the
Mercy promised
To remember
Holy Covenants
That being delivered
Might serve without fear
In holiness
And righteousness
All the days of our life

And thou, child,
Shall be called [a] Prophet
Of the Highest...
Go before the
Face of the Lord
To prepare His ways
Give knowledge
Of salvation
By remission of sins
Through the tender
Mercy of our God...
Whereby the day~spring
From on high
Hath visited
And given light
To them that sit
In darkness [yet]
And shadow of death
To guide our feet
Into the way of peace...

In the land of
The shadow of death
Among dwellers in darkness
A great light springs
As a star from the East
Exceedingly rejoice
There comes a governor
By way of the sea
Emmanuel is with us!

Repent: for Heaven is at hand
The Kingdom of Heaven
Is like unto leaven

Those who are persecuted for
Righteousness' sake are blessed
With the Kingdom of Heaven~
It is theirs...

Blessed are ye
When reviled or accused
And falsified evil said against you
Rejoice and be exceeding glad
For great is your heavenly reward
Like the prophets before

That it might be fulfilled
Which is spoken
By the prophet saying
My mouth will open
Of the Beloved in whom
My Spirit is well~pleased
Behold my servant
Whom I have chosen...

In parables I utter things
Kept secret [ever since]
The foundation of the World
I thank thee of Heaven and Earth
Thou hid these things from
The seemingly prudent
And self~serving "wise"
To reveal them unto babes...

Even so... Behold...
I send my messenger
Before thy face
Which shall prepare the way
From the days of the Baptist

The Kingdom of Heaven suffereth
And the violent try in vain
To take it by force

For all the prophets
And law prophesied
Concerning the Baptist
It's written in the Book
If ye labor heavy~laden
Come unto the one
Who gives you rest...
Oh lost of heart
Ye shall find rest
Unto your souls
Take my yoke and learn
For I am lowly and meek
Yet my burden is light...

For all the prophets
And the Law prophecied
Until John...
And if you will receive it
This is Elias which
Was for to come...
He that hath ears to hear
Let him hear it!The Kingdom of Heaven suffereth
And the violent try in vain
To take it by force

The child grew in Spirit

Waxing strong in the desert

Until the day of showing.

An Angel from God was sent

Unto Nazareth city of Galilee

To a Virgin espoused to Joseph

Of the House of David the

Virgin named is Mary the

Angel that came into her said

Hail that thou art highly favored

Among women ~ Fear not, Mary

For thy favor is found ~ Behold

The Hand~Maiden of the Lord

Be it unto me according to the word.

Blessed is she who believed what

She heard from the Lord.  Those

Things told shall be performed.

My Soul will magnify the Lord

And my Spirit hath rejoiced.

There were shepherds
Abiding in the field
Keeping watch
Over their flocks...
Lo! the angel
Of the Lord
Came upon them
And his glory shone
'Round about...

The angel said
Fear not
For behold I bring
Good tidings
Of great joy
Which shall be
To all people
For unto you
Is born today
A Savior
In the city
~Of David~ which is
Christ the Lord...
The shepherds
Guarding flocks
Followed a star
From the East
To the babe
Who was born
In the night
Among the beasts
In a manger...
They fell down
In worship with
Joseph and Mary
The Mother...

For unto us is born today

A Savior which is Christ the Lord

Great joy shall be to all

The shepherds opened their treasures

And presented unto him gifts

Gold & myrrh & frankincense.

With the angel
There was a multitude
Of Heavenly Host[s]
Praising the glory
Of God in the highest...
Good will...
And on Earth peace!
When the star was seen
It was made
Known abroad
The saying told
Concerning this child
They that heard
Mary kept and pondered
These things
In her heart...

Simon ~of Jerusalem~
Was devout and just
Waiting for Israel's
With the Holy Ghost
Upon him it was revealed
That he would not
See death before
He had seen the
Lord's Christ
As he came by the Spirit
In the temple
The parents came in
With the child
To do for him
After the custom
Of the law...
Then took he him
Up in his arms
And blessed God...

Now let thou
Thy servants
In peace depart
According to thy word...
For my eyes have seen
Thy salvation prepared
Before all...
A light to lighten
The Gentiles
And the glory
Of thy people Israel
That the thoughts
Of many hearts
May be revealed...

Then they opened their treasure
Presenting gifts of gold
And frankincense and myrrh....

He was often found
In the temple sitting
Amidst doctors
Both hearing
And questioning
Asking for answers
And all that heard
Were astonished
At his understanding...
How is it that
They sought him wist
They not know he must
Be about his
Father's business?

From that time he
Began to preach
For the Kingdom
Of Heaven
Is at hand...
And I will make you
Fishers of men.

To the poor in Spirit
The Kingdom of Heaven
Them that mourn
Will be comforted
The meek shall
Inherit the Earth...
They shall be filled
And blessed
Who do hunger
And thirst
After righteousness

To obtain mercy
The merciful be blessed
God shall be seen
By the pure in heart
Blessed are peace~makers
For they shall be called
The children of
[The living] God...
As you go
Preach the Kingdom
Of Heaven
Heal the Sick
Cleanse the lepers
Raise the dead!
Cast out devils
Freely give for
Freely ye have received
Who shall not
Receive you or
Hear your words...
When you depart
Shake off the dust
Behold I send you forth
As sheep
In the midst of wolves
Be ye therefore
Wise as serpents
And harmless as doves
Let return your peace
Blessed is he who
Shall not be
Offended in me...

Now the parable is this
The seed is
The Word of God

John Baptist hath
Sent us unto thee
Art thou he
That should come
Or look we
For another [one]?

Go your way
And tell John
The things you have
Heard and seen
How [the] blind see
And the lame walk
Lepers are cleansed
And the deaf hear
The dead are raised.
To the poor
The gospel is preached

This is of whom
It is written...Behold!
I saw my messenger
Which shall prepare
The way before thee
For this is of whom
It is written behold!
I send my messenger
Before your face
Which shall before thee
Prepare thy way
Among them that are
Born [of] women
There hath not risen
A greater one
And all the people
That heard
Justified God
Being baptized
With the Baptism of John. 

But some rejecting...

Bringing the council of God against themselves 

Being not baptized ~ The Lord said

Whereunto then shall I liken this generation?

They are like unto children sitting

In the marketplace calling to one another 

We have piped unto you & ye have not danced.

We have mourned to you & ye have not wept.

John the Baptist came neither eating bread

Nor drinking wine... Who you think has a devil?

The son of man is come eating & drinking &

You say ~ Behold a gluttonous man...

A wine~bibber & friend of publicans & sinners?

But Wisdom is justified of all her children.

Unto you it is given to know the

Mysteries of the Kingdom of God.

Blessed are they

Who are not offended

For the son of man has not

Come to destroy the lives of men

But to save them.

A laborer is worthy of his hire.

Heal the sick & say unto these the

Kingdom of God is come nigh.

Rejoice not that spirits are

Subject to you ~ But rather rejoice

That your names are written in Heaven.

Blessed are the eyes that see

These things that you see which many

Prophets & kings have so desired

To see ~ to hear & have not heard.

But to others in parables...

That seeing they might not see 

And hearing~ They might not understand.

In an honest & good heart having heard the Word

Keep it & bring forth fruit with patience.

Take heed how you hear ~ I send you to

Preach the Kingdom of God

As well as to heal the sick.

They departed & went through the towns

Preaching the gospel & healing everywhere.

t was said by some that John was risen

From the dead & by some that Elias had appeared

And of others that one of the old prophets

Was risen again...  As he prayed

The fashion of his countenance was altered.

[His raiment white & glistening.

It came to pass Peter said unto Jesus

Master it is good for us to be here.

Let us make three tabernacles:  One for Thee then

One for Moses & one for Elias.

[Not knowing what he said]  There came a cloud

That over~shadowed & they feared as they entered.

Then there came a loud voice:

This is my beloved son ~ Hear him...

When the voice was past Christ was found alone.

Why trouble {ye} the woman?

She has wrought a good work upon me &

Wheresoever this gospel be preached

In the whole world

There shall {also} this be told

Of her for a memorial.

They are careful & troubled

About many things but

One thing is needful & Mary

Hath chosen that good part

Which shall not be taken away from her.

Lord teach us to pray as

John also taught disciples to say

Our Father which art in Heaven

Hallowed be thy name

Thy Kingdom come

Thy will be done on Earth

As it is in Heaven.

Give us day by day our bread

Forgive us our sins for we also forgive

Everyone indebted to us.

Lead us not into temptation

But deliver us from evil

Thine is the Kingdom
The power & glory forever.

You have taken away the key of knowledge

Ye entered not in & hindered them entering in

Over you~  who made me a judge or divider?

Take heed & beware of covetousness.

A man's life consisteth not in the abundance

Of that which he possesseth.

Neither be ye of doubtful mind.

Seek the Kingdom & all these things

Shall be added.

In giving alms sell what you have

Provide yourself bags which wax not old~

Treasure in the heavens that faileth not

Neither moth nor dust corrupt.

Where your treasure is...

There will be your heart.

Thou shall be recompensed

At the resurrection of the just.  Rejoice

With me for I have found the piece

Which I had lost. 

There is joy in the presence

Of the angels of God over

One sinner who repents.

Think not that I come to destroy the law

Not come to destroy but to fulfill

To the ends of Heaven & Earth

Nothing shall pass from the law.

Til all be fulfilled ~ Whoever

Breaks the least commandment{s} &

Teaches it to them shall be

Called the least In Heaven.

Ye are the salt of the earth.

Wherewith shall it have lost its savor?

Good for nothing henceforth

But to be cast out & trodden under~foot?

Ye are the light of the world.

A city set on a hill cannot be hid

Let your light so shine before men

That your good works can be seen &

Glorified be our father in Heaven.

Whosoever be angry with another without cause

Shall be in danger of being judged.

Whoever shall act to teach them ~

The same will be called great in the Kingdom.

Love your enemies ~ Bless them that curse.

Do good to them & pray ~ Give to whom asketh &

Turn not away ~ Be ye therefore perfect.

In alms~giving do not sound the trumpet

Before you as the hypocrites in the street

For the glory of men [They have their reward]

when thou prayest be not therefore like them.

Forgive as ye fast ~ be not as the hypocrites

Of a sad countenance they disfigure their faces.

Anoint thine head & wash thy face when ye fast.

Thine alms may be in secret yet rewarded openly.

Don't be as they that love to pray on corners

Just to be seen ~ Use not vain repetitions

As the heathen who think they will be heard

For so much speaking ~ Repetitions are in vain.

Your father knoweth before you ask him.

Lay not up treasures on Earth

Where thieves break in to steal.

For where your treasure is

There will your heart be also.

Give not that which is holy to the dogs

Neither cast your pearls before swine.

Seek righteousness first &

All these things shall be thine.

Ask & it shall be given ~ Seek & find.

Knock & you shall be opened unto.

Straight is the gate & narrow the way

That leadeth unto life.

All things you would want done unto you

Do for them ~ This is the law.

At the straight gate enter ye in for

Broad is the way that leadeth to destruction &

Many which go in thereat ~ Beware

Of false prophets ~ Wolves they be...

In sheep's clothing.

Wherefore ~ By their fruits ye shall know them.

Do they gather grapes of thorns?

Whosoever hears these sayings & doeth them

Will be likened unto a wise man.

One that heareth & doeth them not

Unto a foolish one who built his house upon sand.

[Great was the fall]

People were astonished at his doctrine

Taught as one having authority

Not as the scribes around him offer a gift.

For a testimony ~ Go thy way &

As thou hast believed so be it done unto thee.

Why are ye ye fearful oh ye of little faith?

He arose & rebuked the winds of the sea.

There was a great calm & they marveled at

What manner of man this was that

Even the winds & sea obey?

Depart from me ye that work iniquity.

Whoever heareth & doeth I will liken

Unto a wise man which built his house upon a rock.

Floods came ~ Winds blew & beat & it fell not.

When he had come down from a mountain

Great multitudes followed.

Lord if thou wilt canst thou make me clean?

Jesus put forth his hands & touched them.

I will ~ Be thou clean ~ Go thy way &

As thou hast believed so be it done.

Wherefore think ye evil in your hearts?

Follow me ~ They that be whole need not a physician but they that are sick.

Go ye & learn what this meaneth ~ I will

Have mercy & not sacrifice.

I am not come to call the righteous but sinners

To repentance ~ If thine eye be single

Thy whole body shall be full of light.

If thine eye be evil thy whole body Be Full

Of darkness.

Go in peace ~ Be not afraid ~ Only believe.

Daughter be of good comfort.

Thy faith hath made thee whole.

Give place for the Maid is not dead but sleepeth.

Believe me that I am able to do this?

They laughed him to scourn ~

the people making noise but

He went in & took her by the hand.

The Maid arose & the fame hereof went abroad

Into all that land ~ She had suffered

Many things of many physicians.

Well hath Eshia   prophecied of you hypocrites.

As it is written the people honoreth me with lips

But there heart is too far.

Oh faithless & perverse generation

How long shall I be with you [suffer you].

There arose a reasoning on

Which should be the greatest...

Perceiving the thought of the heart

The Christ took a child & set by him

Saying unto them to receive this child in my name

Is to receive me & to receive me

Is to receive him that sent me.

For he that is least among you all ~

The same shall be great.

They said Master we saw someone

Cast out devils in thy name & forbade him

For he folleth not with us...

Lord wilt thou that we command fire

To come down & consume them?

Forbid him not.

For he that is not against us

Is on our part & is for us.

Ye know not what manner of spirit ye are of.

Touched he their eyes &

Their eyes were opened [See that no man know it]

Teaching in their synagogues

Preaching the gospel ~ Healing every sickness

And disease among the people.

According to your faith be it unto you.

The harvest truly is plenteous

But the laborers are few. 

The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.

Heal ~ Cleanse ~ Raise the dead.

Cast out devils ~ Freely ye have received.

Now freely give.

The cornerstone which the builders rejected?

The same has become the head.

This is the Lords doing & marvelous [in our eyes].

The realm of Heaven is like a certain king

Which made a marriage for his son...

Sent forth servants to call them that were bidden

And the invited ones did not come.

The wedding is ready but they were not worthy.

Go ye therefore into highways & byways.

As many as ye shall find bid to the marriage come.

Many are called but few chosen

Behold ~ The bridegroom cometh.

Go ye out to meet him & they that are ready go in.

Hurry in to the marriage before the door is shut.

That thou mightest know the certainty of things

Wherein thou hast been instructed.

Whereunto shall we liken the Kingdom of God

Or with what comparison liken it?

And if you will receive it this is Elias

Which was {for} to come,

He that hath ears to hear ~ Let him hear.

By thy words thou shalt be justified &

By thy words thou shalt be condemned.

The queen of the south shall rise up

In the judgment of this generation to condemn

For she came from the uttermost parts of the Earth

To hear the wisdom of Solomon & here is

One greater than him.

[Compiled from the Holy Bible ~ King James version]

Parallel study of books Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John

       By Real Provision ~ Barbara Kim Thigpen