We, the authors of this book (namely Ananda, and the individual contributors, and the Christ Grail ATON team), do not take any responsibility for your actions that may result from what you may extract from the wisdom contained in these pages. It is presented as public information for those who sincerely want to face themselves, in the entire spectrum (including all impurities that one covers over. For in transmutation of these, the Gold of Phi consciousness results, the dodecahedron and icosahedron philosophers stone of coherence is regained).

We ask you to use your own discretion, and research, to listen to your entire body, and intuition, in every step. We ask you to balance the physical, with the mental, emotional, for coherent spiritual alignment. Balancing every colour of the rainbow equally, in one coherent map, is how one gains the gold of the sunlight 7 as one. Please remember these principles, in balance as you may proceed. At least that is what we would suggest and recommend. Every colour in equal balance, from physical to the spiritual.


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Motah (pronounced distinctly Mo-tah) is an interdimensional code name for a segment of the solar system government's information sources. (See Motah Retrospective.) This blog chronicles the spiritual diary, channelings and commentary of Phillel of Mark-Age.

by Phillel, Coexecutive Director of Mark-Age

                                 Motah Chronicles ~ Black Elk Speaks



Is there a connection between the Rainbow Warrior prophecies
and the Return of the Bird Tribes?


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