The Mighty Fostoria Termites Hit the Minor Leagues & Become Thigpen Inventors

  • 05/14/10

Memoirs of My Father:

About 1947, Eddie A. Thigpen,
the Superintendent of Schools, Principal and teacher, at Fostoria, put
up basketball goals on the school playground by nailing backboards to
square poles. The school year of 1948-49
Mr. Thigpen decided to field a basketball team to play other schools
in the area. The boys adopted the name ..."Termites" because
they were from a sawmill town, termites were pests, they were much smaller
than boys on other teams and they figured they would chew away at the bigger teams to reduce them to their size.
The starting five Termites
were three eighth graders (Hubert Thigpen, Freeman Lee and Orville Isaacs),
one seventh grader (Buddy Willis) and a sixth grader (David Thigpen). Hubert said, Several things contributed
to the fact that we were a winning team that first year. First, we played
among ourselves at every opportunity, morning, noon and afternoons until
dark. We even gathered on weekends to play basketball. Second, Daddy
picked what he thought were the best five and had us play together all
the time. Third, he taught us to pass the ball instead of dribbling
it. We couldn't dribble the ball on the lumpy dirt court if we wanted
to. Fourth, he told us to never stand still, to keep moving at all times.
Fifth, and probably the most important, he kept telling us that we were
good basketball players and acted as though we should win every game
we played. Even today this is part of good sports psychology. When you
expect to win you will put out every effort to make that come true...That first year of existence
of the Fostoria Termites was the greatest year that the Termites had.
Termite teams in later years were good but never had as good a record
as that first one. We were the mighty Fostoria Termites.

David Thigpen, my uncle, was really fun to play with & my father loves him deeply. He made major contributions to the development of tertiary oil recovery
methods and is recognized as one of the world’s experts in this field. [see link to obituary]

My father, Hubert Thigpen, grew up to be an outstanding athlete, playing with minor leagues in baseball, softball, tennis, bowling, & more... At the age of 40, he claimed the title of the Superstar in a Celanese regionals triathlon. This good sportsman has a great collection of trophies. I remember him playing basketball...I must have been a toddler. Us kids had a blast at the bowling alley, practicing cheerleading; and at ball games, where we did sing, "Take Me Out To The Ball Game" while we ate Cracker Jacks. Daddy was a star & it was all so exciting. At Celanese, he demonstrated his intellect with a number of patents on chemical processes.;=zh-CN&u;=http...;=abst...;=H...;=H...

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