O greening branch!
You stand in your nobility

Like the rising dawn.
Rejoice now and exult

And deign to free the fools we are.
From our long slavery to evil

And hold out your hand
To raise us up.

 Spirited light! on the edge
of the Presence your yearning
burns in the secret darkness,

O angels, insatiably
into God’s gaze.


could not touch your beauty;
you are essential joy.

But your lost companion,
angel of the crooked
wings – he sought the summit,
shot down the depths of God
and plummeted past Adam –
that a mud – bound

spirit might soar.

 You, all-accomplishing

Word of the Father
are the light of primordial
daybreak over the spheres.

You, the foreknowing
mind of divinity,
foresaw all your works
as you willed them,
your prescience hidden
in the heart of your power,
your power like a wheel

around the world,
whose circling never began
and never slides to an end.

 No creature has meaning
without the Word of God.
God's Word is in all creation,

Visible and invisible.
The Word is living, being,
spirit, all verdant greening,
all creativity.
This Word flashes out in
every creature.
This is how the spirit is in
the flesh—the Word

is indivisible from God.

Loving tenderness abounds for all
from the darkest
to the most eminent one

beyond the stars,

Exquisitely loving all
she bequeaths the kiss of peace
upon the ultimate King.

O glistening starlight,
O most brilliant singular figure
of the royal marriage,
O glowing gem:
You are arrayed

as a person of high rank
who has no mark nor wrinkle;

You are also an angel's companion
and a citizen of sacredness.

Run, flee

from the ancient destroyer's cave!

enter into the palace of the King.

I behold you,
noble, glorious and whole woman,
the pupil of purity.
You are the sacred matrix
in which God takes great pleasure.

The essences of Heaven

flooded into you,
and the Great Word of God

dressed itself in flesh.

You appeared as a shining white lily,
as God looked upon you

before all of Creation.

O lovely and tender one,
how greatly has God delighted in you.
For He has placed

His passionate embrace within you,
so that His Son

might nurse at your breast.

Your womb held joy,
with all the celestial symphony

sounding through you,
Virgin, who bore the Son of God,
when your purity became

luminous in God.

Your flesh held joy,
like grass upon which dew falls,
pouring its life-green into it,
and so it is true in you also,
o Mother of all delight.

Now let all Ecclesia shine in joy
and sound in symphony
praising the most tender woman,
Mary, the bequeather/

seed-source of God.

Behold, Mary,
you who increase life,
who rebuilds the path,
You who confused death
and wore down the serpent,
To you Eve raised herself up,
her neck rigid

with inflated arrogance.

You strode upon this arrogance
while bearing God's Son of Heaven,
through whom the spirit

of God breaths.

O gentle and loving Mother,
I behold you.
For Heaven released into the world
that which you brought forth.

This one,
through whom the spirit

of God breaths.

Glory to the Father, and the Son

and the Holy Spirit.

And to this one,
through whom the spirit

of God breaths.

“The mystery of God hugs you

in its all-encompassing arms."-

- Hildegard of Bingen

 I first saw God

when I was a child,

six years of age.
the cheeks of the sun

were pale before Him,
and the earth acted as a shy
girl, like me.

 Divine light entered my heart

from His love
that did never fully wane,

 though indeed, dear,

I can understand how a person's
faith can at time flicker,

 for what is the mind to do
with something that becomes

the mind's ruin:
a God that consumes us
in His grace.

 I have seen what you want;
it is there,

 a Beloved of infinite

Where can I not kneel

and pray at a shrine

made holy by His


Eternal Trinity,


mystery deep as the sea,

you could give me

no greater gift

than the gift of


 For you are a fire ever burning

and never consumed,

which itself consumes

all the selfish love

that fills my being.

 Yes, you are a fire

that takes away the coldness,

illuminates the mind

with its light,

and causes me to know your


 And I know that

you are beauty and wisdom itself.

The food of angels,

you gave yourself to man

in the fire of your love.

Let nothing upset you,
let nothing startle you.
All things pass;
God does not change.
Patience wins
all it seeks.
Whoever has God
lacks nothing:
God alone is enough.

Just these two words He spoke

changed my life,

"Enjoy Me."

 What a burden

I thought I was to carry -

a crucifix, as did He.

 Love once said to me,

"I know a song,

would you like to hear it?"

 And laughter came

from every brick in the street

and from every pore

in the sky.

 After a night of prayer, He

changed my life when

He sang,

 "Enjoy Me."

      Shepherd, shepherd, hark that calling!

      Angels they are and the day is dawning.

      What is this ding-dong,

      Or loud singing is it?

      Come Bras, now the day is here.

      The shepherdess we'll visit.

      Shepherd, shepherd hark that calling!

      Angels they are and the day is dawning.

      O, is this the Alcade's daughter,

      Or some lady come from far?

      She is daughter of God the Father,

      And she shines like a star.

      Shepherd, shepherd, hark that calling!

      Angels they are and the day is dawning

      - St Teresa Avila

All textual poetry after this point written by Barbara Kim Thigpen.

I am seeking a rare composer to collaborate on production.  The entire poem is arranged from Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John; of the King James version of the New Testament of the Holy Bible.  Here is a partial list of composers who would be excellent.

Mychael Danna

Eric Whitacre

Danny Elfman

Graham Reynolds

Kurt Bestor

Michael W. Smith

George Oldziey

Those who are not against us are on our part...& those who are not for us are against us...[not a paradox] for, judgment does not work.  Natural law exists & persists... & Jesus was one with it.  He said, " Ye need not that any man teach you, for, the law of God is written in your hearts".  Do we forsake the law by heeding higher power?  God forbid...we establish it.  Truth knows no caste.  Due to negative connotations and religious conflict [not that any of us is an authority on world mystery] even the word "Christian" can be a buzzword of controversy.  However, the real thing, the {be}attitudes of Jesus & the Spirit are fundamental principles of life, like the golden rule.  When we delve into the simple hows & whys, then we begin to understand...then, begin to "overstand" ~ like some Rastafarians say.  By the way... if one wants to know if another is "saved"; the measure is not by man's law; not if they say the correct script or associate with the "right" people or go to the required places...  Miracles do happen.  I was baptized in the name of Jesus Christ & I love him very deeply.  I remember the dress I wore that day.  It was pleated rainbow~colored  linen.  Christ lights my way.  I miss my original church home; Forest Park Baptist, near Corpus Christi, Texas.  I was spiritually ecstatic there & associate the aroma of cedar with that.  There was always the fragrance of baking bread in the neighborhood, too.  I was a member of Girl Ambassadors, in which I memorized the beatitudes.

 PS  As soon as I can, I will type a poem compiled for Christmas & derived from my own parallel study of the gospels.  It is very long & a gift to y'all.

This is that poem, right, in the center column...

Is He Like Jesus?

If a man looks like Jesus.....do not be fooled.
If a man talks like Jesus .....there is still hope.
If a man denies Jesus.....he knows him not.
If a man acts like Jesus.....here is charity.
If a man thinks he is better than Jesus.....
he knows nothing yet as he ought!

Titanic Rose

As an ages told fable of old
Battle of wills it's lessons unfold
When tug-of-war is played for the heart
Forbidden love tearing it apart
When the two shall be made one
Curses lifted divine will be done
From the shores we'll shout and send the drums
Love allowing the bridegroom comes
Mounted on a steed of white
Fallen egos make way for the creed of light
To free the imprisoned of greed and lust
Under shadow of a dark knight
That always put up a fight
Who is the king daring to bring
Down a castle of dooms~days on the moor
Souls of strife by the power of the knife
Who trouble the true with much ado
A brutal dark prince doth steal a wife
Bestower of blessings she declares her sorrow
Always a captive and ever in waiting
She was sorry for the mistaken
Prays for tomorrow to reveal the king
For sowing of field and to the reaping
See the eternal fare and harvest it will bring
Unroll me lord she cries delivered
To the feet she is seeking to live happily forever
With the gallantly peaceful mediator
Gazing through a wishing well of tears
As into a glass or on the waters
A legacy for countless years
The daughter of a holy one reappears
So trained a wish is her command
Her sweet refrain a humble stand
To heed the sound of brutal demand
To accept her lot yet nearly forgot
That she was blinded by the sand
Of the impostor who tried to replace her lord
Must~needs she feed the son of man
Lest a soul witness the battle of Armageddon
Transform she pleads of principalities
Refurbish the store of real treasure once more
They must cease to deceive and heed the decree
To abide the laws of nature and keep from harm
Hopefully learning to understand
How to bend like a willow under gutsy command
Having been subject to fear of powers
Compassion had once turned to alarm
But urged on by the promise of the showers
The bud of spring blooms into flower
From a cold dark recess the sprout is born
Seeking to be warmed...
Tend this garden come nurture your rose
Looking for the haven a redeemer has prepared
Waits for all to be shared
Shyly emerges from the shadows
Seeking a sign of the divine.


Right Thought

I'm not demanding to change your mind
Have your free will and I will have mine
By virtue of being human we respect
Each the other's mind
Not drawing conclusions
May express our opinions
But we must only be kind
Ego might try to tell you
Another is as if blind
And even what they're thinking about
Overcome evil with goodness
Give the benefit of the doubt
Do not force another to change
Try to remember not to call them liar
Deny insult or berate
To mock or to pretend to condescend
Make a spectacle or exaggerate
We cannot call another fool
Or burden them with ridicule
Where the spirit is strong
It is known when something's wrong
We answer not to man
You can't please everyone
Repent and go on to sing a new song
Like children all of us in awe
Together gazing at the stars
Praying for the end of wars

Follow Your Bliss

We are to generate bliss and follow it.
I am convinced of this...
Ignorance isn't bliss, knowledge is...
If you can look at this,
Then cease to believe in lies...

Conformity may seem to be the way,
But it may cause truth to be denied...
Demanding of proof is a way to negate
What you understand not,
Nor may resonate with...

Desert Spring

Prepared to heal and feed
Claim liberty and vital truth
A little child shall lead them
To revel in the gospel truth
There's no reason to explain
Why we should suffer in pain
Could I not save my mother
Who loved a great physician
But too trusting of the others
Slow and steady I am paced
To safely heal a human race
In truth I must admit I let so
Much of life just pass me by
My children have endured it
I pray someday they benefit
From the tedious labor of love
I give as it were a safety net...
Some of my works destroyed
Yet I wish to feel perfected love
Overflowing with all good word
Nurtured because I have heard
To wisdom and knowledge turn
I'm almost readied to distribute
Now I am asking for assistance
To offer the essential solutions
Calling all resource to the task
For healing of all these nations
A tree of life exists in our midst
Living waters from dry deserts
Regenerate my earthy paradise

Poetry ~ Prayer For Love Inclusive

  • 08/21/09
Strongholds fell down
Enemy fires abated
Christ is at the gate
I saw Him there
Miracles are in the air
A Holy Spirit manifests
A great experiment
Can work where
All is sovereign
Along a path to heaven

I cannot buy a big building
But wish to stock them
With the real goods.
So if you have a space
I could fill it
With healing foods
Transfer wealth toward
Your loved ones' health
A treasure trove
Awaits in the woods
A miracle needs desire
To share riches unheard-of

Raise a shout
For the survival
Of indigenous people(s)!
That love will be seen
What a transformation
From where we've been
A progressive transition
Tell the churches too
About survival needs
I've now and again foreseen
Remembering where we'll be

To stand in the covenant
Joining in with celestial song
The dance of victory
Partake in the provision
For love in a higher degree
Holy mount looks like jubilee
Something very special
May be found on holy ground
I feel like the girl
In the Wizard of Or
Who got her wish to come
From the land of Aus
And you and you
And you were there!
The veil was off of my eyes
Through a quarter century
Of a vow of poverty
In effect to last until
I could help many
And withstood ridicule
For being so selfish
But they knew not how it was
Intended to bless

I have been graced
To see divinity
And will need this
Water of life indefinitely
New wine for the world
Sweetest story ever told
Not to be undersold
We hold and held out
For triumph of glorious peace
What more than His strength
Could be my request
To comfort He makes
For happiness bequeaths

Great fortune and grace divine
Perfect submission mine
Keeping watch in the night
Adrift in the fantasy of love
By the stars of the sky
And the sand in the sea
I believe I am no scoffer
May it be done once and for all
I hear all things are possible
My ineffable guide
To oppressors I demand
Freedom by royal command
I trust and obey because
I know not another way
Oh Prince of Peace
So Charming
Love is inclusive~
Help us be disarming


[Compiled from the Holy Bible ~ King James version]

Parallel study of books Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John

       By Real Provision ~ Barbara Kim Thigpen

Nativity of Christ & the Baptist

The Kingdom of Heaven
Is like unto leaven
A woman took and hid
In three measures of meal
So the whole was leavened

That it might be fulfilled
Which was spoken
By the prophet of old
I will utter those things
Kept secret from the world...

Forasmuch as
Many have taken
[In hand] to set forth
In order of declaration
Of those things that are
Most surely believed
Even as they delivereth
Them unto us which
From the beginning
Were eye~witnesses and
Ministers of the Word
That thou mightest
Know the certainty of those
Things wherein thou hast
Been instructed according
To the custom of the
Priests incense... 

When the multitude
Were praying 

There appeared
An angel of the Lord

the priest, Zacharias

[in the order of Abia];

And his wife, Elizabeth,
[Of the Daughters

Of Aaron];

Were both righteous
Before God,
Walking in the
And ordinance.

It came to pass
While in priests office
In the order

Of his course.

Elizabeth conceived
And hid herself
Saying thus hath
The Lord dealt
With me in the days
Wherein He looked
On me to take away
My reproach among men. 

In the beginning
Was the Word

And the Word
Was with God

And was God
In whom was life
And the life

Was their light

Which shineth in...

And the darkness
Comprehended it not...

There came one
Sent from God
Whose name was John
To bear witness of
The true light
And the Word
Was Made flesh
And dwelt among us. 

Drinking no strong
Drink or wine
But filled with the
Holy Ghost
Even from the womb. 

Thou shalt have
Joy and gladness
Many shall rejoice
Go before Him
In the Spirit
And power of Elias
Turn the hearts
Of the Fathers
To the children
And the disobedient
To the wisdom
Of the just
Who shall be great
Make ready a people

Perform the
Merciful promise...
Remember Holy Covenants~
Thou can and shall
Have joy and gladness
Many shall rejoice at this

God scattered
The proud in the
Of their hearts
Put down the mighty
From their seats
Exalted them of low degree
Spake by the mouth
Of holy prophets
Which have been
Since the world began

That we should be saved
From the hand
Of all who hate
To perform the
Mercy promised
To remember
Holy Covenants
Being delivered
Without fear
In holiness
And righteousness
All our days.

Thou, child,
Shall be called Prophet
Of the Highest...
Go before the Lord
Prepare His ways
Give knowledge
Of salvation
By remission of sin
Through the tender
Mercy of our God...
Whereby the day~spring
From on high
Hath visited
And given light
To them that sit
In darkness [yet]
And shadow of death
To guide our feet
Into the way of peace... 

The Kingdom of Heaven


And the violent

Try in vain

To take it by force  

In the land of the
Shadow of death among
Dwellers in darkness
A great light springs
As a star from the East
Exceedingly rejoice
There comes a governor
By way of the sea
Emmanuel is with us!

The persecuted,

For righteousness' sake

Are blessed with
The Kingdom of Heaven~
It is theirs...

Blessed are ye
When reviled or accused,
And falsified evil

Said against you.

Rejoice and be

Exceeding glad;
For great is your

Heavenly reward,
Like the prophets before;

That it might be fulfilled
Which is spoken
By the prophet saying
My mouth will open
Of the Beloved in whom
My Spirit is well~pleased.
Behold my servant
Whom I have chosen...

In parables,

I utter things
Kept secret [ever since]
The foundation

Of the World!

I thank thee

Of Heaven and Earth
Thou hid these things from
The seemingly prudent
And self~serving "wise"
To reveal them unto babes...

Even so... 

I send my messenger today
Which shall prepare the way
From the days of the Baptist

For all the prophets
And law prophesied
Concerning the Baptist
It's written in the Book
If ye labor heavy~laden
Come unto the one
Who gives you rest...
Oh lost of heart
Ye shall find rest
Unto your souls
Take my yoke and learn
I am lowly and meek
Yet my burden is light... 

For all the prophets
And the Law prophecied
Until John...
If you will receive it
This is Elias which
Was for to come...

He that hath

Ears to hear
Let him hear it!

The child

Grew in Spirit

Waxing strong

In the desert

Until the day
Of showing.

An Angel from God

Was sent

Unto Nazareth

City [of Galilee]

To a Virgin

Espoused to Joseph

Of the house of David.

The Virgin named

Is Mary.

The angel that came

Into her said;

Hail that thou art

Highly favored

Among women.

Fear not,

For thy favor

Is found...

Blessed is she

Who believed

What she heard

[from the Lord] 

Those things told

Shall be performed.

Behold, I am

The Hand~Maiden

Of the Lord.

Be it unto me
According to the word.
my Spirit hath rejoiced.

My Soul

Will magnify the Lord

Abiding in the field
Kept watch
Over their flocks
When Lo! the angel
Came upon them
And his glory shone
'Round about... 

He said
Fear not
For behold

I bring
Good tidings
Of great joy
Which shall be
To all people
For unto you
Is born today
A Savior
[In the city
Of David] which is
Christ the Lord...

The shepherds
Guarding flocks
Followed a star
From the East
To the babe
Who was born
In the night
Among the beasts
In a manger...
They fell down
In worship with
Joseph and Mary
The Mother...  

Unto us is born a Savior

[Which is Christ the Lord]

Great joy shall be to all

The shepherds

Opened treasures

Presented him

Gifts of gold,

Myrrh & frankincense.

With the angel
Was a multitude
Of Heavenly Host
Praising the glory
Of God in the highest.

Good will...
And on Earth peace!

When the star was seen
It was made
Known abroad
The saying told
Concerning this child.
They that heard

Mary kept and pondered
These things
In her heart~

Simon ~of Jerusalem~
Was devout and just
With the Holy Ghost
Upon him was revealed
He would not
See death before
He had seen the
Lord's Christ
As he came by the Spirit
In the temple
The parents came in
With the child
To do for him
After the custom
Of the law.
Then took he him
Up in his arms
And blessed God.

Now let thou
Thy servants
In peace depart
According to thy word...
For my eyes have seen
Thy salvation prepared
Before all...
A light to lighten
And the glory
Of thy people
That the thoughts
Of many hearts
May be revealed...

They opened their treasure
Presenting their precious
gifts once more.

He was often found
In the temple sitting
Amidst doctors
Both hearing
And questioning
Asking for answers
All that heard
Were astonished
At his understanding.

How is it that
They sought him wist
They not know he must
Be about his
Father's business?

From that time he
Began to preach...

For the Kingdom
Of Heaven
Is at hand...
And I will make you
Fishers of men.

To the poor in Spirit
The Kingdom of Heaven
Them that mourn
Will be comforted
The meek shall
Inherit the Earth...
They shall be filled
And blessed
Who do hunger
And thirst
After righteousness 

All the people
That heard
Justified God
Being baptized
With the Baptism of John.  

Now the parable is this
The seed is
The Word of God


But some rejecting,

Bringing the council

Of God

Against themselves;

Being not baptized.


To obtain mercy
The merciful be blessed
God shall be seen
By the pure in heart
Blessed are peace~makers
For they shall be called
The children of
[The living] God...
As you go
Preach the Kingdom
Of Heaven
Heal the Sick
Cleanse the lepers

Cast out devils
Raise the dead!

Freely give for
Freely ye have received

Who shall not
Receive you or
Hear your words...
When you depart
Shake off the dust
Behold I send you forth
As sheep
In the midst of wolves
Be ye therefore
Wise as serpents
And harmless as doves
Let return your peace
Blessed is he who
Shall not be
Offended in me...

And it came to pass,

When Jesus made an end

Of commanding

Twelve disciples,

He departed thence

To teach and preach

In their cities.

Now when John had heard

[in the prison] the works

Of Christ, he sent

Two of his disciples,

And said unto him,

John Baptist hath
Sent us unto thee
Art thou he
That should come
Or look we
For another [one]?

As they departed,

Jesus began to say

Unto the multitudes,

Concerning John;

What went ye out into

The wilderness to see?

A reed shaken

With the wind?

But what went ye

Out for to see?

A man clothed

In soft raiment?

Behold they that

Wear soft clothing

Are in kings' houses.

But what went ye

Out to see?

A prophet?

yea, I say unto you,

More than a prophet.

For this is he,

Of whom it is written,

Behold, I send

My messenger

Before thy face,

Which shall prepare

Thy way before thee.

Go your way
And tell John
The things you have
Heard and seen
How [the] blind see
And the lame walk
Lepers are cleansed
And the deaf hear
The dead are raised.
To the poor
The gospel is preached

For this is of whom

It is written behold!
I send my messenger
Which shall
Prepare thy way
Among them 
Born of women
There hath not risen
A greater one.

The Lord said

Whereunto then

Shall I liken

This generation?

They are like children

Sitting In the marketplace,

Calling out

To one another;

We have piped unto you,

Ye have not danced.

We have mourned to you,
And ye have not wept.

The Baptist

Came neither eating

The bread,

Nor drinking wine.

{Who you think

Has a devil?}

The son of man

Is come

Eating & drinking.

You say, behold

A gluttonous man,

Wine~bibber & friend

Of sinner & publican.

But Wisdom is justified

Of her children.

Unto you it is given

To know the mysteries

Of the Kingdom of God.

From the days

Of John the Baptist

Until now;

The kingdom of heaven

Suffereth violence;

The violent

Take it by force.

For all the prophets

And the law

Prophesied until John.

And if you will

Receive it,

This is Elias

Which was

For to come,

He that hath

Ears to hear,

Let him hear.

By thy words

Thou shalt be justified~

By thy words

Shalt be condemned.

It was said

By some,

John was risen

From the dead

And by some,

Elias had appeared;

And of others

One of the old

prophets was risen again.

 As he prayed,

The fashion

Of his countenance

Was altered.

[His raiment

White & glistening]

It came to pass

Peter said unto Jesus;

Master it is good

For us to be here?

Let us make

Three tabernacles: 

One for Thee,

Then one for Moses,

And one for Elias.

[Not knowing

What he said] 

There came a cloud

That over~shadowed

And they feared

As they entered.

Then there came

A loud voice;

This is my beloved son;

Hear him...

When the voice was past

Christ was found alone.

Blessed are they

Who are not offended

For the son

Of man has not come

To destroy lives of men

But to save them.

Heal the sick.

Say unto these the

Kingdom of God

Is come nigh.

A laborer is worthy

Of his hire.

Rejoice not that spirits are

Subject to you.

Rather rejoice

Your names

Are written in Heaven.

Blessed are the eyes

That see

These things you see!

Many prophets & kings

Have so desired

To see, to hear
Yet have not heard.

But to others in parables...

That seeing,

They might not see 

And hearing,

Might not understand.

In an honest good heart

Having heard the Word

Keep it & bring forth

Fruit with patience.

Take heed how you hear.

I send you to preach

The Kingdom of God

As well~ the sick to heal.

They departed,

Through streets

Of the towns

Preaching the gospel

And healing everywhere.

Physician, heal thyself.

Ye are the salt of the earth.

Wherewith shall it

Have lost its savor?

Good for nothing henceforth

But to be cast out &

Trodden under~foot?

Ye are the light

Of the world.

A city set on a hill

Cannot be hid.

Let your light

So shine before men

That your good works

Can be seen &

Glorified be

Our father in Heaven.

He that gathereth

Not with me, scattereth...

Blessed are they

That hear the word of God

And keep it.

If thy whole body

Be full of light,

Having no part dark~

The whole

Shall be full of light.

When he had come

Down from a mountain,

Great multitudes followed.

Lord if thou wilt

Canst thou make me clean?

Jesus put forth his hands

And touched them.

I will ~ Be thou clean ~

Go thy way &

As thou hast believed
So be it done.

Go in peace ~

Be not afraid ~

Only believe.

Daughter be

Of good comfort.

Thy faith hath

Made thee whole.

Give place

For the Maid

Is not dead

But sleepeth.

Believe me

That I am able

To do this?

They laughed

Him to scourn ~

The people

Making noise but

But He went in &

Took her by the hand.

The Maid arose

And the fame hereof

Went abroad

Into all that land ~

She had suffered

Many things of

Many physicians.

Well hath Eshia 

Prophecied of

You hypocrites.

As it is written;

The people honoreth

Me with lips

But there heart is far.

Whosoever be

Angry with another

Without cause

Shall be in danger

Of being judged.

Whoever shall act

To teach them ~

The same will be

Called great

In the Kingdom.

Love your enemies ~

Bless them

That curse.

Do good to them

And pray ~

Give to whom

Asketh and

Turn not away ~

Be therefore perfect.

In alms~giving

Do not sound

The trumpet

Before you

As the hypocrites

In the street

For the glory of men

They have their reward

When thou prayest 

Be not therefore

Like them.

Forgive as ye fast ~

Be not as hypocrites

Of a sad countenance

Disfigure their faces.

Anoint thine head;

Wash thy face

When ye fast.

Thine alms may be

in secret yet

Rewarded openly.

Don't be as they

that love to pray

On corners

Just to be seen ~

Use not vain


As the heathen

Who think

they will be heard

For so much speaking ~


Are in vain.

Your father knoweth
Before you ask him.

You have taken away

The key of knowledge.

Ye entered not in;

Hindered them entering.

Over you~ 

who made me

A judge or divider?

Take heed

And beware

Of covetousness.

A man's life consisteth

Not in the abundance

Of that which

He possesseth.

Neither be ye

Of doubtful mind.

Seek the Kingdom &

All these things

Shall be added.

In giving alms

sell what you have

Provide yourself bags

Which wax not old~


In the heavens

That faileth not~

Neither moth

Nor dust corrupt.

Where your treasure is,

There will be

Your heart.

Thou shall

Be recompensed

At the resurrection

Of the just. 

Rejoice with me,

For I have found

The piece

Which I had lost. 

There is joy

In the presence

Of the angels of God

Over one sinner

Who repents.

Lay not up

Treasures on Earth

Where thieves

Break in to steal.

For where

Your treasure is

There will your

Heart be also.

Give not that

Which is holy

Yo the dogs

Neither cast

Your pearls

Before swine.

Seek righteousness first.

All these things

Shall be thine.

Ask & it shall be given ~

Seek & find.

Knock & you

Shall be opened unto.

Straight is the gate

And narrow the way

That leadeth unto life.

All things you would

Want done unto you

Do for them ~

This is the law.

At the straight gate

Enter ye in for

Broad is the way

That leadeth

To destruction

Many which go in

Thereat ~ Beware

Of false prophets ~

Wolves they be...

In sheep's clothing.

Think not

That I come

To destroy the law;

Not come to destroy

But to fulfill!

To the ends

Of Heaven & Earth

Nothing shall pass

From the law.

Til all be fulfilled ~

Whoever breaks

The least commandments

And Teaches it to them

Shall be called

The least In Heaven.

Depart from me

Ye that work iniquity.

Whoever heareth & doeth,

I will liken

Unto the wise man;

built his house

Upon the rock.

Floods came ~
Winds blew & beat
Yet it fell not.

Wherefore ~

By their fruits

Ye shall know them.

Do they gather

Grapes of thorns?

Whosoever hears

These sayings

And doeth them

Will be likened

Unto a wise man.

One that heareth

And doeth them not

Unto a foolish fallen one

who built his house

Upon sand.

People were astonished

At his doctrine

Taught as one

Having authority;

Not as the scribes

Around him

Offer a gift.

For a testimony ~

Go thy way & as

Thou hast believed

So be it

Done unto thee.

Why are ye fearful,

Oh ye of little faith?

He arose & rebuked

The winds of the sea.

There was

A great calm & they

marveled at what

Manner of man

This was that

Even winds
And the sea obey?

The queen

Of the south

Shall rise up

In the judgment

Of this generation

To condemn;

For she came from

The uttermost parts

Of the Earth

To hear the wisdom

Of Solomon &

Here is one

Greater than him.

Touched he their eyes &

Their eyes were opened.

[See that no man know it]


In their synagoguesl

Preaching the gospel ~

Healing every sickness

And disease

Among the people.

According to your faith

Be it unto you.

The harvest

Truly is plenteous

But the laborers are few. 

The Kingdom of Heaven

Is at hand.

Heal ~ Cleanse ~

Raise the dead.

Cast out devils ~

Freely ye have received.

Now freely give.

[They said] Master,

We forbade someone

To cast out devils

In thy name;

For with us

He foll[ow]eth not along!

Wilt thou we

Command fire come down

To consume them? 

Forbid him not.

For he that is

Not against us

Is for us &

Is on our part

Ye know not
What manner
Of spirit 
Ye are of.

Oh faithless

And perverse generation

How long

Shall I suffer you"

There arose a reasoning~

Which should

Be the greatest.

Perceiving the thought

Of the heart,

The Christ took a child

And set by him,

Saying unto them;

To receive this child

In my name

Is to receive me,

Which Is to receive

Him that sent me.

For he that is least

Among you all;

The same shall be great.

In parables I utter things
Kept secret [ever since]
The foundation of the World

I thank thee

Of Heaven and Earth
Thou hid these things from
The seemingly prudent
And self~serving "wise"
To reveal them unto babes... 

Why trouble the woman?

She has wrought

A good work upon me.

Wheresoever this gospel

Be preached

In the whole world

There shall {also}

This be told of her

For a memorial.

They are [so] careful

And troubled

About many things but

One thing is needful...

Mary hath chosen

That good part

Which shall not be taken

Away from her.

Lord teach us to pray as

John also taught

Disciples to say

Our Father

Which art in Heaven,

Hallowed be thy name.

Thy Kingdom come,

Thy will be done on Earth

As it is in Heaven.

Give us day by day our bread

Forgive our sins as we forgive

Those indebted to us.

Lead not into temptation,

But deliver us from evil.

Thine is the Kingdom

The power & glory forever.

Wherefore think ye

Evil in your hearts?

Follow me...

They that be whole

Need not a physician,

But they that are sick.

Go ye & learn

What this meaneth;

I will have mercy &

Not sacrifice.

I am not come

To call the righteous

But sinners

To repentance ~

If thine eye be evil

Thy body be Full

Of darkness.

If thine eye be single

Thy whole body shall

Be full of light.

Behold ~

The bridegroom cometh.

Go ye out to meet him &

They that are ready, go in.

Hurry to the marriage

Before the door is shut~

That thou mightest know

The certainty

Of things wherein

Thou hast been instructed.

Whereunto shall we liken it,

The Kingdom of God;

Or with what comparison iken?

The realm of Heaven

Is like a certain king

Which made a marriage

For his son...

Sent forth servants

To call them

That were bidden &

The invited ones

Did not come.

The wedding is ready but

They were not worthy.

Go ye therefore

Into highways & byways.

As many as ye shall find

Bid to the marriage come.

Many are called
But few [have] chosen.

This is the Lords doing &

marvelous [in our eyes].

Lord teach us to pray as

John also disciples taught.

Repent: for Heaven

is at hand.
The Kingdom of Heaven
Is like unto leaven...

The cornerstone which

the builders rejected?

The same has become

The head.

 ~ by Barbara Kim Thigpen ~

Poetry ~ Written in Stone

Yours is quintessence
Of heavenly rainbows
A tearing course now blurs
Less than it clears
Swelling her face
Into a beastly-looking lioness
When a purrfect lion heart appears
Shaken to the very foundations
Of historic mysteries
Cast in stones
In piezo-electrics
Far-flung sparks
Appreciating like the rarest of wine
From living waters sprung
So empowered by the one
Not by emotion to be undone
But what passion must have lain
Smoldering in that sun
By which hand of the almighty sewn
And trills of well-plumed birds
and thrills of angels sung
Oh mighty all in yon offspring
Have won the art of all -n- all things
A new start
Same renewable joy and meanings...

Sing Another Song

I'm not demanding to change your mind
Have your free will and I will have mine
By virtue of being human we respect
Each the other's mind
Not drawing conclusions
May express our opinions
But we must only be kind
Ego might try to tell you
Another is as if blind
And even what they're thinking about
Overcome evil with goodness
Give the benefit of the doubt
Do not force another to change
Try to remember not to call them liar
Deny insult or berate
To mock or to pretend to condescend
Make a spectacle or exaggerate
We cannot call another fool
Or burden them with ridicule
Where the spirit is strong
It is known when something's wrong
We answer not to man
You can't please everyone
Repent and go on to sing a new song
Like children all of us in awe
Together gazing at the stars
Praying for the end of wars...

Take Me To Your Leader

Compassion and forbearance are not words
Oh sacred body of super being
At your feet I pray repent and supplicate
I'm sorry if you have been denied
by any I have loved
But the love is all-encompassing
Is it not for us to turn their hearts heavenward
If indeed I be crazy then I could be no crazier
It is all for you my God and my Lord
Providence come through me hence
Be my archetype and my defence
Sacred wine over flowing heiros gamos
Old waste places spring into a new beginning
At the proverbial crossroads I stand
I was always conditioned to be subordinate
Who but my sweet lord could be a better bodyguard
Let's bring the life to the party
Thanks for the healing ahead of time
And especially when all hope is gone
Or when we can't go on
I look to real prophets for translating heaven
Filling me with agreement not doomsday
Someone got the meaning wrong that's not prophecy
You just have to try to straighten up and fly right
I study hard to know what you favor as I am caught
Yet here as a faithful usher
So take me to your leader

Guru Mine

A long time ago
As I was coerced
To accept the guru
Of my choice
I looked at the altar
And found my voice
Called the name of Jesus
I had a savior...
It's all one love
So be it below
As it is above
Into the body of Christ
I was born and I am...
He was and is my love
Just as he is my shepherd
I am his lamb.

Y'all Woke Me Up

You holy men are what it takes
To shake and awaken my soul
Reach for the stars aim for a goal
Let me know there is intelligencia
Quicker higher stronger light of the world
Set us free love is the answer
Hey you are getting through to me
To laugh to cry superchargedly
You are so ecstatic it is
Making us charismatic
I should say you ignited more than a spark
Just a touch of your intent or wave of hand
Moves me to merriment and hope for the land
Seriously I am now laughing coming on strong
Feeling such power oh yeah
Got the most of this hour
Prayerful messages you all deliver
Overflow banks like a surging river
Swiftly penetrating obstruction
Feeling courageous free to flow in instruction
This must be what we need too long we cower
Princes of peace our crown and tower
We can laugh in the face of doubt
Sharing the courage to venture out
Never to bow to false idols again
Henceforth we all race and win
Approachin' a blockage I lengthen my view
Rememberin' love and acceptance and value

Evangelism Rock

The Great I Am the Living word
Is coming as a worthy host
So why not lift up the standard to save the lost?
I listen to a doctor who's the Mark of a man
An awesome preacher doing what he can
To be bold to be sure to behold an acceptable year
Ushering in a gentle cure when some joker
On the net says he's a charlatan
Yet I cannot separate the good will from the doer
As I cannot reprove a good word

The bishop in the tunic won't make me stumble backward
He tries to explain the basics and even if you heard
He's not good to his word I just have to mention
What gets perceived is godly intention
Even if my dream innate I cannot afford
I am still his dream-mate in spirit and in word
I believe and therefore speak
You may call me Jesus-freak

This one can be disarming
But we love you Carman
Tell me who's in the house- JC
By any other name would be as sweet
Jeshua Jireh Yah way
Behold the life and truth today
Perfect will of Messiah behold
Heaven's gate be opened wide
Enter here and find the rest
Withstand as you can every test
For love is never perfected in fear

Joyce the voice thanks to you I made the choice
That Mama's passing must not ruin my life
Who would even care to cross-examine you
In Christ we change and thereby rearrange
Our thought to have new meaning
So tell me who- not I- to ever judge you
At long last my bondage is past
I am renewed as through a looking glass
From glory to glory with you I may laugh
And I love to tell the story

No one has construed a lie against the truth
To sway me from the author of my faith
The finisher hath turned away my wrath
Perhaps we can learn
How to soften an oppressor
We have already won the seed that was sown
It might grow into the greatest harvest ever known
If those who toil allow for fertile soil
So you have heard it is forbidden to deny free will
Not to condemn but to fulfill
I will softly answer to someone irate
In prayer fervent as humble servant withstanding hate
For glory bound no fetters can suppress it
I cry out in the spirit lawyer and judge do you forget
The strong arm of higher law releases us yet
Ring bells of victory I was down until I heard the sound
In faith I am perfected by whom I am elected
All in this together not even one should suffer
Rejoice and feel the kinship we are in
I know we will win because it is done to magnify the one
True love we are told shall never wax cold
Who has ears let him hear of the gospel that rings true and clear
He is searching out the lost of the heavenly host
Many mansions prepared and worlds apart drawn near
Dwell in peace go tell it and be led to living water
Cease to sit in the seat of the scoffer be no devil's advocate
The world needs not another trouble-shooter
That is not our lot but dwelling richly in love to utilize the word
We are not cursed who live to bless
Seek the kingdom first and honor righteousness
To the irreverent paradise is lost
But to the sovereign oases in the wilderness
Then the last shall be first in line
And of them who had no place he said "They are mine"...

      Princess of the Cinders

Somebody asked to be her friend
The site was set for private but she let him in
Dutiful to check what he's about
If the site be cast aside as irrelevant
She figures out how to pull him up to inspect
Oh dear was this guy after the heart
As if to enter a door she thought closed
A cunning word to stir
The soul and entice to mirth
To feel alive again between
Heavy sighs and pulse quickening
To come down in time
With memories sublime is a blessing...
Amused? I am in stitches
And impassioned tears as well
Ghost writer of the poesy
Could melt the hardest heart
Enchanted I have to wonder
If he has stolen mine or did it melt
So swiftly unsuspecting
I was just inspecting
Another page with the likeness
Of another good-looking dweeb...
Like where's the jukebox
And what's up his sleeve?
Apparently a poet and
He won't even rhyme most likely...

Oh what music to the soul
It croons on soundlessly
Rhyming like crystal bells
And tugging at awareness
That scarcely dares to hope
Again for anything...
So shut in that to even look out
Would really be something...
A blown bowl's ashes cloud the eye
And tear it when thought spent...
Perhaps I have but to look up
To the flame of love returning
In willing acceptance with senses flared...
Do all the lusty letters
In the world make such a difference...

Inspiration and overflow of emotion
Move the weeping heart and pen
With salve for the soul
An unguent given
To the cleric undersold...
What rare space to feel enveloped in
Can we write an opera that rocks...
An epic ballad to save this world?

Feeling like the bride
Of the prince of peace
On her way to a wedding
Cinder of the ashes speaks
To ask herself what happened
To not giving in...
She dares to be reminded
O fleeting dreams
Overjoyed by any true palladium
That reminisces in expectation
Of super consciousness...
At ease in gracious interchange
Counting all as bliss...
On it's mark a heavenly host ignites
Thoughts flying like sparklers
In a chakra parade...
Like Cassandra what would it matter
If she weren't believed...
In a corner humbly enfolding time
Without leaving it entirely bereft
Under control for over-emotion
Could raise the tide too much
Or unchecked tears coincidently flood the land...
Mother earth learns to love herself again
The hands wrought with the distaff hardened
Fingers once wrapped in velveteen
Now deft to the spindle and bound in rags...
A far off castle beckons
Unshrouded as a darkened sky clears
And shades of gray withdraw from stony pits
She makes her way like water
Soft and yielding...
Moist To the touch like a mist
To dry delusioned eyes...

In a pot of noble gold
A lollipop swirl takes place
Within the time stopping
Moments of cohesiveness
The rainbow streams
Its seven rays into an oasis...
Scrying noble graces
It unscrolls in golden precepts
Like singing sand
Under the feet the perfect wave
Glides one in a spray
Onto a sacred beach...

Will she be ready for the grand ball
A chamber maid muses at the call
From all the wildflower paths
In the rolling meadow
To cold marble floors
That echo in historic memoir...
I thought I never...
Then there's some grand attractor...
Oh brother does it have to
Be so bittersweet?
Her attention captured between
The lines of images beyond
These mere words written...
But now and again
Even the memory
Of honeysuckle blossoms sweet...
Then she is smitten
Thought to give the world another chance
If she could just find one good man...
Now she sits as if
At the very precipice
Feeling like the protective shell has cracked
And her ethereal lips have been kissed...
An eternal flame dances the hidden princess
Into dreamy and momentous dimensions...
Be still my heart she thinks
For this is a prince a peace...
Can it be he feels just like me
To see into subtler realms of being
Where earthly scenery
Seems like a mere reflection
Or understated phantom
Of the all and everything...
To capture a kaiphos moment as she can
For a fleeting instant the kingdom seems
Not so far away as the hearth blazes again...

Hypnotherapy in poetry
Keeps her awake...
Deleriously vulnerable
A stolid heart doth break...
Oh most holy hand with bleeding pen
You map my tears and bring
Me to my senses again...
Like hoping against hope
That has beached itself
I heave a freeing sigh
And slip off into the deep...