If u consume artificial sweeteners; even if they don't spike the blood sugar, u are dealing with pretty poison in a pretty package.  Did cancer rates go up with increased consumption of these?  Did half the country lose their sense of taste?  [they all taste horrible]  Are they addictive?  I knew a guy who was.  Another consideration in question; did u know that aspartame [Nutrasweet, etc.] is anti~thermogenic?  Do u know what that means?  FATTENING.  Thermogenic means fat~burning.  Oh, stevia is anti~thermogenic, too.  It's ok...I'm trying to gain weight; yet, I don't care for the taste of it.  Woudn't it be just dreamy if there actually were several natural sweeteners to choose from which have no calories, are nutritive, &  low on the glycemic scale?  Good news...there are!  Just don't get them confused with one of the newer artificial ones which is claimed to be natural.  Oh, what's it called?  I know it turns to formaldehyde in the body. Sucralose, I think.  [Splenda, right?]  Yuch!  Read all your labels.  Don't allow your kids the artificial sweeteners.  Think of them as drugs.  Only mature adults have the right to become corporate test subjects.  Glamorous?  NOT.  Don't believe the hype,  Fake foods are hyped because there is nothing of enough value to sell itself.

Quinoa grains are spiral~shaped...Not bitter like Amaranth...I use the flour for baking cakes, along with teff & flax meal [golden flax, also], & loaded with nuts, oat bran, wheat germ, crushed dried berries, camu camu powder, & the like. I like creamed coconut & sweet spices, guana bana nectar, dark chocolate, & exotic natural sweeteners... MMM...Let them eat cake...& as the natural laws of trophology would indicate ~ Eat dessert first ~ twice as good when grain meal is freshly-ground! Quinoa was commonly used in ancient times.

Is it safe for a mildly diabetic person to take D-mannose powder?

by Barbara Kim Thigpen on Friday, March 13, 2009 at 5:47pm
querynoid asked this question on 09/11/2008
is it safe for a mildly diabetic person to take D-mannose powder
RealProvisionBarby gave this answer on 10/17/2008
Since the D-mannose may cause a slight; yet, temporary increase in blood sugar, it may be contra-indicated for some diabetics; however, in a mildly diabetic case, it is probably safe enough to use, particularly for urinary tract infection.
Check it out! This is great for bladder infection. Also, KB11 is a good formula. Cranberry juice doesn't really work unless it is unsweetened; since, it seems, that is the only way to adjust the PH.
Himalayan Cooking Salt Himalayan Bath Salt This natural salt has spent millions of years maturing under extreme tectonic pressure, far away from exposure to impurities, and is uncontaminated with any toxins or pollutants. Known as “white gold,” Himalayan Crystal Salt contains all 84 elements found in your own body. Mercola.com (a website I trust for health products and information) spent nearly two years working on having it brought over to the U.S. from Nepal. Mined by hand, and hand-washed, the salt contains no environmental pollutants and has unlimited shelf life.
Life Enthusiast

This must be almond milk, or Other Nut or Grain milk.  Animal milk is not acceptable.  [Except for their babies, of course.]

Some Ayervedic jams are full of medicinal ingredients; some of which are said to recolor gray hair.  It is strong in flavor; so I like to mix some with rose hip jam.  

 Sunchokes, aka Jerusalem artichokes [not really artichokes] are a fine prebiotic food.  I prefer them raw, crunchy, & juiicy.  If the flavor seems odd; think of them as preventive medicine.

Real Pro Diet

  • 02/09/
For all intents & purposes, quality is everything. About Me: Aspiring entrepreneur will soon launch the best healing diet, rain-forest snack bar menu, online health mall, original poetry e-book, and various educational materials for consumer advocacy and for teaching esoteric sciences at the layperson level.... "The best" here refers to the literal "best in the world" rather than being merely a marketing ploy utilizing hypnosis to win over the ignorant. A challenge is hereby extended to all to find a better diet menu or health mall. The Real Provision Diet plan will be given to Oprah Winfrey first; even 'though a dream team may be required to assist with the latter stages of this on-going research project. Favorite Music: Sixties & Eighties Favorite Books: Thousands upon Thousands of non-fiction books... I have a list in a here-to-for unrecovered website. Favorite Movies: Wholesome epic adventure / reverent comedy / dance musicals

OK, guys; I will be posting no~nonsense diet info soon... In the meantime, y'all may reference my Amazon Associates A~Store, "Real Provision Diet" through the enclosed link. It is a natural healing goldmine, thus far, & scheduled to improve. The diet itself is destined to be deemed the most healing gourmet diet in the world; & I promise to publicly challenge others to show me a better one. Meanwhile, anybody who is desperate [as in, fighting chronic disease or obesity] & can afford the best diet in the world. Products have been selected according to efficacy, rather than price, name, or popularity. Where equal products are compared, only then is the less expensive item chosen. Price does not reflect the attributes of a product.

Preparation is an over~looked element of a perfecting diet. Produce must be allowed to ripen at room temperature before ingesting. It may be refrigerated when ripe. Over~ripe fruits can lead to yeast overgrowth as they lose vitality. If in a clean drying process, some may still be used; or, even purchased dried. Time must be invested beyond the fast~food pace, ideally. However; one day per week may be all that is needed to prepare for the rest of the week. Care must be exercised in storage; including the refrigerator & freezer. Ecological storage bags are available [made of ancient bat guano!] which extend the life of produce. The only hassle~free plastic zip~locking bags include a zipper. Only freezer bags work in the freezer to avoid freezer~burn & chemical absorption. [even if, as kids, we did eat the "snow" scraped from the freezer walls] Never store foods in a cabinet or pantry with chemical solutions, such as pesticides... Keep all porous packaged foods in a larger sealing container or repackage. Glass jars are fine for seeds, beans, & dried foods.

There are some items I just don't use much if purchased in an inconvenient form. Whole, dried medicinal mushrooms are pretty; but, I know I will have to chop them. If I get them already crushed or powdered, I am likely to use them often. If I order wild~crafted moringa leaf powder, it will work fine in shakes, cakes, or oatmeal; but, for some things, such as thinner drinks or candies would require an extract powder of a combination of the plant parts, in order to be palatable. I can put camu camu powder on ice~cream & it works; yet, for many applications, I am sure I'd prefer an extract. For targeting specific disease conditions, it is, sometimes, indicated to utilize a single constituent of a plant. There is, however, a great deal to be said for the use of all parts of a substance, due to the fuller spectrum of supportive elements having a synergistic effect.

We should know what to expect when treating disease. Be prepared to recognize & manage possible cleansing crises during the healing process. Pay attention to details when visually examining excrement. [Just look at it to make a mental note of the colors, consistencies, sizes, shapes, odors, etc..., before flushing] Learn the basics of trophology [food~combining; even if just to read up on it or get a wallet~sized chart for quick reference. [no; meat & potatoes do not go well together!] This will be helpful in digestive disturbance. Find out about H~pylori; the bacteria which causes most indigestion. Genetically~modified & pesticides, herbicides, & chemical fertilizers are contra~indicated in the diet of the immune~compromised; so, buy organic or grow your own. Organic & heirloom quality seeds are available in package~deals which are absurdly inexpensive. The natural pest controls will be more pricey; but, well worth it.

Treating the whole person with everything the body could possibly want is the sensible thing to do. Please know that cost~cutting & brand~substitutions will not work. Quality in freshness or potency in a single kind of product varies widely across brands & may depend on the right geographic source to even contain minerals. Most commercially farmed soils were depleted of minerals decades ago. Some items are preferably sourced from volcanic soils, such as those in Hawaii. I detest commercial salt. A variety of gourmet salt is available, having no denatured rival. One can wreck the body; whereas, the real stuff is nourishing. Artificial sweeteners are a huge no~no, without exception. I have wretched reactions to them, even in toothpaste. [No taste test can fool me] Aspartame is commonly found in brain tumors. Guess what? I'll bet you didn't know it is fattening...anti~thermogenic. Stevia, you say? [It is fattening, too] The newer stuff is supposedly semi~natural, as it is derived from sugar; although, the end result in the body is formaldehyde. There are near~perfect natural sugars on the market: 0 calories, 0 glycemic response, 0 chemical processes or ingredients, & beneficial to teeth. What more could you want? Nourishment? They've got that, too.

The diet coaching will be continued...

My response to the announcement of pandemic was to stock over 500 flu & swine flu preventive & therapeutic products in my Amazon A~store.  These are natural & good for treating additional ailments.  As for me & mine; we will not be opting for the vaccine.  I avoid products made by "big pharma", the allopathic school of medicine which has cornered the medicine market in the USA for so long it has come under corporate control & is out-of-control.  A link to my business page may be found on my personal FB site.  Ingest some moringa, graviola, rhodeola, camu camu, etc... or put the lime in the coconut & drink it all up...

I am building a number of sites having affiliate banners.  I am eager to include your bread in the top position for bread in the Real Provision Diet [specialty healing].  So far, it is the only bread which qualifies on every standard.  I have enjoyed your loaves [should be called cakes] for many years..  Thank you for your part in preserving the distribution, as well as, integrity of the product line.  Please inform me of wholesale or distributor information, in addition to possible affiliation.  I will make a page for the bread line with the Ypla site builder..  Any spiritual information or history of the company is welcomed, too.  I wish to include a description of the difference between flour~based products & sprouted products, then mentioning a bit on leavening agents versus unleavened.  I can get this from another source.  Thanks for your time.  I have no customer base yet ; but, more than 12,000  connections online.

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 Healing With Foods Healing With Foods

Food is the source of nutrition and energy to support the health of our body. Although not always considered an important part of many of the common diseases we see in our society today this section of our website helps you to understand how incorporating the World's Healthiest Foods as a regular part of your diet can help prevent or reduce the severity of the various diseases discussed.

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Our bars are 100% Raw, Cold Pressed, Vegan and contain NO Gluten.  They are made from whole Foods consisting of Goji Berries, Cranberries, Blueberries, Maqui Berries, Pomegranates, Grape Seed Extract, Mangosteen, Cacao Nibs and also contain Resveratrol found in the skins of Red Grapes. 

These bars contain no processed sugar, corn syrup, salt, hydrogenated oils, genetically modified foods, preservatives, or synthetic sweeteners.

Independently tested for antioxidant strength by Brunswick Labs; they contain a tremendous amount of protein assisting in the reduction of hunger swings; which leads to eating less and losing weight. The bars promote healthy blood sugar & cardiovascular health.

Our bars have been named as the "Top 5 Most Innovative Products" at the 2009 Natural Food Show in Boston, MA.  They have also been featured at the 2010 Pre-Emmy Award Event and have been a favorite bar with some of Hollywood's Movie Stars.  Our bars have been featured on Good Morning America "The Future of Natural Foods".


 Regeneration's products feature lush ingredients from five continents from some of the most remote regions of the world: Acai harvested from the mouth of the Amazon River, Goji Berries picked high in the grasslands of the Tibetan Himalayan Mountains, Jiaogulan tea has been referred to in Chinese medical texts as the 'Herb of Immortality.', Unrefined Garcinia Mangostana L, which is known as the "Queen of Fruits" and used for centuries as the traditional medical healers of India, China, Malaysia, Thailand, and Pomegranates which is native to the region from Iran to the Himalayas and in northern India. Regeneration’s Anti-Aging Whole Food Bar™ contains some of nature's most powerful properties such as Resveratrol and Maqui Berry thay can combat aging, using super levels of key nutrients with healthy inflammation response (Vitamin C-Ester & Omega 3, 6, 9), powerful fruit flavenoids and low-glycemic organic ingredients allow Regeneration's Anti-Aging Whole Food Bar to achieve ORAC value concentration of 7800 um TE/g. These ingredients nourish the body from the inside out to give the skin, body, and mind the food it needs to promote healthy aging.