Midori Farm Artisan Foods

Midori Farm's delicious, handcrafted, live culture krauts and kimchis are healthful living foods that are naturally fermented in ceramic crocks. Our foods are unpasteurized, raw, full of beneficial living microorganisms and enzymes (probiotics) and always made with organically grown ingredients,  most of which are grown on our small farm or by other family farms here on the pristine North Olympic Peninsula.


Sold in16 oz glass jars. Bulk quantities are available by special order.
Keep refrigerated, 7 month shelf life.

organic savorykraut from midori farm

Savorykraut, a traditional half-sour sauerkraut with savory herbs.
Made with green cabbage, dill, caraway and sea salt.

oragnic beetkraut from midori farm

Beetkraut, a tangy favorite from the old world combining nourishing root vegetables and cabbages.
Made with green cabbage, beets, carrots and sea salt.

organic sauerkraut from midori farm

Sauerkraut, a delectable, simple and serious sauerkraut.
Made with green cabbage, and sea salt.

organic cortido from midori farm

Cortido, an inspired zesty sauerkraut condiment with a flavor not far from your favorite salsa, has medium heat.
Made with green cabbage, carrots, onions, hot peppers and sea salt.

organic kimchi from midori farm

Kimchi, a traditional Asian condiment with real gusto and a pleasant lingering heat.
Made with seasonal cabbages, onions, carrots, ginger, garlic, burdock root, hot peppers, sea salt.

organic hot root kraut from midori farm

Hot Root, is a delectable combination of cultured sweet carrots and jalapenos. Reminiscent of spicy stuffed olives.
Our only cabbage free ferment.
Made with carrots, jalapenos, dried hot peppers and sea salt.

Our kimchis and krauts are available locally at the Port Townsend Farmers Market , The Food Co-op and select retailers throughout Jefferson, Kitsap and Clallam counties.

Due to the perishable nature of live ferments we do not ship our products.

Please contact us for wholesale pricing and options. 360.385.5579 or info@midori-farm.com



All of our products are produced in a state certified kitchen.

Curious Farm Picklesfirst place to curious farm pickles

Curious Farm Pickles are fresh, crunchy, and wonderfully sour.  Our pickles are brined the old-fashioned way in a certified kitchen in NW Portland. 

We never use vinegar. Their delicious flavor is created by time, spices, a bit of salt, and a lot of attention.  They are a live-cultured food and must be kept refrigerated.

Already award-winning,  each 32 oz jar of Curious Farm Pickles is $8.50.


Seasonal Kimchi from Curious Farm

early autumn 2010 kimchiWe’re delighted to offer fresh, seasonal kimchi.  This is a live-cultured food that is full of probiotics, fresh taste, crunchy vegetables, and a few surprises.  We don’t use seafood in our kimchi (so it’s vegan), and we never use MSG. 

The Early Autumn batch is sour and spicy from garlic and ginger, but it’s not overly hot from chilies. 

If you’ve never tried kimchi before, this batch is very approachable.  Have it with rice, put it on a sandwich, or even add it to a quesadilla (as the chefs do at the popular Koi Fusion food truck in Portland). 

If you’re a kimchi lover, you’ll be pleased to discover how Curious Farm captures the freshness of the season in each jar.  We honor traditional Asian ways of processing the vegetables, but we always throw in a surprise or two — including unexpected vegetables and different varieties of chilies.  Kimchi is a blessing, a celebration, and lots of fun.

Curious Farm Kimchi is made in small, seasonal batches.    Each 9 oz jar is $5.00


Fermented Chili Sauce

peppers2010Fresh hot chilies (this year Cayenne, Serrano, and Krimson Lee peppers) are ground and left to ferment with garlic, ginger and salt.  The result?  A thick, fiery condiment with uncommon depth and just a hint of sourness to make you say, “Hmmm…  I think I’d like another dollop of that.”

Curious Farm Fermented Chili Sauce is a live-cultured food and must be kept refrigerated.  It’s produced in small batches at the end of the harvest season, and we use whatever beautiful chilies we have in our garden. (You know how unpredictable it can be to grow peppers in Oregon!).  When it’s gone, it’s gone, and we won’t make the sauce again until next Autumn.  Order some today to put on eggs, fish, meats, or to bring a whole new dimension to your favorite Asian and Mexican foods.

Each 9 oz jar of Curious Farm Fermented Chili Sauce is $6.00.




Rejuvenative Foods offers Chocolate Spreads that satisfy our passion for Luscious Flavor and our Uncompromising Desire for the Highest Quality Ingredients. Cocoa with Fresh, Raw and Organic Nut and Seed Butters such as Almond, Sesame, Sunflower and Hemp. The Freshest Unrefined Organic Oils of Sunflower and Olive (Extra Virgin) and Flax. The Finest Organic Cocoa Powder and Organic Honey.

Chocolate Lovers, You're Not Dreaming!


Rejuvenative Foods Packages
Raw Cultured Vegetables Taste-Tester Pak Size Price Select & Checkout
12 jars: Spicy Kim Chi, Caraway Kim Chi, Sea Vegetable Kim Chi, Celtic Sea Salted Kim Chi, Salt-Free Garden Kim Chi Cabbage-Dill Sauerkraut, Sea Salted Sauerkraut, Live Green Salsa, Live Golden Salsa, Live Red Salsa and two jars of Vegi-Delite Dozen 7.5 oz. jars, assorted flavors $90.56

Free Shipping & $7 Handling

Dozen 15 oz. jars, assorted flavors $145.96

Free Shipping & $7 Handling

Same 12 jars as above with Insulated Shipping : We recommend spending $36 (down from $45) for insulated shipping unless you're happy receiving your cultured vegetables in an expansive state during the warm summer weather. Dozen 7.5 oz. jars, assorted flavors $90.56

Free Shipping & $7 Handling + $36 for Insulated Refrigerator Pack

Dozen 15 oz. jars, assorted flavors $145.96

Free Shipping & $7 Handling + $36 for Insulated Refrigerator Pack

Raw Nut Butters Taste-Tester Pak
Size Price Select & Checkout
17 jars: Tahini, Halvah, Organic Almond Butter, Chunky Almond Butter, Cashew Butter, Pistachio Nut Butter, Hempini Hemp Seed Butter,, Sunflower Butter, Brazil Nut Butter, Pumpkin Seed Butter, Luscious, Ambrosia, Pecan Pie Butter, Pecan Butter, Black Sesame Tahini, Hazel Nut Butter and Hempini Halvah Seventeen 8 oz. jars, assorted flavors $266.11

Free Shipping & $7 Handling

Seventeen 16 oz. jars, assorted flavors $472.90
Free Shipping & $7 Handling

Mini Taste-Tester Pak # 1 Size Price Select & Checkout
4 jars: Organic Almond Butter, Organic Tahini, Luscious Nut & Seed Butter, and one 18 oz. jar of guaranteed-to-be-your-favorite "Chocolate Dream" spread Three 8 oz. jars + One 18 oz. jar $67.58

Free Shipping +$7 Handling

Three 16 oz. jars + One 18 oz. jar $103.19

Free Shipping
+$7 Handling

Mini Taste-Tester Pak # 2 Size Price Select & Checkout

4 jars: Organic Almond Butter, Ambrosia, Organic Brazil Nut Butter, and one 18 oz. jar of guaranteed-to-be-your-favorite Chocolate Dream spread

Three 8 oz. jars + One 18 oz. jar $76.25

Free Shipping
+$7 Handling

Three 16 oz. jars + One 18 oz. jar


Free Shipping
+$7 Handling

IMPORTANT: Insulated versus noninsulated shipping for raw cultured vegetables

We offer a variety of raw cultured vegetable flavors, some of which are normally shipped insulated, and some of which are normally shipped noninsulated.

In hot weather, Raw Cultured Vegetables are delicious to eat, even when they have experienced heat for days. How much heat for how long? It depends on a myriad of factors, and depends on an individual's taste buds. One simple solution in hot weather is to order insulated. It costs $45 for us to ship up to 36 containers in insulated packaging. If you want to save money on insulation fees, one option is to look at the projected weather temperatures (available at yahooweather.com) and order it non-insulated when the temperatures are expected to be under 80 F in the states between California and the state where you will receive it.

Regardless of whether you receive your raw cultured vegetables via an insulated or non-insulated shipping method, it's our recommendation that you plan on refrigerating these cultured vegetables down to a low non-frozen temperature like 33 or 34 degrees before opening. This will minimize potential that this fresh live food will expand out of the jar when opened. Even if the vegetables expand, they're still delicious and fine to eat.

Feel free to call if you would like more clarity at (800) 805-7957.





Sauerkraut and Kim chi are the probiotic vegetable version of yogurt and kefir. Where yogurt and kefir are created by culturing beneficial bacteria in milk, Sauerkraut and Kim chi are created by culturing beneficial bacteria in grated cabbage and other sliced vegetables. The bacteria grow as they ferment the natural sugars within the produce, creating a stable pH medium of lactic acid. These good bacteria accompanied by lactic acid enhance the growth of flora within our intestine, offering an abundance of benefits.

Powerkraut is a small family business located in Southwestern Wisconsin committed to hand producing delicious, nourishing cultured food and fermented drinks for children, teen, and adults. Our aim is to care for the earth through certified organic and bio-dynamic agricultural practices and encourage gratitude, care, and healing in people’s lives. Consider joining our CSA for great benefits and to support our grass-roots farm. Join us in our journey to explore nature, create sanctuary, and assist communities where children hunger, both here and abroad.

Our Kitchen

Kim Chi vegetables in an Amish basket

Kim Chi vegetables in an Amish basket

Our homestead kitchen is Wisconsin state-licensed and Organic Certified by both the USDA and MOSA. We’ve used eco-friendly paint and floor sealant products to create a beautiful space to work, with no off gassing hazard to your food (and us!) We choose to frequently sterilize kitchen vessels, utensils, and surface areas using boiling water and heat, methods which technically and legally replace the chemical sanitizers that can leave surface residue. We do not heat our food product. All products are carefully crafted to be raw and fresh.

Our Farm

The Driftless Area

The Driftless Area

Our farm homestead is nestled in a small valley in the Driftless Area of Wisconsin, which literally means “drift-less.” Glaciers during the Ice Age bypassed our once high plateau, leaving drift on either side as they melted and retreated. Since the end of the ice age, wind and water have eroded the plateau, creating valleys, riverbeds, and landscape conducive to small family farming. Our Vernon County in the Driftless Area has the densest population of Organic Family Farms in the United States.

There are wonderful folks with homesteads up and down our country road. We personally share our wood-fired greenhouse, barn, cooler, and storage shed with our Amish neighbors who plow and till our gardens with their horses. They also raise 15 acres of certified organic produce while creating beautiful crafts and furniture. We live in a very peaceful place, with heart-warming stories to share.

Like our kitchen, both our farm and food are organic certified by the USDA and MOSA.

Our Food

Red cabbage ready for grating

Red cabbage ready for grating.

We process our organic produce through traditional culturing and fermenting methods. In earlier times, people preserved vegetables for long periods without the use of freezers, canning machines, or pasteurization. They used a culturing process called Lacto-fermentation. Lacto-bacilli (healthy bacteria) are naturally present on the surfaces of organic vegetables as they grow, and they remain viable throughout harvesting and washing.

read more

Our Attitude

Adrienne and Hazel on the front porch.

Adrienne and Hazel on the front porch.

At Powerkraut, “We believe good attitude makes good food.” Adrienne, owner and primary producer of Powerkraut, carries this motto as a source of inspiration in the kitchen. Before creating Powerkraut, Adrienne worked for a company by the name of WALA, an organic/biodynamic pharmacy based in Europe, where mother tinctures are made with specific fermentation and rhythmic processes. Later she began a hot lunch program, preparing warm organic meals for around 100 school children a day. Today she is growing produce and preparing Powerkraut full-time. Formerly a teacher and summer camp director, Adrienne is mother to two children and stepmother of three; all are her greatest blessings in life.


Cultured green cabbage with sea vegetable strength. Ocean Powerkraut is made with green cabbage and two sea vegetables, Kelp and Arame. It’s a favorite for more nutrition as well as taste.

Cultured green cabbage, daikon, onions, kale, red bell pepper, garlic, ginger, red chili pepper, paprika, sea salt, and cayenne. Adds warmth and spice and everything nice. 

We insure proper fermentation during our culturing and curing processes, testing for quality and safety before packing. We use only high quality sea salt and the least amount necessary to insure a stable culturing process. Both the state and organic certifying agencies have approved our production methods, and experienced micro-biologists have tested our products. Powerkraut is a safe pro-biotic food, full of millions of living healthy bacteria, strong enzymes, and Vitamin C.

Our products will be shipped to you using recyclable insulation and packing materials. Powerkraut needs to be refrigerated upon arrival. Unopened, Powerkraut will last many months in your refrigerator. When opened, simply use a fork or spoon to press remaining kraut under juices for weeks of enjoyment.

Powerkraut Wholesale Gallon - 40% Discount
Classic Purple Ocean Kim Chi
Minimum Total Order = 4 Gallons





Powerkraut Wholesale Customer Service

Call 608-675-3737 or email organicpowerkraut@gmail.com to request samples, place an order, request a credit application or to set a free shipping minimum on your account.



Powerkraut Wholesale Pint - 30% Discount
Classic Purple Ocean Kim Chi
Minimum Total Order = 36 Pints





Hand Crafted


  • Fresh raw living probiotic food, prepared directly for you, offering immune boost and wholesome nutrition for the whole family. Our organic produce is grown on our farm homestead or purchased from other organic farms.
  • Delicious products you can count on, with a 7-year history of successful production, with tested quality and safety in each production batch. Powerkraut is currently sold in Natural Food Co-ops in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, and Illinois. Powerkraut is produced in our state-licensed organic certified kitchen, where we have only used eco-paints and eco-floor sealant (No off gassing!), and we do not use any plastic in our production. How to store Powerkraut
  • Reduced cost of product as there is less packaging and labor needed for ½ gallon and gallon sizes.
  • CSA members receive ordering priority and a 5% discount on all seasonal limited supply Powerkraut products when available, listed below.
    • Seasonal fermented Vegetable medleys and chutneys, such as Gingered Carrots, Caraway Apple Kraut, Beet Lovers Kraut, Cilantro Chutney, etc.
    • Kombucha: Original and with delicious teas, both caffeinated and decaffeinated available
    • Kombuchas also with seasonal local berries and medicinal herbs
    • Russian Kvass, both Sourdough and Beet
    • Ginger Ale sweetened with apples and local maple syrup
    • Sweet and Lemon Basil Pestos
    • Fresh dried herbs and teas
    • Muesli with locally grown oats, crispy almonds, and plump raisins
  • Periodic newsletters sharing our experience, research, and ideas:
    • Probiotic health research,
    • Farm stories and culture,
    • Amish insights,
    • Inspiring nature science,
    • Crafts for kids.
    • Tasty recipes. There are many amazing ways you can prepare raw sauerkraut!
  • In our newsletter we will give you ideas for appetizers, salads, side dishes, relishes, and sandwiches. They are great for kids, family meals, and other informal/ formal meals.
  • Recycling and craft ideas for your product packaging. Use our eco-insulation for needed areas in your home, garage, or workshop or even for lunch boxes and picnics. Learn how to make a simple cardboard solar oven, cardboard puppets, and colored glass luminaries.
  • Investment in sustainable farming practices for the earth, supporting biological and seed diversity. We rotate with cover crops, mulch, grow grass waterways and tend permanent pastures. We use biodynamic preps and sprays to increase the vitality of the land.
  • A good feeling! Our CSA is a great way to support grass-roots organic/ bio-dynamic farmers. Your purchase of a share before the season begins allows us to purchase seeds, hire folks, and attend to other farm needs to get the season started. We appreciate the rhythm of production that a CSA offers, as well as the potential opportunity to get to know our customers better. We welcome your stories, your children’s drawings, your questions and feedback.
  • Opportunity to make a difference. It’s a fact: In 1900, over 95% of folks in America had their hands in the soil, gardening and farming, or were harvesting wild foods. Today, less than 2% of our population live on a farm, and most of these farms are owned by just a few big businesses. This means one of our primary sources for survival, food, is almost exclusively owned by a handful of people whose bottom line is to make a profit. We all know what that bottom line leads to in our world, and we are witnessing the environmental and economic results. Factory and chemical farming are two big business experiments that are causing great harm. We can make a difference just by acknowledging this reality, and researching other options. An organic CSA program is one option among many.


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